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How Long Do Tomcats Stay Gone? (Will He Come Back?)

If you have a tomcat and he is gone you may be stressed out wondering how long he may be gone or, or if this is normal behavior.

How long do Tomcats stay gone?

Cats can stay gone for 4-5 days. But, tomcats can stay away even longer, sometimes weeks. Especially if they are unneutered. This is because they may have met a female cat on heat to keep them preoccupied.

Now that you know how long your tomcat may be gone for. Keep reading to learn why cats disappear if neutered male cats also wander, and so much more.

Why do cats disappear for days on end?

An orange tabby cat in some trees.

An orange tabby cat in some trees.

Now that you know how long your Tomcat may be away for you are probably wondering why this has even happened right? Well, in this section, I will explain why this may have happened.

If your tomcat is neutered then the biggest reason for his disappearance is another female. And, in particular, a female in heat. If he has met one she could b keeping him preoccupied. If he is not neutered it could be some other reason (more on this later).

So, now you know why your cat may have disappeared. Keep reading to learn if he will come back.

Do cats come back home after they run away?

Now that you understand why he may have gone you may be getting anxious and starting to wonder if he will ever come back.

The chances are your cat will return home. Especially if he has disappeared before, and come back to you. If you have not seen him for a few days, then it is a good idea to start looking locally. Especially with neighbors that may have another cat.

Now that you know that your cat is likely to return. If you have a neutered keep reading to learn what might have happened to him.

Do neutered male cats still wander?

If you have a neutered male cat you may wonder if he is likely to wander like an unneutered cat. Therefore, in this section, I will explain if this is likely.

Yes, neutered cats do still wander. But, it is less common than unneutered male cats. This is because they don’t have the desire to chase female cats. And, once they establish their territory, they are generally happy and comfortable.

If a neutered cat disappears it is likely to be for unforeseen reasons such as getting lost, he has been stolen or even injured on his journeys. So, more of genuine concern.

So, you have learned that neutered cats. can still disappear and wander. But, do cats remember where their home is? Keep reading to find out.

Do cats remember where they live?

A Tortoise shell cat in some grass.

A Tortoise shell cat in some grass.

If your cat has disappeared you may be wondering if there is a chance that he has lost his way and forgotten where he lives. But is this realistic? do they remember their home?

Cats do remember where they live. In fact, cats are known to be very good at remembering where they live. So good that they may still remember their old address. This is why you may find a cat has returned to his old home if he is new to you.

So, you have learned that cats are good at remembering their home. Keep reading to learn what do do if he is still not back home after many days.

What do you do if your cat hasn’t come home?

If it has been a few days and your cat’s disappearance is out of character you may be wondering what you can you do. Here are some suggestions:

  • Check with your neighbors.
  • Check with your local police station
  • If you have rehoming charities nearby, check there.
  • Put an ad in your local paper
  • Put up a poster locally
  • Place some leaflets locally

You need to think of as many ways you can to get feedback from your local area. Also, the sooner you get started it increases your chances of finding your cat. If your cat has only been gone a few hours, keep reading to learn how you can entice him back.

How do you attract a cat back home?

When your cat has left your home and you want him back, maybe to have dinner or you are just concerned and want to make sure he is ok, this will help you get him back.

The best way to attract your cat back home is by using his best food. Ideally one with a strong aroma. Put it in a position outside so he can see and smell it. Another trick is to place his bedding and litter tray outside. His scent will entice him back.

One thing to be careful of is other cats though. There is a risk that your smelly cat food may get detected by your neighbor’s cat. So, you need to keep an eye on it.

Now you have learned some handy tips to entice your cat back into your home while he is out. Keep reading to learn how far he may have traveled.

How far will a cat roam from home?

If your cat has gone thinking about finding him may seem like finding a needle in a haystack. But, in this section, I will give you an idea of how far most cats travel to limit the surface area you need to check.

Tomcats are known to travel up to 1500 feet (500 meters) from home. This is more than a female cat who is likely to be within a 750 foot (230 meters) radius. This is based on a circular radius and can vary from cat to cat depending on their personality.

So, now you know had far your cat is likely to travel from home. Keep reading to learn how many cats return home, statistically.

What percentage of lost cats come home?

Earlier I mentioned that your cat is likely to come back home. But, how does that stand up against some statistics of real cases?

It has been noted that 75% of cats that have been recorded as lost end up returning home safely. In most cases the owner is alarmed, reports their cat lost straight away, then their cat returns home fine. This could be because they have not experienced it before.

One thing to note, these stats are based on cats that have been reported lost. There is also an unquantifiable amount of lost cats that are never reported. So, in reality, it could be a different figure if this was factored in.

So, now you know the real stats of lost cats returning home. Keep reading to learn how cats just seem to disappear randomly.

How can a cat just disappear?

If you have been looking for your cat and he is there one minute, then gone the next, how do they just disappear?

Cats can disappear easily because they move quickly and can maneuver in small places. For example, they can hide in small places above our eye level. Or underneath our feet, such as below some flooring. These places are easily overlooked.

Once your cat is hidden in these places they can remain still and silent until they feel safe to come out. This could be minutes or even hours.

This comes in handy when they are hiding from a predator such as a dog that is chasing them. They can disappear into one of these spots, keep quiet, then reappear after the predator gives up.

Where do cats go when they disappear for days?

A cat can go to a number of places when it diappears for days such as seeking shelter in a garden shed because of the weather, or even a garage for the same reason. If the cat is a female cat in heat it could be seeking a partner and get distracted.

For male, tom cats, they are actively seeking females in heat, so this could be the answer for them disappearing. Sometimes, if your cat is injured, they may wish to hide away and deal with it rather than come to you for help.

This may seem odd, or counter productive, which it arguably is, but it may be your cats way of dealing with it.

How far will a neutered male cat wander?

A neutered male cat is likely to wonder less distance than one that isn’t. So, a tomcat that has not been neutred could travel as far as 1500 feet from home. But, a neutred one is likely to not travel as far.

The reason for this is that these tomcats have less insentive to run off with a female, because they shouldn’t have the urge to seek a mate. I say “should’nt” because it is still possible for a neutred male cat to hump or try to mate with a female.

What do you do if your cat goes missing for a week?

If your cat goes missing for the week you will need to try and entice it back by leaving out some of its favorite food, or treats. Also some proactive canvassing in yor local aresa will help, such as creating some leaflets with your contact information.

Truthfully, the possibilities are endless. It just comes down to how much you want to get your cat back to you. Some people may visit their neighbors to get info on their cats last sightings, etc. it just depends on how far you want to go with it.

Where are tomcats often found?

Common places to find tomcats is garages or sheds. Sometimes they get stuck or locked in there. This can explain why they may disapear for days. Also, sometimes these cats are found around your own home. But, you may just not be looking in that area.

Could my tomcat become a stray?

Your tomcat could become a stray, but it is not likely to be because it wants this. It is only likely if it is injured or lost after being chased out of its comfort zone. It is more likely to mate with another stray cat and contribute to the local stray cat count with a new kitten.

Lindsey Browlingdon