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How Do I Keep My Cat From Going Under the Recliner?

If you are concerned about your cat going under your recliner (Click here for the best solution, on Amazon #Ad) then you might be looking for a solution to stop this from happening.

How do I keep my cat from going under the recliner?

To stop your cat from going under your recliner you need to use a spray that will deter her from going into this area. Alternatively, you can try and block the underneath or modify the recliner, but these methods are not recommended.

What you will need to keep her from the recliner

Description Image My Rating
01. NaturVet Spray (Best Option)
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5 stars
02. Rocco & Roxie No Chew
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03. Anti Chew Training Spray
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4 stars

Now that you know how to stop her from going under your recliner. Keep reading to see why I say these sprays are best, why the other methods are not worth considering, and so much more.

Best Ways to keep your cat from going under the recliner?

A cat hiding in a sofa.

A cat hiding in a sofa.

Now that you have a high-level idea of how to stop your cat from going under the recliner. In this section, I will go into more detail. In particular, I will explain why I feel the pump spray is your best choice. And, why the other options may have issues.

Here are the options:

  • Cat deterrent spray (Best Option)
  • Packing items underneath
  • Modifying the recliner (so it won’t recline)

Cat deterrent spray (Best Option)

Using cat spray will deter your kitty from wanting to venture underneath the recliner. It may take a while, but once she associates the underneath of the recliner with the disgusting taste & smell of the deterrent spray she will think twice about going under there.

The idea is to slowly train her to not go there, rather than physically modifying the recliner.

Packing items underneath

Another option is to pack items underneath the recliner to physically block this area. This is what some cat owners try initially to try and resolve the issue.

The problem with this method

Packing stuff underneath the recliner may sound good in theory. But, the issue with this is it will affect the recliner.

This means, that most recliners have mechanisms beneath them that will move when you recline. So, if you try and block it, it may stop your cat from going there, but you may not be able to recline it anymore, are you with me?

Modifying the recliner (so it won’t recline)

This option is quite a drastic move, but some cat owners have done this. It requires you physically modify the recliner. For example, adding legs so it can tilt back.

The problem with modifying your recliner

Firstly, modifying your recliner is not easy to do, for most people. Also, if the recliner is relatively new, or shall I say, still under warranty, altering it can invalidate it, are you with me?

Also, things can go wrong when you try and mess with them. So, I wouldn’t advise it.

A recliner cover

A simple option is to use a recliner cover. These covers will have two great benefits: they will protect the top of the recliner and it also restricts access to the mechanisms underneath.

Some cat owners class this as the best solution. And, it is a great option. However, like most things, it is not foolproof. And, it depends on which one you choose.

Wrap up the sides

Covering the sides of the recliner is an ideal way to greatly reduce the chance of your cat slipping under the recliner. It does not need to be expensive either.

As long as the material is strong enough to resist their sharp claws and it is fitted firmly enough, then it is a viable solution to protect them from getting caught in it.

Train your cat

Training your cat to not go near the recliner is a good long-term option. And, it can be done alongside any physical barriers you may have as well, such as a recliner cover.

The beauty of this is, that when done correctly, your cat has the ultimate protection. Because, if they never touch or go near it, it can’t harm them.

However, it does sound easier than it is. For this, to work you need lots of treats and patience. Effectively you will reward your cat for keeping away with treats.

So, it can be a slow process. Also, not all cats are guaranteed to be successful with this method.

Move it to a locked room

A simple option is to move your recliner to a locked room. This will make sure that the cat cannot get to it at all.

However, the problem with this one is the fact that it may not be possible in your home, especially if you have limited space.

And, even if you do have the space, you may not want the chair in that room for many reasons.

My best 3 cat repellent solutions (cat-proof the recliner)

In this section, I will share with you three of my best cat repellents to stop her from going underneath your recliner. For each option, I will explain what I like and do not like about it. This will help you to see what works best for you.

01. NaturVet Bitter Yuck! (Best Option)

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  • Train your cat to avoid your recliner
  • Can be used on other furniture items
  • Easy to apply (using the spray bottle)
  • Avoids chewing on your furniture


  • Some cats may not react to it.
  • Not to be sprayed directly on the surface of the coach

What I like about this NaturVet Bitter Yuck!

This bitter spray trains your cat not to hide under your recliner. It is primarily used to stop your cat from licking and biting your furniture, but in this context, it can help her to avoid the bottom of your recliner.

The fact that it was made to stop biting and licking means you can use it on other furniture items you have to protect them as well. Which, works as a bonus for you.

The thing I like about this is its simplicity, you just spray it on the area you want to repel her from. And re-apply periodically until she learned not to return there.

In summary, if you are looking for a cat deterrent spray that will help to protect your recliner and is easy to use, then this sounds like the one for you.

What I dislike about this NaturVet Bitter Yuck!

As much as I am a fan of this the reality is some cats just won’t respond to it. It’s like food, some cats may love one food item and hate the other, are you with me? For that reason, you need to try and see if it works for you.

02. Rocco & Roxie No Chew

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  • Safe to use on furniture
  • Repels your cat from your recliner
  • Designed to be ok with our skin
  • Soothing capabilities (uses Tea Tree oil)
  • Alcohol-free product


  • If you clean the sofa, you will need to re-apply it
  • It May not work with all cats

What I love about this Rocco & Roxie No Chew

This offering from Rocco & Roxie is a great spray that will deter your cat from not only going under your recliner, but also biting, licking, or chewing other precious items you own.

It is designed to be fine with human skin, so don’t worry about it if you have to handle it. It uses Tea Tree oil which is also known to have some soothing capabilities.

It is also alcohol-free. This is good because alcohol-based products are not good for your kitty.

In summary, if you are looking for an effective spray that is easy to apply and has the benefits of tea tree oil, then this one sounds like it will be good for you.

What I do not love about this Rocco & Roxie No Chew

The thing is, this is a spray. Meaning it’s not permanent, it will need to be re-applied. This means the cost for you. Especially if you clean your sofa. Also, like the previous offering, not all cats will naturally be affected by this. This means you need to try it and see.

03. Anti Chew Training Spray

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  • Simple to use (just point and spray)
  • Does not frighten or scare your cat
  • No alcohol used
  • Stops your cat also biting or chewing your furniture
  • Triple bitterness to deter her


  • Need to keep it away from any open wounds
  • Some cats may not react to it

What I appreciate about this Anti Chew Training Spray

This spray is simple to use, just point and spray to keep her out. I like the fact that it does not frighten or scare your cat. I also appreciate the fact that it does not contain alcohol. And, as discussed earlier, alcohol-based products are not good for them.

The thing I like about this is ts triple bitterness recipe. This makes it even more effective to stop your cat from biting, licking, or chewing your furniture. Not just for entering her.

In summary, if you want a powerful, triple bitterness spray to repel your kitty from your recliner, this sounds like a good match for you.

What I do not appreciate about this Anti Chew Training Spray

The fact that this spray is quite powerful means you need to be careful with it. This means, that if you have an open wound you need to keep it away from this spray. But, to be fair, this should be the case with all of them.

What could happen if a cat gets under a recliner?

Ultimately a cat could die under a recliner. The common cause of this is getting trapped underneath and being crushed by the mechanism.

Therefore, covering the sides, so it cannot enter underneath will reduce the chances of an accident significantly. The best way is not to have one in the first place, but this is a good option if you must have one as a cat owner.

What is the best cat-friendly material for a recliner?

The best material for a recliner is polyester or cotton. This way you can easily clean it and keep it maintained.

However, if you wish to protect it from scratches then this will not solve the problem. For that, you would need a special cat scratch-proof covering.

How can I protect my leather recliner from my cat?

To protect your leather recliner from your cat you will either need to cover it or distract your cat. A cover that is designed to protect the leather, will do the job. But, it will not look as good as the leather in its natural state.

Distraction, such as a nearby cat tree, can divert your cat’s attention away from the recliner and allow you to appreciate your chair in its natural form.

But, be warned. The latter sounds ideal. But, it will need some time and patience while your cat adapts to the distraction. And, in some cases, it may still prefer your recliner over the tree.

Can cats tip over furniture?

Cats can easily topple over furniture. Depending on its size and weight, it is a common problem. If it is happening you will need to find ways to train your cat to stop or move it out of their sight.

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