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Cat Traumatized By Collar (What Now?)

If your cat seems traumatized by its collar you may be concerned and wondering what you can do about it…

Why is my cat traumatized by its Collar?

A common reason for a cat being traumatized by a collar is a bad experience related to the collar such as the owner fitting it incorrectly or getting it snagged by an object that caused it severe pain.

So, now that you know. But, how do you know when this happens? Can a collar irritate a cat? Do bell collars damage a cats’ hearing? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

What happens when a cat is traumatized by its collar?

A black and white cat with a collar on.

A black and white cat with a collar on.

When this happens it makes the cat associate the collar with these bad experiences and build up fear and anxiety towards it.

How do I know if my cat is traumatized?

If your cat is traumatized common signs include extreme fear, neediness, random pee or poop around your home, or hiding away. However, there are more subtle signs such as loss of appetite, feeling agitated, or becoming more attached than usual.

The obvious signs are easy to detect and therefore allow you to take action. However, you may need to look out closely for the more subtle signs.

Can a collar irritate a cat?

A cat’s collar can irritate them. This is mainly when it is ill-fitted. When this happens it can rub against its neck and cause soreness or even strip fur around this area.

These irritations, if not detected early can lead to anxiety or trauma for the collar. Therefore, it is important to look out for this.

Do cats get strangled by collars?

Cat’s collars can strangle a cat. Especially if they are not fitted correctly, or they have grown and the collar has not been checked and adjusted.

In some extremes, it’s been reported that a collar has had to be medically removed from a cat because the buckle was too tight.

However, these are extreme examples and would need to be neglected over some time to get this bad.

Using a breakaway collar can help to reduce the chances of your cat getting strangled by the collar, in the event that it gets it caught by an object, such as a random tree branch.

Do bells on collars damage cats’ hearing?

According to this site, bells on collars do not damage your cat’s hearing. This is because the sound level that the bell creates, approx 50dB, is below the level of sensitivity of cats hearing.

So, chances are, this may be a rumor that others have picked up on.

How often should I change my cat’s collar?

A cat collar should only require changing if your cat has outgrown it, and it’s not comfortable, starting to get frayed or damaged, or the buckle is getting rusty. It is good practice to check it regularly to make sure it still fits well.

So, you have learned you do not necessarily have to change the color on a set frequency. However, you do need to check on it regularly and replace it as soon as it is necessary.

But, what types of cat collars are there? Are adjustable breakaway collars necessary? Are there any other alternatives to bell collars? Keep reading for some answers to this and much more.

Why is it important to check your cat’s collar regularly?

Now that you know it is important to check your cat’s collar regularly (Click here to see ones that won’t slip off so easy) you may be wondering why this is that important.

It is important to check your cat’s collar regularly especially if she is still growing. Because without checking your cat’s collar it can grow into your cat’s neck. And, this can cause them extreme pain. Also, it is possible to become loose with time.

Therefore it is good practice to check it weekly and make sure that it is still secure and your cat isn’t growing out of it. But, what different types of collars are there?

What types of cat collars are there?

Before you purchase a cat color you may be wondering how many different options there are on the market.

There are three main cat collars on the market buckled collars, stretch collars, and breakaway collars. Breakaway collars are the most popular for their safety because they avoid your cat choking. Stretch colors are easier to put on. And, buckled collars are quite standard.

Buckled collars

Buckled collars, as mentioned earlier, are a standard collar that you may have seen before. They have a metal fastener that will allow you to adjust the fitting, hence the reason they are called buckled collars.

Stretch colors.

Stretch collars have stretchy material and simple to stretch and put you over your cat’s head. Unfortunately, you don’t have the same safety features as these collars.

Breakaway collars.

You may have heard many people talk about breakaway collars. They are also known as Snap-on or quick-release collars. The beauty of these collars is that they will break away if your cat is caught or snagged.

For example, on a tree branch. It’s an important safety measure. But can a cat use a collar to walk?

Can you use a cat collar to walk a cat?

If you are considering walking your cat (Click here to see if they like it) you may be wondering if you could reuse the same cat collar for this.

No, you cannot walk a cat using a standard cat collar. Collars, such as breakaway collars, are designed to free your cat if any force is applied. This makes them undesirable for cat walking. To walk your cat you will need a harness and a leash.

So now you know to walk your cat you need a dedicated cat harness and Leash (Click here to see the best cat harnesses). But, these breakaway collars on the other hand, that everyone talks about, are they adjustable? And, is this even necessary?

Are adjustable breakaway collars necessary?

If you are considering purchasing a breakaway collar you may be wondering if it is it important to get an adjustable one, right?

Yes, it is a good idea to get an adjustable breakaway collar. It is important for good fitting. If your cat is still young she will be growing fast and it is important to adjust it as she grows. So, I would say this is essential.

So now you know adjustable breakaway colors are necessary and good practice. But, what about bell collars, are there any other alternatives to these?

Are there any alternatives to bells on a cat collar?

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If you are considering ways to stop your cat hunting or harassing local animals you may be wondering if there are any other solutions apart from using a cat bell, right?

Yes, there are alternatives to cat bells such as cat bibbs. These bibs are used to deter cats from attacking birds. They have very bright-colored material that alerts the birds they are approaching. This avoids the need for any loud bells.

So, now you know, there are other alternatives to having a cat bell that you can consider. But, what hazards do cat bells pose anyway?

What hazards do cat collar bells pose?

A cat with a bell collar on.

A cat with a bell collar on.

So you may have heard the rumors about collars being dangerous and potentially a choking hazard. Or, even that the bell can affect their hearing, but are these rumors true?

Regarding cats getting injured with collars, no, it is not a big problem. However, it is still an issue that cannot be overlooked. In a recent study of 107 vets, it was concluded that there was one collar injury noted within 2.3 years.

Regarding bells affecting their hearing, yes, it is believed that the bell can affect their hearing long term. So it is an important consideration.

In summary, although collar-related injuries are statistically low, it is important to still have a breakaway collar just to be safe and not become a statistic, are you with me? But, what about GPS collars, what are they?

What is a GPS cat collar?

You may have heard people talking about GPS cat collars. But, what are they? Are they similar to normal cat collars?

A GPS cat collar has tracking capabilities. It uses GPS or Bluetooth to track your cat’s location. The smart ones will display a map giving you a rough location of where your cat is if they disappear. So,  you can find out exactly where they are.

You may even notice that some of them interact with a mobile app making it a cool accessory for you to keep an eye on your cat all the time. But, without a GPS cat collar, what are the chances of finding a lost cat anyway?

What are the chances of finding a lost cat?

So, you have a cat and you are paranoid about what would happen if she got lost, right? Is there a good chance that you will find her if this happens?

Up to 75% of cats reported as lost have been known to be safely returned to their owners. And 2% of these cat owners found a cat in a cat shelter. So the stats suggest that there is a good chance you will find your cat OK.

However, these stats are a great indication, but it does not include cats that have not been reported, so keep that in mind. But, what is the best way to train your cat to wear the collar?

What is the best way to train a cat to wear their collar?

If you have a cat collar and you are finding it difficult to train your cat to wear it. You may be looking for tips on how you can make this easier.

To train a cat to wear her collar you should use a combination of distraction and delicious treats. Distracting them will make it easy for you to slip the collar on.  And, the treats will provide positive reinforcement for them to be happy to do it again.

So, now you know it is quite simple to train your cat to put on her collar. If you use these two clever tactics. But, how do you check the fit of the cat collar?

How do you check the fit of your cat’s collar?

So, you have fitted your cat’s collar and you’re wondering how do you know for sure if it fits it correctly?

You should be able to slip two fingers underneath the cat color to check it is fitted properly. However, even if it is fitted correctly initially, it is important to keep checking this on an ongoing basis, because your cat could grow.

So, now you know how to check the fitting. But, what about microchips, are they better than collars?

Are microchips better than cat collars?

So you may have heard many people talk about microchips for cats. And, some people suggesting if they have a microchip they won’t need a collar, right? But, is this true?

Microchips and Cat collars serve two different purposes. Ideally, you should have both a microchip and a cat collar. The microchip will reassure you if your cat is lost. However, a cat collar will make it visible for anyone to see that she has a home.

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