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How Does a Gravity Cat Feeder Work? (Best Auto Feeders?)

If you have a busy life you may have heard about gravity feeders. But you may how they work and how they compare to electrical automatic feeders…

How does a gravity cat feeder work?

A gravity cat feeder works by refilling the cat’s bowl as soon as they eat from it. It detects the food being eaten and that triggers more food to be dispensed. You usually have no control over how much it refills each time.

4 Best Gravity Feeder Alternatives

Name Image My Rating
01. WOpet (Best All-rounder)
SmartFeeder 6-Meal Auto w/ Wi-Fi
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5 stars
02. Iseebiz (Best Iseebiz Feeder)
Auto Pet Feeder w/ Voice Record
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03. WOpet
Programmable SmartFeeder
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4 stars
04. Iseebiz
6 Liter Cat Food Dispenser
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4 stars

So, now you know. But, what are the benefits of these gravity feeders? Are there disadvantages to them? Are the electric auto feeders better than them? Keep reading for these answers, and so much more…

What are the benefits of a gravity cat feeder?

The benefits of the gravity cat feeders are their cost, ability to store large amounts of dry food, and good for cats that don’t need specific food portion controls.

Regarding the latter, because it’s difficult to control the amount that is dispensed each time, cat owners that have cats that can control their own eating volume will be happy, otherwise, it may not be for you.

What are the disadvantages of a gravity cat feeder?

The biggest disadvantage with this feeder is the lack of control of the food portions. If you have a greedy cat it can end up gorging on the food. This can potentially lead to overeating or obesity, in extreme cases.

This is why some cat owners prefer the electric automatic cat feeders, so they have greater control.

Is an electric automatic feeder the same as a gravity cat feeder?

An electric automatic cat feeder is not the same as a gravity cat feeder. Instead of just refilling when your cat has eaten it can be set to dispense at certain times of the day. And, also the amount of food.

What is better, a gravity or automatic (electric) feeder?

An electric automatic feeder is better than a gravity feeder, in my opinion. They typically cost more but are a better value because you have greater control and feel more confident leaving your cat alone with it.

What is an Iseebiz or WOpet Auto feeder?

These are specific brands of electric Autofeeders for cats. These same feeders can be used for dogs and other small animals. So, they are favored by several pet owners.

There are several different styles, colors, and features, as you would imagine. There is also many other brands, other than WOpet & Iseebiz.

Ideal for keeping your cat feed during times when can you simply cannot be there. Such as an important weekend away that is not pet compliant.

Apart from this, it is also a great way to use portion control. This can help to prevent your cat from overeating. Which is a good added benefit.

Which Electrical Auto Cat feeder is better, WOpet or Iseebiz?

Here is the best one (Click for the best price on Amazon #Ad) This is because you can feed your cat from anywhere, HD camera to keep an eye on your cat, as well as voice recording to make her feel even more at home in your absence.

Now that you know my best choice. Let me explain how I arrived at this conclusion, other models that may suit you better, and what things to look out for before buying any auto feeder.

Things to look out for, before you buy

Capacity & Portions

If you have a busy job or limited time (which is most of us these days) then you need the largest capacity within your budget.

This is because you can queue up more meals with a larger capacity, so it is definitely an important factor to look out for.

Timer Function (Programmable)

One of the biggest features of an Auto-feeder is the timer function. This allows you to program a schedule to feed your cat.

Usually, this is achieved by a lid that is open once your desired time is reached. This is the key feature for the power of remote feeding.

Accepted Food Types

Essentially some feeders are dry food only. While others cater for wet food as well. The majority of the reviews in this article only allow dry food.

Wet food auto feeders typically have a refrigerator feature as a bonus (which will cost more, in most cases) to keep the wet food fresh.

It depends on what your cat eats really. If she won’t eat dry food, then you have no choice. However, if she eats both you can decide if the dry food is more convenient for when you are not there.

Iseebiz vs WOpet Reviews:

In this section, I am going to reveal my top Iseebiz and WOpet auto feeders. I will highlight the pros and cons of each feeder to help you decide which one meets your individual needs.

01. WOpet SmartFeeder 6-Meal Auto w/ Wi-Fi (Best Overall)

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  • Feed your cat from any location.
  • HD Camera & Voice Recording features (To check up & make her comfortable).
  • 2 x Food dispensers.
  • The feeder can be customized (more flexibility for you).


  • The app doesn’t send notifications when food is low (only when finished).
  • The camera doesn’t have night features.

Things I like about the WOpet SmartFeeder 6-Meal Auto w/ Wi-Fi

The beauty of these auto feeders is the convenience of feeding them from anywhere, while you are physically not there. And this feeder does not fail to deliver. With its wi-fi feature set, it is easy to use their app to keep tabs.

It has an HD camera so you can have a look at how she is doing back home while you are on the move or away on business. In addition to this, you can record a custom voice message for your cat, to make her feel at home in your absence.

It has two feeder dispensers, so you can even consider feeding two cats. These dispensers can be customized easily.

Things I do not like about this WOpet SmartFeeder

More of an annoyance rather than a deal-breaker. However, I need to mention that while it does have a notification to prompt you to re-fill. It only triggers when the food is finished.

In my opinion, it would be a far more valuable feature to have it notify if the food is low. Therefore you get a chance to re-stock before the food depletes.

Lastly, although this is not something that was promised, it would be good to have night features. Meaning maybe a night cam so you can see your cat when it is low light or night time.

02. Iseebiz Auto Pet Feeder w/ Voice Record (Best Iseebiz)

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  • Customizable feeding portions (for your flexibility).
  • Voice Recording (To make your cat feel at home).
  • Double power sources (To keep it running at all times).
  • IR Detector Built-In.


  • Dispences small amounts.
  • The cover is not tight enough.
  • Portions are not always 100% accurate.

Things I like about the Iseebiz Auto Pet Feeder w/ Voice Record

One thing I love is customizability and flexibility. This is great for that. You can choose your own feeding portions to match your cat’s needs.

You can record your voice calling your cat for feeding time once, then play this recording over and over again. This will make her feel like you are at home, even though you may be away at the time.

To keep this unit fully powered, you have two power sources, batteries and mains power.

Things I do not like about this Iseebiz Auto Cat Feeder

Although you can customize the portions, one dispense is quite small. To put this into context, let’s say you want to give your cat half a cup of food. You may need approx 10 dispenses.

Sometimes you may notice that the portions do not come out with consistent measures. Meaning, one portion may only have a few pieces of dry food, and the next has considerably more.

03. WOpet 7L Automatic Pet Feeder

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  • HD Camera – To keep an eye on your loved one.
  • Programmable settings (So you can set a food schedule).
  •  Customizable Feeder (So you can select the best portion sizes).


  • The audio is not great.
  • Directions are poorly translated.

Things I like about the WOpet Programmable SmartFeeder

The thing I like about this one is the HD camera so you can see your cat anytime, to make sure she is doing ok. It is great that you can also incorporate audio as well (but, more on this later).

It has programmable settings allowing you to set up your own schedule to match your cat’s needs. It also allows you to customize your own portion sizes.

Things I do not like about this WOpet feeder

Although it has the ability to use audio. It is also a negative thing. The reason being, it does not have the great audio ability. Granted, it’s better than not having it. But you can’t seem to talk and listen at the same time if that makes sense.

Also, the directions (or instructions if you like) appear to have been translated from another language or just poorly written, maybe it as outsourced poorly, who knows. You can get away without it, but it’s a shame.

04. Iseebiz 6 Liter Cat Food Dispenser

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  • A large volume of storage.
  • Protects against dust & crumbs.
  • Easy to setup and program.


  • Buttons can be unreliable
  • Doesn’t inform you when it’s low on food.

Things I like about the Iseebiz 6 Liter Cat Food Dispenser

Firstly it’s a good size. 6L means you can plan for a long trip and not worry about her feeding times. Another thing I love is, it is designed to avoid dust and crumbs clogging it up. Which is an annoying issue with some other feeders on the market.

Lastly, it is simple to set up. Even more interesting is the fact that it is also easy to program your meal schedules.

Things I do not like about this Iseebiz Dispenser

I have to moan about the buttons. They do work, but not as responsive as I would like. Granted, once it’s set up you are done, so it’s a minor annoyance rather than a deal-breaker. Basically, sometimes it may take more than one press to register. Quite annoying.

Also could benefit from an indicator when the food is getting low, to help prompt you to refill.

Lindsey Browlingdon