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How Do You Clean Poop Out Of a Long Hair Cat’s Fur?

If you have a long-haired cat and noticed poop on its fur, you are probably alarmed, looking for reasons why, and the best way to clean it up (Click here to see my best solution, on Amazon #Ad).

How do long-haired cats get poop on their fur?

Although long-haired cat breeds are beautiful, their long hair can present a problem when they use the litter box. It is very common for long-haired cats to get feces stuck to their fur after using the litter box. The longer hair on their hindquarters can cause poop from the litter box to stick to their fur.

What you will need to clean up the fur

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So, now you know how this is happening. But, how do you clean it up? Should you consider trimming the fur? Is this even normal? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…


Why do long-haired cats get poop on their fur?

Although cats have a natural system designed to defecate without poop getting stuck on their fur. Long-haired cats are more susceptible to this problem than short-haired cats.

Their Diet

Diet is often the main cause of poop getting stuck in a cat’s fur. What your cat eats affects the consistency of your cat’s poop. Too much fat in a cat’s diet is likely not the issue. More often than not, dry food is to blame. Dry food can make a cat’s poop too hard, making it more likely to stick to the fur.

Your cat’s poop also might be too sticky. Adding Metamucil or canned pumpkin to your cat’s diet can cause its feces to be less sticky, making it less likely to stick to its fur.

A simple solution might be to switch your long hair cat to wet food (Click here if you struggle to do this). You can even alternate between wet and dry cat food to ensure that your cat is getting a healthy, balanced diet. This change in diet should make the poop less sticky so that it won’t stick to your cat’s fur so easily.

How do you clean poop out of a long-haired cat’s fur?

If you can get most of the larger pieces out, then blot with a damp rag or paper towel, your cat should be able to clean the rest of it out herself. If your cat has fecal staining, it might be hard for her to groom herself adequately.

You’ll need to remove any fecal balls from your cat’s fur. You can gently brush or comb (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad) these out of your cat’s fur. If they are really stuck, you may have to cut them out with scissors. You can also sprinkle a little baby powder (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad) on the fur to loosen the poop before removing the debris.

You can then spot clean your cat’s fur with some warm water and cat shampoo. It might be easier to place your cat in the sink or a small basin filled with water. Add a capful of cat shampoo. Dip a paper towel in soapy water and blot the affected area. Repeat, if necessary, until the area is no longer stained.

What you need to do after you clean up the poop?

After you clean up the poop, you should dry your cat’s fur using a clean towel. You can also use a hairdryer (Click here to see the price, on Amazon #Ad) on a low, cool setting as long as it doesn’t frighten your cat. Simply dry your cat’s fur, moving the hairdryer back and forth over the area.

You can also gently brush the areas that you just washed to prevent tangles and mats in your cat’s fur.

Also, be sure to immediately dispose of the towels or rags that you used to clean your cat. You should also sterilize the sink or basin in which you washed the cat. Cat poop contains bacteria, so it’s important to thoroughly clean the area in which you bathed your cat.

Should you trim long-haired cats?

How Do You Clean Poop Out Of a Long Hair Cat's Fur?

Long-haired cat.

It might be necessary for you to trim your long-haired cat’s rear end if poop continues to get stuck in the fur. You can do this yourself or take your cat to a groomer who will perform the service. It is not necessary to shave your cat or trim other parts of its fur.

Keeping your long hair cat’s hair trimmed at their rear end will help to prevent its waste from sticking to its fur. As discussed, simply grab the hair and trim the ends, being sure not to get the scissors near the skin so that you don’t accidentally nick your cat.

Is it normal for cats to have hair in their poop?

You may sometimes notice clumps of hair in your cat’s poop. There is no need for alarm, as this is perfectly normal. Cats typically groom themselves with the rough part of their tongue. During the grooming, they may ingest some of their own cat hair.

Usually, the cat will throw up hairballs (Click here to see how long this takes) as a result of the grooming. Since cat hair is indigestible, it is also possible for your cat to pass clumps of hair in its stool. You can help reduce the amount of hair your long hair cat ingests by brushing it daily, especially if it tends to shed a lot.

Is it necessary to brush & groom your cat?

Long hair cats usually require brushing as part of their weekly grooming routine. If this is begun when your cat is a kitten, she will be used to this process and might even enjoy it. You can also encourage grooming sessions by providing treats as you brush your cat.

You can also take your cat to the groomers for a monthly grooming session. Your cat will need to be up-to-date on all of its shots to be groomed professionally. Monthly grooming will help keep your cat’s fur-free of mats and knots. It will also help to keep it shiny and smooth.

What should you avoid when grooming your cat?

You should avoid grooming your cat when it is agitated or stressed. Wait until she is calm and relaxed to begin your grooming session. Some cats even enjoy being groomed because it feels good to them. You should brush and not comb your cat’s tail to avoid pulling out your cat’s tail hairs.

Also, most cats don’t like to be flipped over onto their backs, so you might have to gently brush under your cat’s tummy from below or place the cat on a table if it will stay. You can also groom your cat by holding it comfortably on your lap where it feels warm and safe.

Does the consistency of the poop matter?

The consistency of your cat’s poop does matter (Is your cat waiting for you before it poops? Click here). The poop should be deep brown in color and somewhat malleable as far as consistency. The poop should be firm, but not hard. It should also not be overly sticky, which can cause it to stick to your cat’s fur.

Your cat’s diet is usually the cause of its poop being too hard or too sticky. Food allergies can also be a cause. By keeping a food and poop diary, you can rule out food allergies and determine if the diet is the cause of your cat’s irregular poops.

Does the shampoo you choose for your long-haired cat matter?

You should use a cat-safe shampoo (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad) that is specifically formulated for use on cats. Under no circumstances should you use human shampoo. It is also not okay to borrow the shampoo that you use on your dog. The best cat shampoo is one that is made of natural ingredients and free of parabens and chemical dyes.

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