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Can I Take My Cat To a Friends House? (While At Work or Visiting?)

If you have a cat and need to visit a friend you may be wondering if you can take your cat, or is better left at home?

Can I take my cat to a friend’s house?

You can take your cat out to your friends house. In fact, some say that it can be beneficial for them to leave the house other than just visiting the vets, if they are indoor cats.

So, now you know you can. But, what if you are staying for more than a few hours? Could you consider leaving it there while you go to work? Do cats like visiting other homes? Keep reading for these answers, and more…

Why is it good to take your cat out to a friend’s house?

Can I take my cat to a friends house?

Visiting a friend’s house with a cat.

It is good to take your cat out to a friends house because it will get it used to traveling. So, in the event that you do need to travel wth your cat then you can feel more confident that it will cope OK.

Cats do not like changes too much so it is better to gradually expose them to an environment change rather than just dumping it on them unexpectantly.

Do cats like to visit other houses?

Some cats do like to visit other homes, especially if they received with a warm welcome and provided with food. However, they do know the difference between their real home and your friends.

The fact that cats appreciate food and a warm welcome can lead some cats to get too comfortable in a neighbors home. This is why it is wise to explain that they should not feed your cat on a regular basis.

And, they should avoid being too inviting to your cat, no matter how tempting it may be for them.

How can you set up a temporary home at your friend’s house?

If you are going to visit your friend for more than a few hours, for example over night, you may need to offer a temporary home from home.

This is simpler than it sounds. Basically you will offer your cat some scaled down versions of their home items, such as a travel litter box (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad), cat bed (Click here to see why I love this one), etc.

Do indoor cats need a friend?

Although cats are sociable animals they can live just fine without another cat. Therefore no other cat is required. However, another cat can improve your cats life.

But, I must say, if you get the matching wrong the additional cat may cause problems for your older cat.

Can you leave your cat at your friends house while you work?

It is not a good idea to leave your cat at your friend’s house while you work. This is because your cat is likely to miss you. It may seem fine when you are there but it could be act different when you are gone.

If you have noticed that your cat is fine with visiting your friend’s house you may be wondering if you could leave your cat their while you work. So, now you know its not good idea.

How Might I Keep My Cat Entertained While I am at Work?

In a perfect world, I would take my kitty with me wherever I went. Unfortunately, felines are not permitted at my workplace. At first, I was so apprehensive about leaving my sweet little kitten alone in this big lonely house after she’d been accustomed to being with me the whole of summer.

I could see the sadness in her eyes every time I put on my shoes and headed towards the door.

She would silently tail me as though supplicating and hoping that that day I’d take her with me. But, this was before I realized that I could keep her entertained the whole day just by doing things kitties adore.

Ever since I implemented the following ideas, it seems as if she can’t wait for me to leave so she can get back to her kitty-lone-time until I came back home.

Nowadays she greets me with a loud meow and a hug every evening, because, yeah, she is happy throughout the day.

Here are some of the things you can do to keep your cat entertained while you are at work.

What Food Can I provide for my cat while I am away?

Just like you would jump at the idea of a nice treat or snack, so would the cats. Your cat is going to be alone for the better part of the day and they need something to make them appreciate their existence.

Provide a lot of healthy treats and snacks for the cat to feast on. Scientists advise that you check the treat you give to the kitty because, just like humans, cats can also suffer from excessive weight gain.

Some healthy treats are;

  • PureBites® Cat Treats:
  • Lean Treats for Cats:
  • Greenies Feline:
  • CET Chews for Cats:
  • Sardines
  • Raw Shrimp
  • Feeder Mice

You can make it even more exciting if you let them work for their food while having the time of their life at the same time.

Use a puzzle feeder (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad) and hide small amounts of treats in it so that the cat has to figure out a way to solve the puzzle to get the food.

Apart from entertaining them, food puzzles also help the cats develop their foraging and hunting instincts, so it positively affects both their psychological and physical wellbeing

What Furniture Will Keep my cat entertained while I am away from home?

Kitties are parts of our families. They also need their own sets of furniture. Cat-specific furniture includes;

  • Scratching posts
  • Scratching seat
  • Cat trees
  • Cat bed
  • Wall racks
  • Window roosts

A complete cat tree includes a jungle gym, scratching posts, hidey-hole, and other wonderful features to grab and sustain the fascination of a feline.

They arrive in an assortment of designs and will keep your feline glad and engaged for quite a long time.

This cat-specific furniture can likewise help you preserve your valuable furniture. Cats love scratching, and if you don’t provide suitable furniture for them, they will go for whatever is in the house.

Don’t forget the shelves. Felines love shelves. They prefer watching the world pass by from elevated positions and there is no better way of doing that than sitting quietly on the shelves.

If you don’t provide this for them, you will find them on your kitchen shelf.

They also need an open resting place directly in front of their kitty TV; the window. Your cat will be busy looking at flying birds, watching people go by or trees swaying in the breeze and this will keep them entertained.

Most window perches (Click here to see my best ones) come with suction cups so you can just attach them to the window and let your cat watch her favorite nature TV program until she finds something else to do.

Is a Fish Tank a Good Idea?

Cats and fish are known enemies and fish are dependably at the less desirable end. The best thing is to do is to get one that is raised so the cat can’t reach it.

Your cat will invest hours viewing the wonderful fish swim around and that will keep them visually invigorated and engaged when you’re working away.

All things considered, it’s a win-win since the fish tank will likewise be a pleasant addition to your home décor. Simply ensure that the cat cannot get inside the tank or knock it over.

Should you consider another Cat Friend if you are at work?

If your cat is your only fur baby, you should consider adopting a sibling for her. A companion for your cat could be the ideal answer for the home alone doldrums.

Remember that it can be hard to integrate another feline into the household particularly if your cat is well advanced in age and is accustomed to being the sole holder of the honored position.

However, it is okay to get a cat a buddy she can love and play with. After they get to know each other well, it will pay off with new games being invented and you can finally have some peace at work.

Also, remember that companion cats are only suitable if your cat is outgoing and confident. But if she is the type who hides under chairs and beds when she sees a new visitor, bringing in another cat will only hurt her.

Can Music Help?

William Congreve, the great post said that music has the power to tame savage animals. Sure enough, music can tame a save individuals and so can it tame a feline. The only difference is that cats don’t enjoy the same music we enjoy.

They prefer classical music, soft pieces, string, and piano to the rowdy and loud trumpets and drums. You can collect cat-specific music and put it to play softly on the stereo when you are away. You can likewise give them a wide range of soft meditation music, and, trust me, cats can also meditate and find peace in their existence.

Final Words on Keeping Your Cat Entertained While You’re at Work

These are the top five ideas that worked for my cat. She is happy, and, honestly, I am less worried about her getting bored during the day. At least I can do my work without any worries and still look forward to that beautiful kitty-hug every evening. So, what worked for you? Feel free to tell us what you always do to keep your cat entertained. We would love new ideas!

How Long Should a Cat Be Kept Indoors After Moving House?

I’ve spent most of my time moving houses. The first time I moved to a new state, I was so worried about the impact it will have on my beloved kitty who I named Polly. Would she love our new home? Would it stress her out? Actually, I dreaded losing her.

I dreaded hearing her purring all night and day begging to be taken back ‘home’. However, after learning the ropes, I no longer worry about upsetting her when moving houses. So, I figured, I could just write here what worked for me and most cats so you can make your feline friend transition easily and faster.

How Long Should Your Cat Be Kept In After The Move?

Let your cat stay indoors for not less than two weeks. This will allow them time to take in and get used to the new territory. However, outdoorsy cats can really stressed out when locked in for a long time.

If your cat is one, you can let them out a few days early. But if your cat is the type that gets anxious due to small changes, keep them indoors for more days until when they settle in their new environment.

What Is The Best Practice For The First 24 Hours?

When the big day comes and your cat is finally free to explore their surroundings, make sure you around so you can supervise them properly. In the morning, before you feed your cat, open the door,, and allow them to access the outside. Remember that cats are cautious, so your cat will probably be hesitant to go out at first.

They will take time to assess if it is safe. Do not be tempted to carry them out and show them around. While cats love to be carried, doing this may unsettle them and they may even struggle to be let go. Let them go out at their own time and don’t freak out if they try to jump over the fence. They will be back in a couple of minutes. Give them a tasty treat when they come back.

While confident cats will easily adapt well, shy cats will not. If your cat is shy, accompanying them outside and strolling along with them will make it easier for them to get used to the environment.

What Safety Measures Can You Take?

To keep your cat safe, make sure that they have a collar with your name and address so should they get lost, anyone can bring them home or call you. You can also microchip them so you can track them easily. In that case, contact the microchipping company to update your address.

A couple of days before you let your kitty out; sprinkle some of their used litter around the perimeters of the new garden. Cats need to take in that familiar smell from their old home so they don’t get nervous about going out. Also, the litter will alert neighboring cats that there’s a new cat in the territory.

How Can You Get Your Cat Settled In?

Cats get attached to their surroundings so even very small changes can be really unsettling. The best thing to do is to restrict them to one room that will serve as a safe haven for them. Place the bed, scratching post, litter box, water, and food in the room with your kitty.

This helps them to acclimatize with the new sounds, sights, and smells. It will also give them a room to run to whenever they feel unsafe or threatened. Surround them with things that look and smell familiar

This could be their favorite bed, toys, or an old t-shirt that smells like you. Since cats have a very sensitive nose and use it to decide if something is safe or not, the familiar smells will give them a sense of safety and familiarity.

Also, place some tasty treats around the room so the cat is compelled to explore further and know all the corners of the room. Remember to spend some time with your cat in their base room. Start by doing low-key activities in the room like reading a book then introduce some playtime, more treats, and increase attention.

How Can You Stop Your Cat Returning To Your Old Home?

On the off chance that you moved only a couple of miles from your old house, your cat may encounter the same routes it aced while there and find their way to the old ‘home’.

This happens because the cat has not bonded well with the new environment. It is therefore important to take measures to ensure the cat sees your new home as the source of shelter and food.

Ask the new occupiers not to entertain the cat should it backpedal there. They should chase her away or inform you to pick her up. Keep your kitty indoors for not less than four weeks.

Feed them small meals frequently all the while giving her all your attention to help strengthen the bond between you. Create routines and treaties for your cat that they can’t help but come back home for more. Fit your new house with a familiar scent so they don’t feel unsettled by the new environment.

The first time you let her out; starve her for twelve hours so that she’s really hungry. Let her stay out for a short while then call her and feed her. For the following two weeks, let her out just once a day and bring her in after thirty minutes and fed instantly. The process isn’t instant and it will take your cat a few weeks before it finally settles down.

Final Words on Keeping Your Cat Indoors After Moving House

Every time I move, I use these very methods to help sweet Polly adjust faster to her new home. I promise there is nothing as disheartening as seeing your cute little kitty curled up in a corner, feeling lonely and apprehensive.

She should be able to enjoy her new home just like you are doing, and making them comfortable goes a long way. Another benefit is, if you keep her happy, there is a good chance she will not feel unsettled and not leave a mess in the house and leave a bad cat smell. Your turn; when you moved to a new home, how did you get your cat settled in? What worked for you? Feel free to tell us your experience or idea by leaving a comment below.

Lindsey Browlingdon