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Why Is My Cat Obsessed With Ice? (Is It Safe?)

If you have noticed that your cat is obsessed with ice you may be wondering why and if this is normal…

Why is my cat obsessed with ice?

Some cats are obsessed with ice for several reasons. The most common one is that is fun for them and resembles an enjoyable game. If you see a cat playing with ice you will see them pushing around their bowl and admiring how it glides from side to side. However, there are risks with ice and cats.

So, now you know. But, can ice help your cat drink more water? Is cold water ok for cats? Should you put ice cubes into your cat’s bowl? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

Can Ice help a cat drink more water?

Ice can make a cat drink more water. This is because they like laying with it and even licking it. While they are there they may consume more water in the process. However, this can be improved by adding some additional flavor such as the gravy from their tinned wet food. Also, chipping up the ice can reduce the risks of the ice.

If you do this it may make them more inclined to consume more of the water due to the enhanced taste. Like most things, this is not guaranteed for all cats, because they all have different habits and personalities. But, in general, it should improve on their standard intake of water.

Are ice cubes bad for cats?

Ice cubes can be bad for cats if they attempt to bite them. This can damage their teeth. However, if they do not do this they will enjoy bashing the ice cubes around the bowl and may help them consume more water. If you do offer your cat ice it’s better to break up the ice cubes to avoid damaging their teeth.

Basically, you need to take precautions and monitor your cat with them. If you can’t do that it’s not worth the risk in my opinion. So, if there is any doubt on yr behalf then I would not give it to them.

Should you give cats ice cubes?

You should avoid giving your cat ice cubes due to the risks of its teeth. But, If you are keen on it and happy to monitor your cat while they use and play with an ice cube, it’s better to chip up the ice cubes. But, if you are too busy and can’t spare a few minutes it’s not worth offering it.

Although this may seem a bit harsh it’s the facts of the matter. An ice cube could be a great game and way to cool your cat or be used to damage its teeth if left neglected.

Is cold water OK or bad for cats?

Some cats prefer cold water, that is why some cat owners offer them ice cubes in the water. This may be because they perceive fresh cold water as safe and natural. But you will need to see how your cat responds to it.

Coldwater, in general, is not bad for cats. However, I have to say this with caution. Because the term “cold water” is quite subjective. What you deem as cold may not be cold to your cat and vice versa, are you with me?

Avoid Ice cold water

My point is, it’s not a good idea to load up your cat’s water with loads and loads of ice cubes. Avoid preparing a drink that is ice cold.

Ice cold water is not a good idea for cats. Why is this? because their metabolism rate has a high temperature. If you provide extreme cold water that they consume this can cause issues with their digestion and may even slow down your metabolism. Which, can cause a lot of other related health issues.

So for that reason, if you do want to provide cold water do it in moderation. Like most things, moderation is the key.

Also, if there is any doubt about this it’s best to check in with your vet to see what their views are on it because they know the history of your particular cat.

Is it safe to put ice cubes in my cat’s water?

No, it’s not recommended. The reason is there is a chance that it can cause issues in their mouth. In particular, biting on the ice cube could chip or break their teeth. Also, there is a chance of it choking them. Therefore, if you really want to, regardless of these risks, at least consider chipping up the ice first.

So, if you had wondered how to keep your cat hydrated on hot days (Click here to see my Best 3 Cat water Fountains to keep your cat hydrated). And you have been tempted to cool them down with an ice cube. You know if this is a good idea or not.

Now that you know the deal with ice cubes let me also explain why other cat owners argue that ice cubes are fine and low risk, in their opinion. Also, other ways to cool your cat down. The effect of the ice on their teeth and much more. Keep reading…

Why do some cat owners say Ice cubes are safe?

Other cat owners argue that Ice cubes are totally safe. And claim they have done it many times before without any issues. They argue that cats do not gulp down water, so the chances of them swallowing the ice cube is very low.

They say cats leisurely lap the water up rather than gulping it down which reduces the risks of the ice cube being swallowed. In my opinion, it’s best to be safe than sorry and avoid doing this.

Other ways to keep your cat cool.

other ways to keep cats cool

other ways to keep cats cool

One of the biggest reasons why cat owners consider giving their cat ice cubes is keeping them cool in hot weather. In particular, in the scorching summer heat, depending on where you live it can get very hot.

To get around this temptation to use ice cubes I’m going to suggest some other methods you can use to keep your cat cool during these hot summer days.

01. Ice Cubes in Water with Ice Chippings

Instead of doing this, it is advised to place the ice cube into some water so that it doesn’t cause any issues within their mouth. But first, chip up the ice cube into smaller pieces. Which will reduce the chances of them hurting their mouth.

02. Using a fan

In this section, I’m going to explain how you can use a fan (click here if your cat is scared of them) but not in a conventional way. Firstly you need to turn the fan on but direct it towards the floor rather than at face level.

Once this is done you need to make sure that you have a wet towel on the floor. The fan should hit the wet towel and caused a nice cold breeze for your cat to feel cool in the summer period.

03. Ice balls

Another trick that you can use is to create some big ice balls. They are great because they keep your cat cool, interested (if not fascinated) and also reduce the risk of them choking on it due to the sheer size of the item.

These ice balls are easily made and very economical. All you need is a standard balloon (can the string on these be dangerous? Click here) which is inflated. You then need to fill the balloon with water and freeze it.

The only issue is the amount of freezer space it needs. If you have a deep freezer that is ideal for this. Once it has been set, remove the balloon (will it scare your cat? click here) from the freezer and along with the elastic balloon material to expose the ice ball.

You will then be left with an oval-shaped piece of ice which you can place into a container and offer to your cats to keep them cool in the sun.

04. Catscicles.

Catscicles (Click here for my article on Catsicles) are is basically a play on the word “popsicle”. You can get creative with these and cats really do love them. It’s a fun thing for your cat and you can have many different flavors and styles. The only restriction is your own imagination.

Will ice cubes affect your cat’s teeth?

Ice cubes can affect your cat’s teeth. One of the biggest reasons I say to avoid ice cubes is because of reports from vets that some cats have injured themselves by chewing on ice cubes rather than licking them.

Earlier I talked about the potential dangers of using ice cubes and why it’s better to look at alternatives to keep them cool in the summer.

The dangers of ice cubes on cat’s teeth

However, I would like to focus on your cat’s teeth for a moment. So you understand what dangers these ice cubes offer your cat.

Whilst this is a low percentage of cats because in most cases they rather lick it than bite it, it does happen. The problem is, these chipped or broken teeth can cause other knock-on issues. Such as causing choking, digestive issues, etc.

This can also lead to them having a high level of discomfort. Which can stop them from eating for a period of time which can cause numerous different related issues. This is the reason why I said it’s not a good idea to do this.

Turning ice cubes into a game for cats.

As much as we have focused on the dangers of ice cubes, cold water issues, etc. How about some fun with ice cubes? Is this possible and is it a good idea? Let Me Explain…

Yes, there is a cool ice cube game I will share with you.  It is a great idea and a very economical game that you can prepare in a short space of time.

Simply get a few ice cubes. Place them into a bowl or even on the plate. That’s it, simple as that.

You’ll be surprised how intrigued your cat will be as they attack the ice cubes and watch them slide across the floor.

My only concern with this is to make sure that you clean up after they’ve had a good play because it could leave slippery wet floors after they finished playing with the cubes.

Related questions:

In this section, I will answer some questions related to cats, ice cubes, and water. If you have more questions that you need to be answered feel free to drop me a reply below.

Q: Do cats love moving water?

Yes, cats love moving water. But why is this? The reason is that it’s more like their natural habitat. They are used to water that is dripping from a river, lake, or some other natural flow.

Therefore to emulate this and also to entice them to drink more you should provide either a running faucet of water or better still an actual water fountain (Click here for my best 3 cat Fountains (Ceramic vs Stainless Steel). These fountains will provide a continuous and economical flow of water which will keep them happily entertained and push them towards drinking more water and keeping themselves healthy.

Lindsey Browlingdon