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Do Cats Pee When Scared? (Or Just Harsh Rumors?)

If you have noticed your cat peeing in a random place you may be wondering if this may be because it’s scared…

Do cats pee when scared?

Cats do pee when they are scared. Like us humans, they use it as a way to cope when they are stressed or scared. This isn’t the only reason why cats pee on the furniture, towels, or other household items, but it can be a popular reason for this behavior.

What you will need to stop cat from peeing on your towels

Description Image My Rating
01. Purina Hooded Box (Best Option)
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5 stars
02. iPrimio XL Litter box
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03. SpeedySift High-sided box
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4 stars

So, now you know. But, what makes a cat scared? How can you tell if a cat is scared? How can you stop your cat from peeing on towels? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

What makes a cat scared?

Do cats pee when scared?

A scared-looking cat with its eyes wide open.

There are several reasons for a cat to be scared such as the following:

  • Bad experiences
  • Predators
  • Their Peers

Bad experiences

If the cat has had some bad experiences before you got it, or while you had it and you are unaware, it can cause it to be scared of human interaction, other pets, etc.

This could be something really bad like abuse from a previous owner, or just bad luck.


If your cat is often chased down by predators like a local dog or fox, etc. This can cause it to become scared and fearful. This can then impact other parts of its life with you because it can become jumpy and skittish.

Their Peers

Apart from other predators, cats can also become scared of their peers. Meaning another resident cat in yr him, or a neighbors cat. This can stress out the cat and make it fearful.

How can you tell if a cat is scared?

To tell if your cat is scared you need to look out for its body language. This can sometimes be obvious, such as hiding, hissing at someone, or running away from you.

Other times it’s more challenging to decipher. Such as its subtle tail or ear movement.

How do you calm a scared cat?

To calm a scared cat you need to either follow its flow or influence it by calming the atmosphere. You can calm the atmosphere by using a pheromone diffuser (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad).

But if you want to follow their flow you can do simple things like waiting for them to approach you, rather than trying to instigate picking them up. Or, moving slowly and seeing how your cat responds. if it backs off, you should give it space.

Does catnip calm cats down?

Catnip will make most cats active and happy for a short period of time, but following this, they tend to become tired and sleepy. So, initially, it may not seem to, but eventually, it is expected to calm them.

Can you stop your cat from peeing on your towels?

You can stop your cat from peeing on your towels by first identifying if there is a health issue, by visiting your vet. Then, once that established, you need to clean your existing litter box and then purchase more boxes to stop her from choosing your towels.

Why your cat is peeing on your towels

Before I explain how it’s important to understand why it’s happening. There are mainly two reasons for this problem:

  • Health issue
  • Litter box issue

Health issue

If it’s a health issue there is no other alternative to visiting your vets. This could be a urinary tract infection (UTI), or something else. And, only your vet can determine this.

Ultimately, cats do not like making a mess. They are naturally quite tidy, so it could be that she cannot control herself, are you with me?

Litter box issue

If it’s not health-related it is likely to be your litter box setup. Either you are not keeping it clean enough for her, or you do not have enough litter boxes.

In the following section, I will explain what you can do to resolve this.

How to stop cat from peeing on towels

In this section,  I will explain how to stop your cat peeing (Did she pee on your cooker? Click here) on your towels. This will help you to eradicate this annoying problem. As discussed earlier it’s either a health or a litter box issue, are you with me.

  1. Take your cat to the vet
  2. Clean your existing litter box.
  3. Purchase one (or two) more litter boxes (important)

01. Take your cat to the vet.

Before you consider anything else get your cat checked out. It’s better to see if there is an underlying health issue that can be eradicated first, rather than delaying it, are you with me?

02. Clean your existing litter box.

If you have confirmed that there is no health issue or sorted the issue, you need to make sure your litter box is clean. Not just now, but ongoing. Depending on what you have, you may need daily cleaning or a litter box system that cleans itself (Click here to see the best one).

03. Purchase one (or two) more litter boxes (Important)

One of the biggest problems is not having enough litter boxes. I get it, you want to reduce the cost and have less hassle, right? Well, having just one is causing more hassle and cost than you think. I mean, do you enjoy replacing towels with cat urine on them? Exactly!

3 of My Best litter boxes to stop your cat from peeing everywhere

In this section, I will share with you three of my best litter boxes that you can use to reduce the chances of your cat peeing everywhere (Could baking soda be the answer? Click here). For each option, I will explain what I like and do not like about them to help you.

01. Purina Hooded Litter Box (Best Option)

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  • Controls odors (Separates urine & solids)
  • Controls feces smell (Guaranteed for 7 days)
  • Easy-open hood
  • Simple to clean (disposable pads)


  • It could be bigger.
  • The pads will need to be replaced (ongoing cost)

What I like about this Purina Hooded Litter Box

This litter box is great for your cat’s privacy and keeping in odors as we will see. It manages to control odor by separating urine and solids. This is achieved by using dehydration pellets to dry out solid waste.

They are (the vendor) so confident with their system that they guarantee the ammonia will be controlled for 7 days. That sounds like they have maximum faith in the system, right?

I love the fact that the hood, that it comes with, is so simple to open. This just makes cleaning so much easier. This is also supported by the disposable pads that it comes with.

In summary, if you are looking for an organized litter box system that will control the odor well, then this sounds like the one for you.

What I dislike about this Purina Hooded Litter Box

As I mentioned earlier, the pads are disposable, remember? Well, this is good for cleaning, but also a negative for ongoing cost.

Because you will need to continuously buy these pads. Also, I just feel that this could be improved if it was slightly bigger.

02. iPrimio XL Litter box

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  • Slip-proof (rubber feet on the bottom)
  • Simple to clean (nonstick coating)
  • Large practical design
  • Rust-free
  • Odor-free (won’t absorb odor)


  • The walls should be a bit higher
  • Has no lid, so you may notice tracking around your home

What I love about this iPrimio XL Litter box

This litter box is a lovely large, a conventionally looking litter box that does the job. It is slip-proof. And., it achieves this with its rubber feet on the bottom.

With its nonstick material, it makes cleaning a doddle. This material also helps because it makes it rust-free. Also, this material will not absorb odor, like others. Meaning it will help to control the smell in the litter box itself.

In summary, if you are looking for a conventional litter box that is rust-free and won’t absorb odor then this will be a great consideration for you.

What I do not love about this iPrimio XL Litter box

This thing about this litter tray is the walls. They are not that high, so you may, on occasion, see litter on your floor, outside of the litter box. Also, it has no lid, so this means it can’t control the odor in the room, are you with me?

03. SpeedySift High-sided box

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  • Great for untidy cats (replaceable walls)
  • Reduces litter mess (High walls)
  • Easy entrance (front wall slightly lower)
  • Durable plastic pan base
  • No scooping required


  • Needs clumping litter to work
  • No hood, so litter can be kicked out

What I appreciate about this SpeedySift High-sided box

This litter box has a unique system for controlling odor and cleaning it out, as you will see. It is great for really untidy cats. Meaning, those cats like to push litter all over the place. This is because it has replaceable walls.

Also, regarding these walls, they are quite high, so this stops litter landing on your floor or carpet, are you with me? I like the fact that the front wall is slightly dipped down a bit. This makes it easier for your kitty to enter it without hassle.

There is no scooping required with this system. So, I am sure you will appreciate this. It uses a sifting system instead.

In summary, if you are looking for a way to stop scooping litter and litter scattering all over your floor, then this could be a great one for you.

What I do not appreciate about this SpeedySift High-sided box

For this to work, it’s worth noting that it needs clumping litter (Click here to see why your clumping litter didn’t clump). Therefore, you may need to replace your existing litter for this. Also, yes it does reduce the chance of litter escaping, but it does not have a hood, so it will not stop it 100% of the time if that makes sense?

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