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How Do I Get Cat Pee Out Of My Laptop?

If your cat peed on your laptop, chances are, you are angry and looking for reasons why, and more importantly, how you can stop it from happening again…

How Do I Get Cat Pee Out Of My Laptop?

One of the safest methods for cleaning cat pee out of a laptop is to use rubbing alcohol and a small cotton swab. Once your cotton swab is soaked in the alcohol, you want to gently rub the swab on the soiled areas of the laptop. Be sure that you are super careful with this process, and don’t pour the alcohol directly on the laptop.

To do this, you’re going to want to turn off the laptop, unplug it, and disassemble it as best as you can. In terms of the alcohol you choose, you want to select isopropyl alcohol. Be sure you allow the laptop to thoroughly dry for at least a day before putting it back together and trying to use it.

What Can Cat Pee Do To A Laptop?

An open laptop on a black desk.

An open laptop on a black desk.

Cat pee can essentially render a laptop useless. Cat pee can be dangerous for electronics due to its corrosive elements. Furthermore, the liquid doesn’t mix well with electronics.

Minerals in your cat’s pee along with the ammonia present will penetrate even the smallest crevices of your laptop’s internal structure, and even when the pee has dried, those minerals are still present. This is what makes it so important to try and clean and thoroughly dry your laptop as soon as you notice it’s been peed on.

How Long Does Cat Urine Odor Last?

Cat urine odor can be quite the stubborn smell to remove from any surface, and the odor can linger for a very long time, if not forever. The key to eliminating the cat pee odor as much as possible is to clean up the urine as soon as you notice it and to clean it up the right way.

The product you use is also going to impact how long cat urine odor will take to dissipate. Typical household cleaners aren’t able to break down the ammonia present in cat urine effectively, which is what causes that strong odor to linger. Enzymatic cleaners are your best bet to eliminate the harsh odor.

How Can I Get Rid Of The Smell Of Cat Pee From My Laptop?

Using isopropyl alcohol to clean up your laptop after it’s been peed on is your best bet to get rid of the cat pee smell without causing further damage to your laptop. As mentioned, cat urine has a very stubborn odor. While the alcohol odor isn’t super pleasant either, it’s much more tolerable than the consistent smell of ammonia.

You might find that the smell doesn’t go away completely depending on how much your cat peed on your laptop, but any other cleaner you could choose may add further harm to your computer. Enzymatic cleaners aren’t known to be safe for electronics, so it’s very risky to try one of these on your laptop.

How Can I Prevent My Cat From Peeing On My Laptop?

Trying to make your laptop as inaccessible as possible to your kitty is your highest priority to avoid them having an accident that permanently damages your laptop. Hopefully, your cat peeing on your laptop was an unfortunate accident, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take preventative measures to avoid another occurrence.

Lock The Room Door

A person holding a door handle.

A person holding a door handle.

If you’re not able to set your laptop up in another room, consider keeping the door closed and locked when you’re not awake in the room or actively using your laptop. This will make sure your cat can’t break into the room and turn it into their litter box.

Keep The Laptop In A Case

Consider keeping your laptop protected in a case when you’re not using it. Choose a durable case, preferably not made out of fabric, that is resistant to moisture or liquid. If your cat still wants to pee all over your stuff, your laptop will at least be protected.

Place It In A Closed Drawer

Your cat is not going to want to make the effort to open up one of your drawers to pee in it, so having your laptop in a closed drawer can help keep it protected. The higher off the ground this drawer is, the better.

If I Get Cat Pee On My Motherboard And Graphics Card, Can I Clean It?

You can attempt to clean your motherboard and graphics card with aerosol isopropyl alcohol and a container of rice. To do this appropriately, be sure you remove any plastic on each component and use the alcohol to clean each piece. Let the equipment sit in a container of rice for at least a day or two until they are completely dry.

What Should I Do If My Cat Peed On My Laptop At Night?

If your cat peed on your laptop when you’re sleeping, you can still attempt to clean it using the same recommended strategies of isopropyl alcohol and rice. There is the potential that the laptop could be destroyed because of how long the urine was able to sink into the laptop, but it’s worth trying to save it.

Can I Replace My Laptop Keyboard If My Cat Peed On It?

It is possible to replace a laptop keyboard, but how simple of a process this would completely depend on the type of laptop you own. It will also depend on how much your cat peed on the laptop, and whether or not the urine had contact with more than just the keyboard.

If the cat pee was able to penetrate underneath the keyboard and get into the motherboard, trying to repair your laptop is going to become more complicated. As a result, even if replacing your keyboard is feasible, it may not be the proper solution for making your laptop usable again.

Even with efficient cleaning and drying, some spots in your laptop are going to be almost impossible to clean out depending on where your cat peed and how much they peed. As such, replacing the laptop may be your easiest and quickest solution.

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