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How To Keep Cats In An RV (The Simple Way/Safely)

If you are getting prepared for a journey in your RV, or already on your way, you may be wondering how you can keep your cat in the RV (Click here to see my best solution, on Amazon #Ad).

Can you travel with a cat in an RV?

You can travel with your cat in an RV. However, cats respond differently depending on their personality and the type of cat they are. For example, indoor or outdoor cats will create differently. And, you may need a different approach for each one.

What you will need to keep your cat secure

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So, now you know you can. But, how can you keep it in the RV? Will outdoor cats stay in the RV? Will a larger RV be beneficial? Keep reading for these answers, and so much more.

How to keep cats in an RV

Keeping your cats in your RV can be a challenge. But there are some simple things that you can do to make it easier to get your cat to adapt. Such as the following:

01. Use a Harness

One option that some RV users us a cat harness. This is not necessary while you are on the move but if you plan on leaving the door open or decide to give your cat some fresh air.

02. Give Them space

As weird as this may sound especially when thinking about the confined spaces of an RV is to give your cat some space. This largely relies on how you layout your RV.

03. Allow them some time outside (supervised)

The reality is, you will need to let your cat out at some point, even if it is just to transition to a temporary location. To do this correctly you will need to supervise your cat. And many cat owners rely on leashes for this (Click here to see my best one).

04. Keep their litter neat

One challenge is keeping your cats litter stored in the right place (more on this later). And, more importantly, keeping it neat so your cat won’t feel compelled to escape outside to use the toilet.

What is an RV?

How to keep cats in an RV

An RV outside in a forest.

To make sure we are on the same page let me clarify exactly what an RV is. According to Wikipedia, A Recreational Vehicle (RV) is a motorized vehicle that has the addition of giving accommodation. Depending on where you live, you may refer to it as a motor home.

If you are slightly confused by the term “RV” it may be because you may refer to it as another alias, such as motor home, etc. But, ultimately, they are the same thing.

Is it better to travel with a cat or leave it at home?

If possible it’s better to travel without your pet. But, it is not always possible. If you have to use an RV for your cat is fine as long as you plan ahead of time to make sure that your cat is as comfortable as possible.

If you are planning a long journey you may wonder if you are better off doing it without your pet. So, hopefully, this has helped you understand the best choice.

Can you leave pets in an RV?

You can leave your cat inside your RV, but it’s not recommended for long periods of time. Also, you need to check on a few factors first, before you decide it’s safe to do so, such as:

01. Weather conditions

If there is extreme heat or storms on their way, you need to factor that into your decision. Does your cat deal with storms Ok at home? Then, you might be OK. Otherwise, you need to stay with it to be safe.

Is it a hot day? If yes, you need to re-think your plan to leave your cat or make sure you have sufficient air conditioning and ways to block out direct sunlight. Also, make sure the RV is well ventilated with drink and food available.

02. Rules

Some camping sites (do cats enjoy it? click here) are not happy with you leaving cats unattended. It is better to NOT assume it’s ok, and double-check with them.

03. Personality of your

If your cat is naturally nervous or gets anxious when you leave it at home, then an RV on its own is not the way forward. Otherwise, you may be OK.

Will outdoor cats stay inside an RV?

It is unlikely that an outdoor cat will feel happy inside an RV all the time. They have been trained to go outside when they want to. And, expecting them to just adjust overnight to not only staying in, but in a small space like an RV is unreasonable.

If you have an outdoor cat you may have wondered if it’s a good idea to take your cat out in the RV. So, hopefully, this has helped to clarify if this is the right thing to do.

Why is litter box storage a challenge on an RV?

The cat’s litter box is a known challenge for RVs because there is limited space, can be smelly and messy. In particular, finding little tracks of cat litter everywhere, when your cat has walked in it.

Some RV owners have got around this by storing it in cabinets, using their shower (Click here if your cat bit you after your shower) for storing it, etc. But, if you are lucky, and have a large RV, you may not have this issue.

Is a cat walking jacket better for RV life?

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The cat walking jacket is a good way to keep your cat secure while you are RVing. Other cat harnesses or leashes do not hold your cat secure enough. But this helps to stop it from slipping out while you are giving your cat some fresh air, or in the RV.

If you have tried cat harnesses you may have noticed that some of them do not hold your cat secure enough. Hopefully, now you understand how you can get around this using this simple item.

Will a larger RV help with cats that have motion sickness?

A larger RV will help to avoid your cat’s motion sickness. Especially when compared to traveling in your car with your cat (Click here if your cat gets stressed out in your car normally). The large vehicle, with living space, will help to keep your cat happier.

If you have ever noticed that your cat freaks out or feels sick in the car you may have wondered if the same could happen while it is in your RV. Hopefully, this section will have made it clearer.

Why is it important to keep ID on your cat?

It is important to have ID on your cat because your cat can easily get lost or runoff in an RV. And, while you are on the road your cat may not be able to find its way back home.

If you have ever lost a cat or been paranoid about losing one you may have been keen to understand the importance of ID for your cat. Some cat owners get their cats chipped or a secure collar with an ID tag.

Can pet nets help while you are moving?

Pet nets can help while you travel they will keep your cat secure while you are on the move. It will stop them from bumping around while you move in your RV.

Why is it important to get your cat used to your RV?

It’s important to get your cat used to your RV (Is a Fifth Wheel OK? Click here) because it will make it easier when you are on the move. Start by just letting it go in there while it is stationary to get accustomed to the RV and its surroundings.

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