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Does Pepper Stop Cats Pooping In Your Garden (or Not?)

If you have seen cat poop all over your garden the chances are you are angry and keen to find out why it’s happening, but more importantly, how to stop it going forward (Click here to see my best solution, on Amazon #Ad).

Does pepper stop cats pooping in your garden?

A sprinkling of cayenne pepper, chili powder, or even cinnamon around your garden has been known to be effective in stopping your cats from using it as a restroom! They tend not to like the scent and will go away after smelling it. But, it is frowned upon and deemed as cruel.

Also, this can be less than effective, however, as the pepper needs to be reapplied daily for optimal results. However, as stated, and you will read more below, pepper can be a cruel choice and should be avoided if you don’t wish to harm cats.

My 3 Best Pepper Alternatives for Your Garden

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So, now you understand it can work, but it’s not a good idea. But, why is this even happening? Can simple plants help to deter these cats? What are the most effective solutions for this? Keep reading for these answers, and much more.

But, Why is pepper quite a cruel choice?

Does pepper stop cats pooping in your garden?

Pepper shaker.

However, it is not recommended to use pepper or other spices to repel cats, and some would say it’s quite a cruel practice. So it’s probably safer not to use this method, as you obviously do not want to end up hurting your cats or someone else’s cats either.

This leaves us with another question: Is there a safe, effective way to deter cats from pooping in the garden?

Why do cats poop in your garden?

There are several reasons that a cat might want to use your garden as a litter box. Garden’s are normally quiet, sectioned off areas of a yard that a cat may see as a clean, private place to do their business.

It also provides the soil for the cats to bury what they leave in the garden, as they tend to do. If it is a domesticated cat that lives with you or a neighbor, this could be due to other cats’ territorial nature when it comes to litter boxes, or a UTI or different ailment that deters the cat from its litter box.

How can you stop cats pooping in your garden?

There is several safe, ethical, and effective ways to deter cats from pooping (click here if your cat goes crazy before doing this) in your garden. Try out some of the methods below and see what works best for you!

01. Using motion and sound detectors

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Sound and motion detectors are one way that you can deter cats from pooping in your garden. Their purpose is to detect motion or sound and then to emit an extremely high-frequency noise that is inaudible to humans, but very offputting to animals such as cats. Place these at the entrances to your garden and see if the cats start going away!

02. Using Twigs

Cats tend to prefer solid or soft ground beneath their feet as compared to prickly surfaces. Sprinkling twigs or sticks in your garden can help keep would-be invaders away, as they will avoid walking on such a sharp and prickly surface, due to having sensitive paws.

03. Odor Repellent

Instead of using pepper, using a less invasive odor that is not a ground-up spice can be just as effective but not harmful. Cats have an acute and sensitive sense of smell. Things like lavender and peppermint spread around the garden can help keep cats away and have the bonus of smelling very nice to humans. Try to replace harmful peppers and powders with things like this.

04. Citrus

Cats do not like the smell or taste of citruses, such as oranges, lemons, or limes. Cut up the fruit and peels and spread it around your garden to repel cats from entering. Simply using the peels alone can work as well. If you don’t have access to the fruit and do not want to go to the grocery store, a citrus-scented spray can do the job just as well. Just make sure it won’t harm your plants!

Are there other natural remedies to deter cats?

There are many common kitchen mainstays that cats don’t particularly like the smell or taste of. If you’re struggling to find any of the items above, any of the following could be put in your garden to make cats leave: Bananas, mustard, rosemary, and thyme. A mix of apple cider vinegar and water can also be an effective deterrent.

If all else fails, cats don’t like water. Installing a sprinkler in your garden that has a motion sensor, it can effectively make cats leave, and possibly water your plants in the process.

What is a Scarecrow Water Spray Deterrent?

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A type of sprinkler specifically designed for scaring away cats and other animals from your garden is called a scarecrow water spray deterrent. This is an exceptionally effective method, especially with cats who come back and use the same spot multiple times.

These can be used for larger animals such as deer, foxes, groundhogs, and badgers as well, and are great for larger gardens. They are very durable and last a long time, making them quite cost-effective as well.

Best of all, they require less upkeep than constantly sprinkling oils, fruits, or any of the other above methods all over your garden every day, and can be left to do the job on their own.

Can plants help you keep cats off your flower bed?

You can also grow plants within or around your flower bed that cats don’t like the smell of. Examples of this are lavender, rue, marigold, and roses with thorns, which will all deter cats and keep them away. This is a fantastic way to deter cats because your garden can still look beautiful!

What are the disadvantages of using mothballs to deter cats?

Mothballs have also been known as a way to keep cats out of your garden, but they don’t come without their disadvantages. Firstly, their smell is kind of unpleasant, so you’ll have to deal with that while tending to your garden.

Also, they are frequently and easily washed away by rain, so they are not the best method. However, they will work in a pinch, so if you have them on hand, you may as well use them.

Would a male cat help to deter other cats from your garden?

Top 10 Cat Breeds

A male cat would help deter other cats from your garden, especially an outdoor cat that will see your garden as part of his territory. If you have the room and income to host another cat, this is a great method.

You will have to put in the effort to train that cat, just like any other, but outdoor cats require minimal care as far as pets are concerned, and this can be a great method if you’re a cat lover.

What are the disadvantages of getting a male cat, just for this?

You’ll have to invest time and money up front, just as if you were to buy any other pet. The economic cost can be high, considering all of the other methods are considerably cheaper.

Male cats are also known to be territorial, so you’ll have to be careful about noticing how your new cat interacts with your other cats, your neighbor’s cats, and the humans it will inevitably have to interact with.

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