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How Can I Protect My Gaming Chair From My Cat?

If you have a gaming chair and a cat, you might be concerned about preventing your cat from scratching it up. There are several reasons why your cat might mess with your gaming chair.

Why do cats mess with gaming chairs?

Scratching is a good exercise for a cat. They also do it to stretch out their bodies and sharpen their nails. They also like to mark their territory by leaving their scent on things, including furniture like your gaming chair. It is also likely that your cat is attracted to the material that your gaming chair is made of.

What you will need to save your gaming chair

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01. Clawguard scratch guard (My Best)
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02. Cat Scratch Deterrent Training Spray
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03. SmartCat Scratching Post
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So, now you understand why this is happening. But, how can you stop this from happening? Do all cats do this? Should you consider trimming your cat’s nails? Keep reading for these answers, and so much more.

What is a gaming chair?

A gaming chair is a chair specifically designed for sitting in when you play video games. They are usually customizable. Unlike a regular office chair, gaming chairs tend to have high backrests which support the upper back and shoulders while you are playing your video games.

How can I protect my gaming chair from my cat?

There are many things you can do to protect your gaming chair from your cat.  The following are some useful tips that will help to prevent your cat from scratching and ruining your chair.

01. Cat Scratch Guards

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Furniture shields, such as Clawguard, off clear, invisible protection for your chair. These covers are designed to protect your furniture from sharp nails and scratching. They are easy to install. Simply cover the area you would like to protect with the furniture shield.

These scratch guards are tough and flexible and create a barrier between your cat’s nails and your gaming chair. They are made of high-quality vinyl and will not yellow or cloud. They are safe for use with cats.

02. Anti-Scratch Spray

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Cats have extremely sensitives senses of smell and taste. So, an anti-scratch spray could effectively keep your cat away from your gaming chair. This spray should be applied every 24 hours to be effective. Once the habit is broken, you can discontinue the use of the spray. At this point, hopefully, your cat has learned to not scratch your gaming chair and the spray will no longer be necessary.

03. Double-Sided Tape

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Another way you can deter your cat from scratching your gaming chair is with double-sided tape. Double-sided tape can be placed in areas where the cat is prone to scratch. Cats do not like the sticky feeling on their paws when they scratch and will usually stop scratching.

04. Lemon Juice & Water

Cats usually don’t like the smell of citrus. So, lemon juice and water might be an effective deterrent to keep your cat away from your gaming chair. Put a teaspoon of lemon juice in a spray bottle with 16 ounces of water. Shake the bottle and then spray the area of the chair that your cat likes to scratch. The lemony smell will make your cat want to avoid the area. You can repeat this until the habit is broken.

05. Redirection

To keep your cat happy and away from your gaming chair you can redirect them towards something better, a scratching post. This is because no matter what you do, they will want to scratch something.

By offering them this, they will hopefully prefer this over your chair. However, it’s not guaranteed to work overnight. There is a chance it may not love its new post right away. Therefore, stick with it, but don’t force it.

Do all cats scratch furniture?

Cats instinctively scratch to shed the dead layers of claws, which keeps their claws sharp. They also do this to mark their territory. Plus, it just feels good. It is normal for a cat to scratch but, unfortunately, it can take a toll on your furniture.

Not all cats scratch furniture. If from a young age you provide your cat with other options to scratch, such as a scratching post, it will be less likely to scratch your furniture. Even older cats can learn not to scratch furniture, especially if they are provided with other options.

Should you trim your cat’s claws?

If your cat’s claws are way too long or sharp, you can trim them yourself (Click here to see if a clipper or grinder is better). Sharp claws are more likely to make holes, so trimming them can help. Cats can be trimmed every few weeks.

Make sure the clippers are sharp. Extend your cat’s nail and clip only the tip. If you cut too far down, you might accidentally clip the quick. This is the pink part of the nail where all of the nerves and blood vessels are. You can also schedule an appointment with your vet to have your cat’s nails trimmed properly.

Will a cat scratching post help to distract your cat?

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Because cats need to scratch, you might invest in a scratching post to distract your cat and keep him away from your gaming chair. If a cat has a better option, he will likely stay away from your chair.

There are many types of scratching posts and pads available. You just have to find one that your cat really likes. This might take some trial and error. Once you find one that he enjoys scratching, he might stay away from your furniture.

How can you encourage your cat to use the scratching post?

The scratching post should be placed in an area where your cat is likely to scratch. You might place it next to the gaming chair if your cat is prone to scratching it. You can encourage your cat to use the scratching post by rubbing a little bit of catnip on it. You could also set up more than one scratching post to give your cat some options.

What material is best for a cat?

Cats like scratchy materials. So, when considering a gaming chair, it makes sense to choose a fabric that your cat is less likely to scratch. Porous material will allow your cat’s claws to go in and out of it without snagging as much. So, mesh or microfiber might be good options.

These materials show less damage and are not as attractive to cats for scratching. Also, black is a good color option because scratches are not as noticeable with darker colors.

Do socks or nail caps work well?

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When all else fails and you do not want to declaw your cat, you could try cat socks or nail caps (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad). Cat socks are little mittens that you slip over your cat’s paws. They will still be able to scratch with the socks on, but they will not cause any damage to your furniture.

If your cat just won’t keep the mittens on, you could try nail caps. These are little silicone caps that are glued to your cat’s nails. They are perfectly safe to use and do not harm the cat in any way. Your cat can still perform the scratching action without ruining your furniture.

How can clicker training help to save your gaming chair?

Clicker training is positive behavior reinforcement that could be used to help train your cat to stay away from your gaming chair. When you click the clicker, you should also accompany the sound with a treat. This will reinforce the behavior you are seeking to establish with your cat.

Any time your cat scratches the scratching post instead of your gaming chair, you should click and then give your cat a treat. This will make your cat want to repeat the behavior. The more he associates the scratching post with a reward, the more likely he will be to use it instead of your gaming hair. The positive reinforcement should make the scratching post a more attractive option.

Could curiosity cause my cat to scratch my gaming chair?

Yes. Cats could see your chair as an interesting new object they just want to explore. This is more applicable if the chair is new. Hopefully, in time it will get used to it and ignore it.

However, not many people can be patient for this to happen. And, to be fair, it may not even happen. Meaning, your cat could just keep tearing your chair to shreds. Therefore, a more proactive method is required for best results.

Why do cats even need to scratch things?

Cats need to scratch for several reasons such as sharpening them, practising hunting, defence, and general maintenance.

Sharpening them

As you may have seen, cats’ nails are really sharp, right? Well, this isn’t by chance. They keep them sharp by scratching and maintaining them. Unfortunately, your chair could be chosen as a tool for this.

Practising hunting

Cats are avid hunters. So, they heavily rely on their nails as their top weapon. Without practising hunting and scratching things they will not be able to hunt well.

The reality is the average domestic cat does not need this. But, it is instinct and that won’t change any time soon.


Apart from being hunters they are also hunted. Therefore, their claws double-up as self-defence, in these situations. So, they need to scratch things to make sure they are ready for this.

General maintenance.

One of the main reasons cats scratch things is to remove the outer layer of the nail that develops over time. This will keep them sharp and effective.

So, when you see them scratching your furniture, they are effectively using it as a nail file.

Is it possible to stop a cat scratching completely?

No. It is not possible to stop a cat scratching completely. Instead, you need to focus on offering them a viable alternative. Basically, not your gaming chair, or other furniture.

This is why cat accessories, like a scratch post, are so effective. They are designed to be appealing to cats and keep them off your precious items.

Why do cats sit in your spot when you get up?

Cats will sit in your spot when you get up because of the scent and warmth you left behind. They are driven by scent and you, as their owner, make them feel safe.

Lindsey Browlingdon