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Cat Throws Up Dry Food But Not Wet (What Now?)

If you have noticed that your cat has a tendency to throw up dry food but not wet you may be wondering what causes this and what you can do…

Why does my cat throw up dry food but not wet?

If your cat throws up dry food but not wet it could be some dislike or allergy to the food in particular. Or, it could be the speed at which it is consuming the food. Some cats have a tendency to eat dry food really fast, which can result in regurgitation.

So, now you know. But, should I offer my cat wet food all the time instead? Why si wet food a good idea for many cats? Can you combine wet and dry food? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

Should I offer my cat wet food instead of dry?

How to make wet cat food from dry

A food and water cat bowl.

Some say that wet food is better in general. But, if you have noticed your cat throwing up when eating dry food then all the more reason to consider sticking with the wet food.

The reality is it may not be dry food in general, it could just be that brand you have chosen or even the flavor. But, either way, it is not a bad thing to stick with wet food.

Why is wet food advantageous for cats?

Wet food is advantageous for cats because it keeps them hydrated easier. This is because the wet food has a high water content making it easier for a cat to meet its daily hydration goals.
Without wet food, it is challenging to get your cat to drink enough. Hence the reason some cat owners use water fountains to try and entice them to consume more water.

Do some cats live off dry food?

Some cats do happily live off dry food. This is often because it’s convenient for their owners. For example, the owner works all day and leaves food out. In this case, dry food matches their lifestyle.

Why? Because they can leave the food out all day without any concern with it going off. And, their cat can graze all day while they work. Some argue that this is not the healthiest approach for the cat though.

This is because there is a chance that the cat will overeat. This is because some cats just keep eating until there is none left rather than when they feel full.

Can you combine wet and dry food?

You can combine wet and dry food. And, some cat owners swear that this is the best of both worlds. But, it is a personal choice. Some cats love it, others do not.

Another method some cat owners use is to convert dry food to wet…

How to make wet cat food from dry

Get hold of a cat bowl and fill it full of dry food. Then gradually add 2/3 of the bowl with water. You may find that you need to top this up as you go along. But, you will be surprised how much water is absorbed by the dry food. If you use warm water this will improve the results and make it absorb quicker.

So now you know how easy it is to make wet cat food from dry. But, what is the benefit of this? How do you switch your cat from dry to wet food? Can you get moist dry food? Keep reading for these answers and more.

What is the benefit of adding water to dry cat food?

So, you may be thinking what is the benefit of mixing wet and dry food for your cat. Keep reading for some benefits.

The benefits of adding water to dry cat food is avoiding the kibble expanding in your cat’s stomach. This can make them feel bloated and over-full. By adding the water first it will expand the kibble and then your cat can eat as much as they feel.

So now you know the benefits of adding water to your cat food. It helps them gauge how much they need. But, what if you want to transition from dry to wet food in time?

How do I switch my cat from dry to wet food?

If you have a cat who is eating dry food but you are conscious that they need to get more hydrated. You may be thinking of ways that you can transition them over to wet food.

To get your cat to eat wet food you can gradually mix wet and dry food over a couple of weeks. For example, begin with, three parts wet food and one part dry and mix it. Then after a few days increase it to maybe a 50-50 split, and so on. Do this until your cat is fully transitioned to wet food.

So now you know how to switch your cat from dry to wet food, by taking your time, gradually. But what about the food temperature?

Do cats prefer warm or cold food?

If your cat has been eating a lot of dry food with water, or if they eat mainly wet food. You may be wondering if they prefer cold or warm food?

Cats prefer warm food. This is because it’s more in line with their instinctual need for fresh prey. For example, if a mouse is hunted, its body temperature is more in line with your room-temperature rather than stone-cold.

When wet food is refrigerated and then immediately served to your cat, the chances are the food will be rejected. Why? Because it is not warm enough. So, avoid this by warming it slightly first.

Is there moist dry cat food?

If you are feeding your cat a lot of dry food, a bit interested in wet food, you may be wondering if there is something on offer which is in between. You know, not completely dry but not wet.

Yes, there is moist dry cat food. It is called semi-moist. When you look at it, it looks more like kibble. It is typically stored in a sealed bag to look in the moisture. Some cat owners believe it is more affordable than wet cat food.

So, now you know there is moist dry cat food available. But, which one has the most moisture though?

What dry cat food has the most moisture?

So, now you know you can get semi-moist cat food. And, you are interested in trying to improve your cat’s hydration. You may be wondering which one has the most moisture.

There are several semi-moist dry cat foods available. Such as Wellness (Click here to see the price on Amazon #Ad) or Instinct (Click here to check availability). The wellness brand has a good texture and also has the benefits of my artificial coloring. Some of the Instincts range uses fresh chicken pieces and contains a mega free from salmon oil.

And now you know some good dry cat food which has moisture available.

Is dry food bad for cats?

Is dry food bad for cats?

Dry cat food.

If you are concerned about dry cat food or just wondering if what you’re doing is the correct thing keep reading

No, dry food is not bad for cats. But, it does have pros and cons. Some of the problems with dry cat food is cats do not get as much hydration compared to if they were eating primarily wet food. And if cats get dehydrated it can lead to other health issues such as kidney disease, urinary tract infections, or feline intestinal cystitis.

So now you know dry food is not necessarily bad for cats but it does have some negative impacts.

How do you know if Kibble is rancid?

If you have some kibble that’s being out for a few days or you’ve had it for a long time you may be wondering what signs you can look out for to check if it’s going rancid.

Dry cat food is harder to detect if it’s gone rancid especially when compared to wet food. However, dry cat food typically has a chemical smell when it’s rancid. Wet food, on the other hand, is more obvious because it has a foul smell.

So now you know how do to know if kibble is going rancid and some things that you can look out for to check this. But, is there any guidelines on the amount of dry food your cat should be consuming?

How much dry cat food should a cat eat?

If you are feeding your cat dry cat food (Click here to see which is best, Meow Mix, or Kit Kaboodle?) and wondering how much she should be having, keep reading.

According to this site, your cat should be consuming anything from 24 to 35 calories a day per pound of body weight. This can help to keep her weight up and help him stay healthy.

So, now you know how much dry cat food your cat should be eating to give you an indication of what to do.

Why should you consider mixing your cat’s food?

If you have heard rumors that it is a good idea to mix your cat’s food you may be wondering what the reasons are for doing this.

You should consider mixing your cat food because it will help to arouse her appetite. Cats can get bored of the same food over and over again like us humans. When you mix the food it gives your cat a variety of textures and improves the smell.

So now you know why you should be considering mixing your cat’s food and the benefits of doing this.

How long can you leave water-soaked kibble out for?

If you have started adding water to dry cat food you may be wondering how long you can leave it out before it starts to go bad.

It is important not to leave water-soaked kibble out for longer than 30 minutes. However, if it is an exceptionally warm or hot day you need to reduce this to 15 minutes. This is important because the wet the food can get contaminated with bacteria or fungus.

So, now you know how long you can leave water-soaked kibble out for.

What are the dangers of an all dry cat diet?

If you are feeding your cat primarily dry food (Click here to see what is in it) you may be wondering if there were any risks with dangers of doing this.

The dangers of an all dry cat diet can be dehydration. If this happens other related health issues can occur. Such as urinary tract infections. This is why it’s important to keep your cat hydrated at all times.

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