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How Do You Discipline a Cat That Attacks Another Cat?

If you have a cat that is attacking another cat it can be quite stressful but what can you do about this?

How do you discipline a cat that attacks another cat?

To discipline a cat that attacks another cat you need to break up the fight. Don’t let them just continue fighting each other. Use a loud hand clap. This will grab their attention. Alternatively, spray some water at the attacking cat to discipline him.

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So now you know how to discipline a cat that attacks another cat. But, why is your cat so aggressive to other cats? Why do cats go crazy when they see another cat? What is offensive aggression? Keep reading for these answers and so much more.


How do I get my cat to stop attacking my other cat?

How do you discipline a cat that attacks another cat?

Two cats on the grass.

If you have two cats in your home and they are constantly fighting or, one cat is acting pushing the other one around what you can do?

To stop your cat attacking your other cat you should use distraction or water. Regarding distraction, simply make a loud noise. You can grab a noisy cat toy (Click here to see why I rate this laser toy) that they may have. This will stop him.

Failing that you can use some water in a spray bottle to squirt him. Cats hate this and will make them drop everything and move away without hurting them. So, now you know how to stop your cat attacking another cat.

Why is my cat so aggressive to my other cat?

Now that you understand how you can use to break up your cats fighting you may be wondering where this aggression has come from in the first place.

Your cat is aggressive to your other cat because of a few reasons. It could be fear, jealousy or, not enough physical space in your home. Fear can be introduced by another cat showing dominance. Jealousy can manifest from the arrival of a new cat.

And, regarding them not having enough space. This could be because you rent a small flat and your cat feels claustrophobic. So, now you know some of the reasons why your cat is acting aggressive in this way.

Why do my cats fight when they see another cat?

If you have witnessed your cat’s attacking a neighboring cat or, another local cat you may be wondering why this is happening, right?

Cats fight when they see another cat for a few different reasons. It could be a male cat fighting for female attention, a territorial dispute with another cat, or it could be a display of dominance to another rival cat.

So, now you know a few reasons why cats fight when they see another cat and what you can expect to happen.

Do cats get jealous of other cats?

If you have a cat and thinking of getting a new kitten or, adopting another cat you may be concerned that your kitty might get jealous.

Yes, cats do get jealous of other cats. Especially if there is a new cat or you are giving your other cat more attention than her. This jealousy can brew with weird things such as a random object or, the arrival of another pet, such as a dog.

So, now you know that cats can get jealous and some of the reasons why this jealousy occurs.

Which cat breed is the meanest?

Which cat breed is the meanest?

Mean looking black cat.

If you are thinking of buying a new cat and you are researching which breeds are known for aggression then keep reading.

Top 10 Cat Breeds video

The Siamese cat (Click here to see if they shed) is well known to be the meanest cat breed. It is a cute one and has a great appearance but, it is known for its territorial, aggressive, and jealous behavior.   This does not mean that Siamese cats are not a good choice it is just an observation that has been made by other owners.

So, now you know which cat breed is the meanest to help you decide which is best for your home. But, how is this aggression and dominance usually displayed?

How do cats show dominance over other cats?

If you have heard rumors of cats dominating other cats or, you think that you have seen this happening in your home but you want to be sure, keep reading.

Cats show dominance over other cats by spraying urine (Click here to see why I rate this cat urine remover) purposely on another cat’s territory. They may also steal their food, push around the other cat during mealtime or, hiss and growl at the other cats to intimidate them.

So these are some of the signals of one cat showing dominance and how you can identify this.

Do cats have dominance issues?

If you are researching cats or just interested in their behavior you may be keen to understand if they have dominance issues, right?

Yes, cats have dominance issues. Especially male tomcats. They will try to display who is the boss. This is worse when it comes to attracting a female mate. The problem is it is an ongoing battle because there is no established hierarchy.

You have learned that cats do you have dominance issues and some of the reasons why this happens.

Are cats happier in pairs?

If you have one cat in your home and thinking about getting more you may be wondering if this is a good idea.

Yes, cats are happier in pairs. They are social animals and this is usually ingrained in them from kittens. As kittens, they are surrounded by their littermates. As adults they appreciate the company of a fellow cat as a result.

However, it is worth noting that this does not mean that there will not be problems. The wrong mix of cats can cause fighting such as owning two male cats in the same home.

What is offensive cat aggression?

If you are interested in the different types of cat aggression or maybe you are experiencing this and want a clear definition, keep reading because this section is for you.

Offensive cat aggression is when one cat will boost their perceived body size to intimidate the other cat. The opposite of this is defensive cat aggression. This is where the cat will reduce their perceived body size and maintain a defensive posture to avoid being attacked.

Regardless of which one is used it is advisable not to try and touch or punish one of these cats when they are in this posture to avoid being bitten or attacked (Click here if this happens when you feed your cat).

What is maternal aggression?

If you have heard people using the term maternal aggression you may be wondering exactly what it means, right?

Maternal aggression is when a mother cat is acting hostile to protect her cat litter. The confusing thing about this is you can see this aggressive behavior towards a known friend once they have a litter to protect. This aggression usually stops once the kittens grow older and are weaned.

So now you know what maternal aggression is and why a mother cat may act in this way.

How can you prevent future catfights?

If you are witnessing a lot of catfights (Did your cat pee too? Click here) in your home or, in your local area, you may be wondering what things you can do to try and avoid this. right?

To prevent future catfights in the short-term the best thing to do is keep the cat’s away from each other. Meaning, physically separating them and keeping them in different rooms. However, this is not always possible. Long term, you will need to work on your cat’s temperament by training them or using a pheromone diffuser (Click here to see why this works well for aggressive cats).

So, now you know some methods that you can use to prevent future catfights.

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