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How to Mix Miralax for Cats (Guide & Tips)

If your cat has constipation and you are planning to use MiraLAX you may be wondering how you should be mixing this, right?

How to mix MiraLAX for cats

It’s important to follow the Miralax instructions. But generally speaking, you should have 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon of Miralax mixed in with your cat’s wet food. This can be adjusted based on the results, such as, is your cat eliminating as usual again? Then stop.

So, now you how to mix MiraLAX for cats. But, how does it work on cats? How long to see some results? Can you mix it with Gatorade? Keep reading for these answers and so much more.

What is MiraLAX?

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If you are considering using a constipation remedy and you have heard people talk about MiraLAX you may be wondering what is it.

MiraLAX is an off-the-shelf constipation remedy. Primarily it’s designed for humans but if your vet agrees with you it can be used for cats as well. But, it is a short-term solution for her constipation and should not be used long term.

So, now you know what MiraLAX is and why people use it. But, what makes it get rid of constipation?

How does MiraLAX work on your cat?

If you have MiraLAX for your cat you may be wondering how it works before you give it to her.

MiraLAX draws the water and fluids into your cat’s colon. This helps her to start her bowel movements and get rid of constipation. It is known to be quite effective but, this varies from cat to cat. However, if it’s not working after a week you know it’s not working properly and you need to seek professional advice.

So, now you know how MiraLAX works for your cat to ease constipation. But, how long before you see some results from it?

How long does it take for MiraLAX to work in cats?

So, now you understand what MiraLAX is, the benefits and, why people use it.  So, by this time you may be wondering how long it takes for it to take effect.

You should expect MiraLAX to work within 24 hours. But this can depend on the size and weight of your cat. However, if you don’t see any results after 7 days then it’s not working and you need to consult your vet for further advice.

So, you have learned how long it takes for it to work. But, can it be mixed with other food items or drink?

Can I mix MiraLAX with Gatorade?

How to mix MiraLAX for cats

How to mix MiraLAX for cats

You may have heard people talk about mixing Miralax with Gatorade to make it tastier and palatable, right? But, is this acceptable for cats?

Cats should not consume Miralax that has been mixed with Gatorade. This is because Gatorade is not intended for cats and is not good for them. For humans, yes, this is possible. And, some people use this method successfully.

So, now you know mixing MiraLAX with Gatorade can be effective for humans but not ideal for your cat. But, how long can you use MiraLAX for?.

Can you use MiraLAX for an extended period?

If you have a cat that constantly gets constipated you may be wondering if it is a good idea to use MiraLAX over and over again.

Miralax should not be used for an extended period. It is a short-term solution to constipation. Ideally, when constipation stops and she is pooping as normal, you should stop using it. Over usage could lead to diarrhea and dehydration.

So, now you know that cats should not be using MiraLAX for an extended period. But, after you have used it, what are the signs that your cat still has constipation?

How do you know if your cat is constipated?

If you believe your cat is still constipated but not sure you may be wondering what signs you can look out for.

The biggest sign that your cat is constipated is if she has stopped pooping as normal. However, there are other indications. Such as dry or hard stools, straining, going off her food, loss of appetite, or, even if she is walking a bit weird.

So, now you know there are several ways that you can gauge if your cat is constipated. But, is there any way to know how regular she should be pooping?

How often should your cat be pooping?

If you are suspicious that your cat is constipated but you are not sure you may be wondering how often she should be pooping, right? Is it similar to us humans or, different?

Cats should be pooping daily. To be more specific within 24 to 36 hours time frame. If it is going on longer than that then there is cause for concern. There is a good chance that your cat may be constipated. If this is the case you should seek some professional advice.

Also, look out for obvious signs such as dry stools. This can often be a bad indication that she has problems. So, now you know how often your cat should be pooping to give you an idea if she has a problem or constipation.

How long can a cat safely go without pooping?

So now you know the expectation of how regular your cat should be pooping. But, out of interest, how long can a cat go without pooping?

According to this site, cats can safely go without pooping for up to 4 to 5 days. Anything more than this is a concern. However, you should seek advice from your vet a lot earlier if you don’t see any poop from your cat to be safe.

So, now you know how long a cat can safely go without pooping. But, how can you help your cat to stimulate some bowel movements?

How can I stimulate my cat to have a bowel movement?

If you are looking for other ways that you can stimulate your cat’s bowel movement, other than using MiraLAX or, any other constipation remedies, keep reading.

To stimulate bowel movement from your cat try to massage her belly softly. Another good technique is to use warm water. Submerge her in the warm water and make sure it covers her stomach and rear for the best effect.

So, now you know some techniques you can try to stimulate your cat’s bowel movement. But, what happens if this does not work?

What can I give my cat to help him poop?

If you are looking for other remedies to help your cat’s poop because she is not pooping then keep reading.

To help your cat poop offer her more fiber. This can be as simple as offering high fiber foods such as pumpkin or, you can look out for high fiber food designed to stimulate bowel movement and help with constipation.

Now you know what you can give your cat to help her poop.

How do I know if my cat has a blockage?

If you are concerned about your cat and wondering if she has constipation you may be wondering how you would know if she has a blockage, right?

There are some natural signs to see if your cat has a blockage. Such as her appearing to be physically weak, not eating as much as normal, stomach pain or, stomach swelling. She may also go off her food completely during this time.

So, now you know how you can identify a blockage in your cat so you can look into a constipation remedy such as MiraLAX.

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