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Front Door Smells Like Cat Pee (Why? & Now What?)

If you have discovered a cat pee smell near your front door you may be wondering why it is smelling, and what you use to get rid of it (Click here to see the price, on Amazon #Ad).

Why does my front door smell like cat pee?

The reason why your front door smells like cat pee is down to one of two reasons: Either you have a cat (or a local cat), and it has peed all over your door. Or, you may have boxwood plants nearby that just smell like cat pee.

What you will need to get rid of the cat pee smell

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So, now that you know why your front door may be smelling like cat pee. Keep reading to learn what boxwood is, how you can get rid of the cat pee smell, if it is cat pee, why cats pee on doors, and so much more.

The two reasons why your front door is smelling

Do you sniff a cat-pee-resembling stench every time you walk out the front door? As discussed earlier, there are a couple of reasons why it might smell that way, let me explain in more detail:

01. Your cat (or neighbor’s cat) peeing on your door.

Well, this one is obvious and more likely the reason why your front door or porch smells like cat pee. There is a cat (or cats!) guilty for it. Cats are territorial animals; they pee or spray as a way of marking their territory.

It is important to identify which cat is the culprit though, your own or your neighbor’s. Keep a little lookout through the window (Click here if you have Velux windows) or security camera.

Even if your home’s previous owners had cats, you could be bearing the brunt of it with that obnoxious urine smell still lingering around the door and walls, especially when they are wet.

02. No cat? Could be boxwoods.

The other possible reason might not be a cat at all. It could just be a mold (certain molds do smell like cat urine (Click here to see how this could affect your basement)) or a plant, like boxwood! This is a common landscaping shrub people use and if you have it growing somewhere near your house, it’s probably the unsuspected culprit.

What is boxwood?

Boxwood (also called “box” for short) is a slow-growing, evergreen plant popularly used for landscaping. Although there are 70 different species in the Buxus genus, the dwarf varieties (also called English boxwood) are the ones used for plantation in formal gardens (Click here if you are finding cat poop in your garden), hedges, and edging.

Why does boxwood smell like cat pee?

The English boxwood has also been accused by the gardening community of smelling like cat urine. The reason is believed to be the tiny flowers that this plant occasionally produces, usually in late spring, which are so small that many people do not even notice them. Although they look harmless, in some varieties, these blooms might be responsible for the unpleasant cat-urine smell that people notice around these shrubs.

Why do cats pee on front doors?

Front door smells like cat pee.

Front door smells like cat pee.

This behavior is so common that there are probably a few homeowners who have never experienced this. Cats do this as a sign of marking territory- to tell other animals, either inside or outside the door, that they have claimed the property or to attract other cats nearby for mating.

This behavior may also be triggered by your front doormat. These rugs often have a texture and smell that cats find attractive, especially when they are brand new.

How can I get rid of the cat pee smell?

Here’s the part you’ve been anxiously waiting for i.e. how to actually get rid of that unbearable cat pee smell. I suggest using an effective odor eliminating spray. There are specific ones available in the market for removing cat odor such as:

01. Zero Odor

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This product is something many cat owners have sworn by. It breaks down cat urine on a molecular level and is also biodegradable, non-toxic, and does not cause any allergies or irritation to people or pets. After a spray of this, there is no trace of cat pee smell left to sniff.

02. Rocco & Roxie Odor Eliminator

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Another great stain remover, which can eliminate all kinds of organic spills like urine, feces, and vomit with its enzyme activated formula. It removes both stains and smells, can be used on any surface, and is also certified as safe to use around people and pets.

03. Nature’s Miracle Urine Destroyer

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This enzyme-activated formula is specifically made to destroy pet urine stains and odors can be used on all types of surfaces and have a light, fresh smell. It is available on Amazon and is very popular amongst customers.

How can I prevent my cat from peeing on my door?

I’ve talked about removing old smells, but it is also important to know how one can prevent cats from peeing at the door in the first place. Here is a list of cat deterrents that are sure to keep those felines off your front porch.

01. Motion-activated cat repellants

There are effective cat repellents available in the market such as the motion-activated cat deterrents (Click here to see the price, on Amazon #Ad). The good ones are battery-operated, automatic sprayers that you can place at your front door (do you need extra care with fire doors? Click here) and it will release a spray of its formula whenever it detects your cat within 3 feet of it.

Rest assured, the spray will not harm your pets in any way or leave any residue. Although a single can will give you up to a hundred sprays, even when you run out you can simply buy a refill can.

02. Citrus spray

This is a quick DIY solution you can try without having to spend any money on special products. However, you can buy citrus spray as well (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad). Cats do not like the smell of citrus, so you can simply spray lemon juice around your front door.

You could also keep lemon peels or orange peels at the door. Hopefully, this will drive away any cat looking to make mischief.

03. Put specific plants around your door

Certain plants produce smells unfavorable to cats too, including rue, lavender (Click here to see the price, on Amazon #Ad), lemon thyme, and pennyroyal. You can put these in pots around your door.

What is the difference between Cat pee & spray?

So there are two forms of urine marking: spraying or simply peeing. The difference between cat pee and spray is that normally cats urinate/pee by squatting on horizontal surfaces, while spraying, on the other hand, is when a cat backs up with its tail erect against the door, wall, or any other vertical surface, and spurts urine. Their tails usually shiver when they spray.

Why do cats mark their territory?

Cats mark their territory either to signal ownership of the area or to show sexual availability to other cats in the area. Yes, the urge to mate is one of the most common reasons for unneutered cats marking their territory.

The other primary reason is stress or fear. Maybe you have moved to a new home, or perhaps your cat feels threatened by a new pet in your house or the neighborhood. This marking behavior is probably just your cat telling you it’s stressed.

Lastly, it could be a medical reason. Maybe your cat has a urinary tract infection which is causing it to pee excessively and abnormally. These types of behaviors can also appear with old age when medical issues are more likely to arise.

Could this smell be an ammonia-based product left open?

The ammonia in urine is the reason for its bad odor. So if you have any other ammonia-based product that may have accidentally spilled or be left lying around open, it may be causing that cat-pee stink too.

Can pheromones help to stop your cat spraying?

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A pheromone is a chemical released by animals, which produces some kind of response or changed behavior in others of its kind. Products are available that mimic these natural reassuring chemicals and when sprayed around the house, were found to reduce spraying and other marking behaviors in cats by making them feel more “at-home”.

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