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Does My Cat Miss My Ex? (Does It Feel Rejected?)

If you have been through a recent relationship break-up you may be wondering what effect this may have on your cat and if it feels similar to you…

Does my cat miss my ex?

Your cat does probably miss your ex. Why? Well, if you have a cat, then you should already have a fair idea of how cats do have feelings and emotions as well, and they show it off in different ways. Cats can get attached to the people that show them affection or to nice humans that are simply good to them, and your ex can very well be one of them. 

So, now you know. But, do cats really have a favorite person? How can a break-up affect them? Do cats remember their previous owners? Keep reading for these answers, and much more.

Do cats have a favorite person?

Cats do have a favorite person. For some, it may be the person who plays with them the most; others could like the one that feeds them more. Again, there’s really no one answer to this. In most cases, it’s the person that spends the largest amount of time with them.

If your ex was this person then naturally if they are gone overnight it will miss them. How long it will take to get over your ex is another factor. This can vary from cat to cat. But, cats do not pine for peoples much like us humans, so don’t expect it to be for too long.

Do cats get attached to their owners?

Does my cat miss my ex?

A sad-looking cat with green eyes.

Studies have shown that cats can and do get very attached to their owners. Also, even without a study, it’s clear that they do it just by their body language. Simple things like greeting you at the door on arrival, lying on your lap while you watch TV, etc.

Obviously, cats will not exactly write you poems declaring their affection for you or write you love letters, but that doesn’t mean they’re incapable of loving and have no feelings for their owners. Are you with me?

Multiple ways of cats showing affection…

There are multiple ways you can recognize a cat showing affection towards a person or simply their comfort around them. One of the most recognizable ways amongst all is when a cat rolls over on its back to show you its belly.

This is an extremely vulnerable moment for cats, and if they are doing this in front of you, they’re doing it to show you their trust in you. Although, don’t take it as an invite to scratch their bellies! It makes them uncomfortable and they won’t hesitate to show you that.

How can you help your cat get over your ex?

Spending some quality time with your cat can also prove very effective in helping it in moving on from someone that probably provided it a good amount of love and affection.

Break-ups can be devastating, for both you and your cat. They already hold such heartbreak, but it only increases when you can see your loved little pet struggling with it as well. How do you manage to tell your cat that they’re permanently gone? The communication gap can make it a hassle, but there are ways you can help your cat get over your ex.

A cat in grief might find the need to skip its meals, so the most important thing to do is to make sure it is eating and drinking well.

How does a breakup affect a cat?

Breakups have a very negative effect on every party that is involved, even to just a spectator, so cats being emotional animals already answered our question. Their adorable little pets fully grieve over loss if they witness it, and the negative connotations surrounding a breakup can get to them.

Cats are good at reading our emotions and can take stress due to it as well. This is why it’s very important to try and be the least apparent about the problems and tensions in front of your pet. If you’re not careful, the pain and stress can be taken over by your cat and cause a negative change in their behavior.

How do cats act when they miss someone?

A sad-looking cat lying down.

A sad-looking cat lying down.

When cats miss someone they may act indifferent and show no signs of distress. However, others may show it through little actions like being extra overly affectionate on your return if you’ve been away for a while.

They may also purr and stretch more when they get to see you, and in some cases, cats can also be seen having rude, chaotic behavior because of being negatively affected by being separated from someone.

Cats are animals that can take care of themselves pretty well, and even if they have certain feelings towards something, they may not show it as strongly as they’re feeling it. Nonetheless, there are still ways you can know when your cat misses someone.

Can cats miss their owners after rehoming?

Cats can and miss their owners if they are to be rehomed. These animals can develop attachment towards their owners and practically anyone who is affectionate and caring towards them, so it’s only natural for cats to miss them once they’re rehomed.

Cats aren’t the best at getting their emotions across to humans, but they do always remember their previous owners and even miss them. This may, although not be apparent if they are cared for and looked after well enough, but if the previous owners do come to revisit, they will always show signs of happiness.

How long does it take for a cat to forget you?

For cats to forget you could take months, or longer. This is because you have entered their long-term memory. The short-term memories of a cat are on an average found to be 16 hours after you first encounter them. However, long-term memories can be well, indefinite because cats are found to remember owners and events even years and years later.

Do cats remember previous owners?

Cats always remember previous owners, and in any and every case where a cat is rehomed, they’re always delighted to see their previous caretakers visit them and show pleasant behavior on their arrival. Of course, every cat displays emotions differently, but joy is always there in one way or another.

What can you do if your ex steals your cat?

Stealing is a crime punishable by law, and if your ex steals your precious pet, then several things can be done. In some places, pets are also considered property, so you can sue or report to your law enforcement department.

While pets may feel like your children, you do not have “custody” over pets, only ownership, and in any court, the ownership is what will be checked to determine who gets to keep the cat.

In case there was a verbal or written agreement on who gets to keep the cat, and your ex goes against it and steals from you, an animal attorney can be visited, and the matter can be taken to court to discuss. In any case, matters like these are actually surprisingly common, and if the cat is rightfully yours, then you can get it back easily.

Lindsey Browlingdon