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How Long Does it Take For a Cat to Get Used to a Collar?

If you want to put a collar on your cat you may be wondering how long you can expect for him to adjust to it.

How long does it take for a cat to get used to a collar?

It can take up to a week for a cat to get used to a collar. Some cats can do it a lot sooner, for example, less than 24-hours, but these are normally exceptions. If your cat is still not used to it after a week then you may need to consider a different collar.

Now you understand that cats need a little bit of time before they can adjust to the collar it may help you be patient. Keep reading to learn how to get your cat to like the collar, how tight they should be and so much more.

How do I get my cat to like his collar?

A Siamese cat with a bell collar on.

A Siamese cat with a bell collar on.

If you have a new collar for your cat and you are wondering if there are ways to make him like it. You are in luck because this section will help you.

You can get your cat to like his collar by distracting him, while you put it on, with some toys. This will make him associate it with positive memories. Another trick is to put the collar on just before he has his food. This will also add positive feedback.

Now you understand that you can use distraction or treats to teach your cat to like his collar. Keep reading if you’ve always been curious about those weird orange colors that you may have seen.

What does an orange collar on a cat mean?

If you have been out and about and noticed some cats with a bright orange collar, you may have wondered if this means anything or just some new fashion.

Cats with orange collars indicate that they are indoor cats. This is a method to highlight these cats so that they can be identified and returned home. This does not guarantee that they’ll be returned, but it helps if a local sees your cat.

So, now you know why so many cats have these collars on and what you can do if you see one again. But, how tight should a collar be?

How tight should cat collars be?

If you are faffing around with your cat’s collar you may be wondering how tight you should have it. I mean, you do not want it to fall off, right?

A cat’s collar should not be too tight, but firm enough to stay on. Ideally, you should have enough room to fit 2 or 3 of your fingers in between the collar and its neck. This can change with time, age, and if your cat increases their weight.

Now you understand that a cat’s collar should not be too tight. But, generally speaking. are there any dangers of a cat wearing a collar?

Is it dangerous for a cat to wear a collar?

If you have looked at your cat and wondered if their collar could ever cause any danger. Then you may be interested in this section because I will explain.

Yes, a cat’s collar can be dangerous, if it is fitted incorrectly. If it is fitted incorrectly, it can get caught around her armpit or even cut into its neck. Other dangers could be if its not a breakaway collar, and it gets snagged on its travels.

These breakaway collars will allow your cat to escape in the event of these situations. Such as, getting snagged on a tree twig while they are climbing. But, if you just have an indoor cat, do you even need a collar?

Should an indoor cat wear a collar?

A cat with a bell collar on.

A cat with a bell collar on.

If you have an indoor cat you can be forgiven to think that you probably do not need a collar because you have no intention of taking your cat outside.

Indoor cats do still need a collar. This is because there is a small chance that your cat may escape one day. If this happens a stranger may think that your cat is feral and has no home to go to. Meaning, she may not get returned.

Not all cats like collars at first but, in time, they will grow used to it. But, how will you know if your cat’s collar fits properly?

How do I know if my cat’s collar fits?

When you are fitting a new collar sometimes you wonder, just by looking at it, if it is fitted correctly.

You know if a cat collar is fitted correctly if you can place two or three of your fingers between the collar and its neck. This should also be checked weekly to ensure that it hasn’t moved or adjusted slightly.

Now that you understand when your cat’s collar is fitted properly, keep reading to learn why some cats take their collar off sometimes.

Why do cats take off their collars?

If you have noticed that your cat is continuously taking her collar off it might be driving you mad. But, why does this happen?

Your cat will take off his collar because your cat prefers not to have it on. They feel that the collar interferes with grooming and when they are feeding. Although they will get used to it, if they had their own choice, they would remove it.

So, now you know that cats do not love these collars. But, what about those collars with bells on, are they any better in their eyes?

Is it cruel to have a bell on a cat collar?

If you have a collar that has a bell on it you may be wondering to yourself if it is a good idea or not.

Yes, many say it’s cruel to have a bell on a cat collar. This is because it can cause long-term damage to your cat’s hearing. This is because the bell is so close to its ears is and can impair its hearing over a long duration of time.

This is why you will see many cats trying to remove the bell out of frustration.  Keep reading to see if there is any danger of choking with a cat collar.

Can cats choke on a collar?

If you have a cat collar and you are looking at it feeling paranoid, you may be wondering if it is a choking risk.

Yes, if a cat collar is not fitted correctly, it can be a choking risk. For example, if you cannot fit two or three fingers between the collar and its neck. Also, if its not a breakaway collar and it gets snagged by a tree twig this can cause choking.

Now you understand that, if you are not careful, cats can choke on their collars. But, what about dog collars, can they use them?

Can cats wear dog collars?

If you have an old dog collar around the house you may be wondering if it’s possible to reuse it.

A cat can wear a dog collar, but it is not a replacement for a real secure cat collar. This is because a dog’s collar is not designed or cats and will not breakaway the same. Meaning, it could be a choking risk for them.

So, now you know that a dog collar is not a suitable replacement for your cat collar, but can be used temporarily if you are desperate.

Are collars uncomfortable for cats?

Cat collars can be uncomfortable if they are not fitted properly or maintained. Regarding the latter, if the collar is not checked regularly it is possible for the cat to outgrow the collar. This is even more important when they are young, or kittens.

Maintaining the collar may just be as simple as checking it weekly to make sure that it is still fitted securely.

​​Will my kitten get used to her collar?

Kittens are likely to get used to their collar. Some may take more time than others, but in time, most will accept it. 

The important thing is making sure that the collar is fitted correctly and checked on a regular basis, as discussed earlier, to ensure it’s comfortable for them.

How to get a cat to wear a collar?

To get your cat to wear a collar can be a challenge, and there are many methods. But, ultimately, it comes down to getting your cat used to the collar first, before getting them to wear it.

This can be as simple as rubbing their scent onto the collar. This can be done easily by taking a cloth and rubbing on their fur. Then rubbing it onto the collar.

Truthfully, this is just an example, and there is no one-method for all. So, it may take some trial and error.

Should cats have collars?

Some argue that a collar is not required because they have a microchip for identity, in the event that they are lost. But, the issue with this is some finders may not take the time to scan the microchip and assume your cat is a stray, or feral.

Therefore, a simple collar can act as another fail safe to help get your cat back if it is lost.

Should indoor cats wear collars?

Some cat owners refuse to use a collar for their indoor cat. The response is often along the lines of its not required. But, in the event that your cat escapes or gets lost, a collar can be helpful.

Obviously, it’s up to you if you wish to use one for your indoor cat or not. It just depends on your appetite for risk.

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