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Kitten Hissing at Older Cat? (This is how to stop it)

If your kitten is hissing at your older cat (Click here to see my best solution for this, on Amazon #Ad), then you may be wondering why it’s happening and how to stop it.

How can you stop your kitten from hissing at your older cat?

To stop your kitten from hissing at your older cat you need to distract her with a cat toy, then in time, she will slowly learn to trust the older cat. You can also try to separate them but it is difficult to implement and most homes cannot accommodate it.

What you will need to stop your kitten from hissing

Description Image My Rating
01. Youngever toys (Best choice)
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5 stars
02. Hipipet kitten toy set
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03. Dono kitten toy set
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4 stars

Now that you know what you need to do to stop your kitten from hissing. Keep reading to learn why it’s happening, three ways to stop it, the problems with these other solutions, and much more.

Why is your kitten hissing at your older cat?

Kitten hissing at older cat.

A striped kitten sitting on a bed.

You may be wondering why your kitten is acting like this in the first place. Therefore, in this section, I will give you some ideas about why this is happening.

The chances are your kitten is upset for these reasons:

  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Missing her mother

Any new kitten will undoubtedly miss her mother. Not just her, but her siblings. I mean, wouldn’t you? This is made worse when an unknown cat is placed in from of her. This makes her fearful and anxious.

And, her natural defense against this is hissing, to give a signal that she does not want to be approached. The reality is, in time, she will adjust and settle. So, you just need a method to control her in the short term (more on this later).

My top three methods to stop your kitten hissing

Now that you know why she is acting like this you are probably keen to understand a way to stop this from happening. Therefore, in this section, I will give you a few solutions.

  1. Distract your hissing kitten with a toy (the best option)
  2. Separate the two cats completely
  3. Let them feed together (but monitor them)

01. Distract your hissing kitten with a toy (the best option)

This is by far the best option. It requires you to distract your hissing kitten with a simple toy (look below for my best ones). This will redirect her energy to a positive activity. Then, in time, she will start to feel comfortable around your older cat, are you with me?

02. Separate the two cats completely

With this method, you need to completely separate your two cats. It means there is no way your kitten can get anxious if she can’t see him, right?

The problem with this method

The issue I have with this is it’s almost impossible to implement. Unless you live in a mansion with a completely different isolated area. And, even then, they still may get curious and bump heads.

Also, it does not address the root cause, it avoids it. Ultimately, you want them to become friends, right?

03. Let them feed together (but monitor them)

The theory with this method is, that if they feed together, they will appreciate each other. And, if you can get it working, it’s golden. It needs to get them slowly eating together. This is done by gradually moving their food dishes together, as you monitor them.

The problem with this method.

The issue with this method is, that it’s hard to get it started. They will inevitably get anxious and may even fight, which you do not want.

What Is The Best Way To Introduce A Kitten To An Older Cat?

You shouldn’t just allow your kitten to run around your house when, up until that point, your older cat has been the head of the household. Instead, there is an introductory process that is recommended to make sure both cats feel safe and don’t become too overwhelmed.

Make Sure Your Older Cat Is Calm

If your older cat is in a relaxed mood, they are less likely to be reactive once they notice the new kitten. Try spending some time alone with the older cat, having some dedicated play time or cuddles before bringing the new kitten in to see them.

If you have an overly anxious cat, there are pheromone sprays and wipes that you can use with your older cat for a few weeks before bringing the kitten home. These are cat-safe, and the pheromones keep your cat calm and happy.

Prepare Your Home Properly

You should have your home completely set up for your new arrival before they are home. Have a food and water bowl for the kitten, but not right beside the older cat’s so the two don’t fight over food. Your new kitten should also have a bed and a few toys just for them.

Your older cat should have a chance to sniff around these new items. They might not make the connection that a new kitten is coming into the home. However, if you can get the kitten’s scent on a toy or a bed before bringing the kitten home, your older cat will have already been exposed to their smell.

Get Your Cat Ready

It’s worth knowing if both cats are healthy before bringing them close to each other. If your older cat hasn’t been to the vet for a while, consider booking them in to check that they’re healthy and they are up to date on their shots. You should also be sure your kitten has a clean bill of health so they don’t make your older cat sick.

Familiarize Your Cat With Your New Kitten

There’s a good chance your older cat will have a much harder adjustment than your new kitten, though that’s not always the case. If your kitten was living with other animals before being adopted, they likely have no problem with other cats.

Be sure that when you bring the kitten home, you’re holding them or they’re in a carrier, and let your older cat sniff when they’re ready.

Your kitten should be kept in a previously set up room with some food and water, a bed, and space to explore and walk around. Be sure the cats are separated at night until they’ve become acclimated. There should be someone to spend time with each cat so neither feels neglected.

Give Them Time Together

Be sure both your kitten and your older cat have opportunities to spend time with each other but don’t force it. Until they’re used to each other, you should always be close by in case the kitties need to be separated.

You can healthily encourage closeness by trying to have them both play with a wand toy at the same time or give them both treats or a meal at the same time.

Make Your Cat Feel Like The Boss!

Your older cat was home before the kitten, so it’s only fair they get to feel like the boss. It’s natural for cats to establish ranks, and your older cat might try to keep the kitten in line. As long as they don’t hurt each other, there’s nothing to worry about.

My Best toys to distract your hissing kitten

In this section, I will share with you three of my best cat toy sets that will help you control your hissing kitten, when you implement option one above. For each one, I will explain what I like and do not like about it to help you decide.

01. Youngever kitten toy set (Best choice)

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  • Encourages your cats to play together
  • Keeps your cat active, good exercise
  • Multiple toys: Tunnels, wand, fluffy mouse, etc
  • Helps you bond with your cat
  • Simple to store away


  • No catnip provided
  • The tunnels do not have that fun crinkle sound

What I like about this Youngever kitten toy set

This selection of cat toys comes in a set with a large variety of toys that most kittens will love. I love it because there are so many, it encourages your cats to play together.

As well as this, it will keep them active and good exercise, especially if they are indoor cats. The range of toys is quite broad, from a cat tunnel (Click here for the best connectable cat tunnels) to a little cute mouse that your kitten will love.

It is easy to store it away when you no longer need it. And, it also helps you bond with your cats while you play with them.

In summary, if you are looking for a cat toy set that will distract your kitten, with a wide range to choose from, you will need to check this out.

What I dislike about this Youngever kitten toy set

Like anything, nothing is perfect. Firstly, I was hoping there would be some catnip thrown in, but unfortunately not. Also, more of a wish than an issue is the tunnel. I just wish it made that cool crinkle sound when your cat walks on it, are you with me?

02. Hipipet kitten toy set

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  • Non-toxic materials used
  • Over 20 toy pieces
  • Environmentally friendly dye colors
  • Cat-friendly dye coloring
  • Keeps your kitten distracted


  • No catnip provided
  • The tunnel could be bigger

What I love about this Hipipet kitten toy set

This cat toy set looks cool, in particular, the blue-looking tunnel it comes with. I am happy to read that it does not use toxic material, which is reassuring. Also, they claim that the dyes used are cat-friendly as well as eco-friendly, yay!

Ultimately, I love the variety of over 20 cat toys. This selection will keep your kitten and cat happy. And, it won’t be long until they play together as friends.

In summary, if you are looking for a large selection of cat toys that uses non-toxic materials, this sounds like the one for you.

What I do not love about this Hipipet kitten toy set

The size of the cat tunnel is a bit small, in my opinion. It’s not the end of the world to be fair, but I just feel that it could be bigger, are you with me?

03. Dono kitten toy set

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  • 21 cat toy pieces
  • Increases the bond between your cats
  • Keeps her active (form of exercise)
  • Cool looking Leopard cloth toy
  • Sisal woven mice


  • The tunnel could be a bit bigger
  • The toy wand is a bit flimsy

What I appreciate about this Dono kitten toy set

This offering by Dono is quite eye-catching, in my opinion. Not sure if it’s because of the cat tunnel or the selection of colors used. Either way, it works.

Like the other sets, it has over 20 toys to keep your cats happy and bonding together. I love the leopard cloth toy, in particular, it is a good size and design and most kittens will chance this around for ages.

Also, the sisal mouse should keep your older cat active as well. Cats love sisal, it’s the material often used on scratching posts or cat trees (click here to see my best cat tree for your cat).

In summary, if you are looking for a cat toy set that comes with a quirky leopard cloth toy and a sisal mouse, this sounds like a good match for you.

What I do not appreciate about this Dono kitten toy set

This set comes with a toy wand. It looks good, but it’s a bit flimsy, in my opinion. maybe you will be fine with it. Also, regarding the cat tunnel, I just feel that it could be a bit longer.

Why does my new kitten hiss and growl at me?

A kitten may hiss or growl at you for several reasons but one of the top reasons is aggression while playing. This is typically caused by rough playing, or play fighting. The game starts fun then escalates out of control and ends with a hissy cat.

This is one of the reasons why this type of gameplay with your cat is not ideal or encouraged. Kittens in particular find it hard to understand the boundaries of play and a genuine attack.

Why does my kitten hiss at her mother?

Your kitten may hiss at its mother for quite a few reasons but one of the common issues is confusion with scent. this can happen if the mother cat is an outdoor cat and has an extended period outdoors.

When this happens it could pick up another scent and result in one, or more of its kittens hissing because they are struggling to identify her.

For example, one cat owner reported that his mother cat was an outdoor cat and when it was put back into the home the kittens were confused and hissed at their mother.

Why does my kitten hiss at my resident kitten?

If you have a new kitten, and an existing resident kitten they are likely to hiss when they first meet. This is because they do not know each other and establishing who is the dominant one and if the other kitten can be trusted.

This is regarded as normal but even if it is you still need to monitor them and it’s not recommended to leave them together unsupervised.

Can an older cat bond with a kitten?

An older cat can bond with a kitten but it’s not guaranteed. Some get along fine with time, others will get along right away, and you have some that will never really get along.

That being said, even the ones that do not get along could still coexist, they may just not interact much, if at all. But, if there is any aggression, you need to keep monitoring them and do not leave them unsupervised.

Lindsey Browlingdon