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A brown cat eating food from a bowl.

Why Does My Cat Poop Immediately After Eating?

If your cat eats and then poops right after you may be concerned and wondering if this is normal... Why ...
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A black and white cat being fed food by a person.

How Do I Get My Cat To Stop Begging For Food In The Morning?

If your cat is constantly begging for food in the morning, it may be waking you up, annoying you, leading ...
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Wet and dry cat food bowl.

Cat Throws Up After Eating Canned Food – What Now?

If you have noticed that your cat throws up after eating, you may be alarmed, concerned, and keen to understand ...
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Peeled Jackfruit.

Can Cats Eat Jackfruit (Or Could It Make It Sick?)

If your cat has eaten some Jackfruit, or you are just curious, you may be wondering if it is OK ...
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A white and brown cat eating food from a food bowl by the window.

Cat Won’t Eat Leftover Wet Food (Why? + Solution)

If you have saved your cat's leftover food to save waste but she is not eating it you may be ...
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Margarine in a tub.

Can Cats Eat Margarine? (Is it Dangerous or Toxic?)

If you are looking out for food options for your cat, you may be curious about margarine. Is this even ...
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Some oil in a clear boil, poured from a bottle.

Why Does My Cat Like Jojoba Oil? (Is It Safe?)

If you have some jojoba oil and noticed your cat is eating, or licking it, you may be confused and ...
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A crazy-looking cat smiling.

Why Does My Cat Go Crazy After Eating? (Obsessed?)

If your cat is going crazy after eating you may be wondering why this is happening and if this is ...
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A cat eating from its bowl.

My Cat Doesn’t Drink Water But Eats Wet Food (What Now?)

If your cat is happily eating wet food but does not appear to drink water you may be worried and ...
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A brown cat eating from a white food bowl.

Do Cats Know When To Stop Eating?

If you have a cat that likes to eat a lot you may be wondering if it knows when it ...
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