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Maine Coon Cat Matted Fur: How to get rid of it

If you have a Maine Coon cat and noticed some matted fur, you may be looking for some simple solutions to get rid of it…

Can I get rid of my Maine coons matted fur? Yes, you can get rid of your Maine Coon’s matted fur. However, there are some simple techniques you can use to avoid making life hard for yourself. 

Now that you understand that it is possible to get rid of the matted fur, let me share with you some actionable tips to get rid of them, explain what actually causes them, how to prevent them coming back and much more…

What causes my Maine coon’s matted fur?

The matted fur (sometimes looks separated) is typically located around areas on your cat’s body that cause a lot of movement. Therefore, you may find it underneath her tail, under her chest or even around her legs, because these areas create a lot of movement.


Shedding is another known cause of matted fur. This typically happens when the loose fur falls onto your cat and stays there, over time, if this is left unattended, it becomes thicker and harder to get rid of, which then escalate into matted fur.

Unable to groom himself.

If your cat is feeling sick, overweight or feeling pain when grooming, you may find that she will stop grooming. In time her fur will become neglected and matted.

The matted fur will eventually get worse. With time and further neglect, it can become unmanageable.

Typical reasons for this include:

  • Obesity
  • Arthritis
  • Dental problems

Why you mustn’t get her fur wet (When it’s matted).

Some cat owners decide what they want to take matters into their own hands by trying to wet their cat’s fur, in an attempt to get rid of the matting.

I can tell you from now, this is not a good idea. The reason I say this is because the water can actually tighten up the tangled fur. This will make it even harder to get rid of the problem.

Therefore, your efforts to get rid of a problem becomes harder. Often, cat groomers will suggest using detanglers or anti-static spray, to get rid of the mess.

One of the mistakes cat owners make, to cut corners, is reuse cosmetic products made for humans, such as detanglers, to save money. It may sound like a good idea, from a financial perspective, but, It’s not a good idea for your cat, are you with me?

Why? Because cat-specific products have been specially formulated for cats for a reason. They have different requirements to use, for example, different ph levels.

Why is matted fur so bad?

You may be wondering to yourself what’s so bad about the matted fur in your cat and can you not just leave it as it is.

Apart from the obvious reasons that it looks bad and I’ll give me an I saw there are some genuine reasons why you want to take action with the matted fur before it becomes uncontrollable.

Skin irritation

When your cat has matted fur, it blocks oxygen and moisture to her skin. Over time her skin will become irritated and dried out. Then she will start to over-compensate by trying to groom these areas more than usual.

This typically ends up with her ingesting excess fur, this can then lead to health-related problems.

Trapped urine and faeces.

On some of these heavily matted areas, such as on the back of your cat’s legs, you may find it starts to trap urine and faeces. Not only does this smell bad, but it can also lead to other health-related problems.


Leaving tangled or matted hair for a long duration will increase the chances of attracting parasites.  This obviously causes immense irritation and pain for your cat. And, can also lead to further health problems.

Therefore, as you can see, keeping on top of your cats grooming and avoiding matting is the best way forward.

How to remove your Maine coon’s Matted fur

So far you have learnt exactly what causes matted fur and the dangers of ignoring it. In this section, I will reveal some solutions on how you can get rid of it…

01. Using your fingers.

In the first instance, if you are lucky, you may find that you’ve caught the matted fur in its early stages. Rather than investing in any other solutions, or over-complicating matters, you may get away with simply brushing your fingers through her matted fur, to get rid of it easy.

02. Wide-tooth comb.

If you’ve tried running your fingers through your Maine coon’s fur and it has not made any difference, then you can try using a wide-toothed comb (Click here to see if this great comb is still available, on Amazon #Ad).

The best way to use this is to make sure that you grasp the end of the fur closest to the skin. This is to avoid tugging her fur. As you can imagine, tugging at her fur hurts.

Gently get the wide-tooth comb and place it near your fingers and then comb away from your hands to the end of her fur. This will avoid causing any unnecessary pain to your cat.

If you notice that your cat has a particularly thick undercoat, you can actually use an undercoat comb (click here to check availability of this one on Amazon #Ad) to deal with this. It is well suited for this particular issue and can save you some time and stress.

03. Using a de-matting comb

These de-matting combs (Click here to see why I selected this) are specifically made for the matting. Therefore, they are ideal, if you have failed with the other two methods.

The unique thing about these combs is, they are designed to cut through the fur as you brush, to get rid of really persistent matting. In fact, they’re often called razor combs for this reason.

Again, while using these combs, hold that base fur, close to her skin, are you with me? This is for the same reasons as discussed earlier.

04. The clippers method

If all else fails, and she still has this unsightly matted fur, it’s time to get the groomers involved. Typically, groomers will end up using some clippers to get rid of the matted fur.

So, it is advised to let the professionals take over. You don’t want to make any unnecessary mistakes with these clippers, trust me.

How can you prevent your Maine coons fur getting matted?

As you may have heard before, prevention better than cure, right? Therefore I’m going to share some techniques to avoid this happening…

01. Running your fingers through her fur

On occasion, you should routinely rub your hands through your cat’s fur. This can easily be done while you are petting her. If you notice any small matted fur, it’s your chance to get in early and sort it. Better to act now before it gets out of hand.

02. Bathing

A bathroom tap/faucet.

A bathroom tap/faucet.

Another tactic to use in bathing your cat (click here to see if it is really a good idea to bath your cat). It doesn’t necessarily have to be done on a regular basis. But, it’s a good idea on occasion, especially if she gets really messy, such as getting heavily soiled or spilled ink on her (Click here to see how to remove this), etc.

03. Trimming & Brushing your cat’s fur.

On occasion, trimming your cat’s fur will help to keep it maintainable. You should also help your cat by brushing and grooming her fur. Especially with Maine coons because they have such long fur. Its easier for their fur to get out of control.

I understand that cats naturally groom their own fur. But sometimes they need help, this will reduce the chances of matted fur developing.

What if the matting is out of control?

If you have used all of these solutions and you are still finding it hard to deal with your kitties matted fur, then you need to get a professional groomer involved.

It’s not worth taking any risks with your cat and, generally speaking, professional groomers know exactly what to do in these difficult situations.

What is the best brush for a Maine coons hair?

Because Maine coons have long hair, it is important to get a comb which will help them. In particular, ones that are made for shedding.

Reason being, they are typically good for getting rid of really matted or stubborn fur. These brushes tend to have wire bristles.

Related Questions:

In this section, I will answer some questions related to Maine coons and grooming. If you have any extra questions that have not been answered, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Why do Maine coons meow so much?

Your Maine coon meows too much because you haven’t trained her not to. If you respond to her every demand, she effectively clicks her fingers and you do whatever she wants. The result is, she will continue to meow and make noise.

This kind of behaviour similar to a spoilt young toddler. You know, when their mother does everything at their beck and call? In time, she becomes trapped, doing everything her toddler demands, are you with me? The solution is to gradually stop this trend.

Does matted fur hurt your Maine coon?

Yes, matted fur can hurt your Maine coon. Initially, it may not be so much of an issue. But as the matted fur gets tighter and larger, it becomes a big issue. Eventually leading pain and discomfort.

One of the biggest issues as they get larger and cause pressure on your cat’s skin to the point when I find it painful to lie down with the mats on their body. Ideally, prevention is best, this is why other cat owners use cat brushes that are gentle, for those cats that do not love being brushed (Click here to see the best choice).

Does the time of the year make a difference for matted fur?

Yes, the time of year does make a difference. In the winter cats become more susceptible to getting matted fur. This is because in winter time your cat will develop a thicker coat, this is why some cat owners use cat wall brushes to help (Click here to see why I rate this one the best).

This winter coat of fur, which is larger and thicker, will make them more susceptible to picking up large clumps of matted fur.

What can be used between baths for your Maine Coon?

Between baths waterless shampoo can be used on a Maine Coon. It can keep your cat’s fur fresh and smelling nice. It also has conditioning within it. This may sound like dry shampoo, but it is different.

The reality is you can’t keep your cat’s fur perfect between baths. But, this can help to freshen it up until its next bath. Also, remember that your cat will naturally groom and clean itself.

Is cat fur conditioner helpful?

Yes. Cat fur conditioner is helpful. It can keep your cats fur smelling nice, but also making it easier to maintain. You can get spray on conditioners.

When a cat is bathed it can help to remove dead fur as well as clean off dirt. And, when it’s conditioned, this will keep the fur in a better condition between baths.

Regarding the dead fur removal from the bath. This will help your cat avoid hairballs. How? Well, without the bath they will groom themselves, which is fine and expected.

However, when there is a lot of dead hair present they can eat it. When this happens it doesn’t get digested and builds up. Causing hairballs.

Will a vacuum attachment help your Maine Coon’s fur?

Yes, a vacuum conditioner can really help your Maine Coon’s fur. These attachments are designed to be gentle on your cat while getting rid of dead fur. However, some cats can still be alarmed by the sound and suction.

Therefore, it is better to get used to it without the vacuum turned on at first. And, if you know any groomers, maybe locally, ask for some tips on how to use it without scaring your cat.

Why is my cat’s fur suddenly matted?

If your cat is suddenly getting matted fur, this could be for several reasons such as being overweight, health issues, shedding, or just general movement.

An overweight cat

An overweight cat can find it hard to reach certain areas of its body because of its size. When this happens it can start to neglect these areas causing them to become matted.

Health issues

If your cat has a health issue. For example, an elderly cat with arthritis can find it hard to groom in certain positions because of the pain. When this happens matted fur can develop from the lack of grooming.


As cats shed their fur they will get fur building up and getting tangled. When this happens, if it is not managed, it can start to develop matts.

General movement

Sometimes just general movement can cause your cat’s fur to matt.

Do Maine Coons like to be brushed?

No. Initially most Maine Coon’s will show resistance when brushed in certain areas. For example, around their belly is quite a sensitive area that will cause the most problems,

However, with time, they can grow used to it.

Lindsey Browlingdon