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Does Catnip Help Cats In Heat? (Or Steer Clear?)

If your cat is in heat you may be looking for some methods to help it. But, are the rumors true about catnip?

Does catnip help cats in heat?

Catnip can help cats in heat. But, it depends on the cat. This means, if catnip causes a calming response with them, it may be ideal. However, if your cat is known to act hyperactive with it, it may not be a good idea.

So, now you know. But, do cats feel pain while they are in heat? What can this catnip do for a cat in heat? How many days do most cats remain in heat? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

What does “a cat on heat” mean?

A cat in heat is ready to mate and receptive to a male cat (tomcat). Basically, she (the queen) is in her reproductive cycle and has the urge to mate and attempt to have kittens.

This is only possible if the female cat is not spayed and in a good healthy state. Spayed cats, on the other hand, cannot reproduce.

Do cats feel pain when they are in heat?

Cats are not usually in pain when they are in heat. However, they may need to be calmed down during this phase. This is why some cat owners look for solutions, such as catnip, to help with this.

As discussed earlier, catnip may not be the ideal solution. But, failing that, there are other solutions that can be tried to help your cat during this phase.

What does catnip do to cats in heat?

Catnip growing wild.

Catnip growing wild.

Depending on your cat, it may calm it down. However, some may jump around, meow, and in some cases even salivate.

This is why its important to understand how it reacts to catnip, in general, to understand if it’s an ideal fit for your cat while they are in heat.

How many days is a cat in heat?

On average, a cat will be in heat for 6 days. But, this can vary from cat to cat. During this heat cycle, also known as estrus, they aim to mate with a male cat.

However, if they do not mate, they will reenter this heat cycle again shortly after.

Does Catnip Stimulate a Cat’s Appetite?

Yes, catnip can be used to stimulate a cat’s appetite. It is believed to be a natural stimulant for a cat’s appetite. You can offer your cat catnip fresh, dried, or extracted into oil. This is also believed to help with digestion.

So, now you know catnip is a natural stimulant to help your cat’s appetite. But, is catnip safe in cat food? Can it be served every day? Can it calm your cat down? Keep reading to find out and, so much more.

Is it safe to put catnip in cat food?

So you may have heard of the benefits of catnip (Could it be dangerous? Click here) but wondering if it is a good idea to put in your cat’s food. Well, according to this site, it is OK. Let me explain…

Yes, it is believed that catnip is safe to put in your cat’s food. Even if a large amount is eaten, it is believed that the worst case would be an upset tummy. However, every cat is different some may eat it right away while others may not appreciate it as much.

So, now you know that many cat owners use catnip safely and it might be an option for you. But, can you use catnip all the time, for example, every day?

Can I give my cat catnip every day?

So, if you have some catnip at home and you are now thinking of using it you may be wondering if it’s okay to be used daily.

Yes, catnip can be used daily. However, it’s best to follow the instructions on the label, if you are using an oil extract that is. But, in any case, whether if its fresh, dried, or an oil extract, it should be used in moderation.

Some owners believe that catnip can also help with an indoor cat. To help them achieve the daily greens that they need. The belief is, it would have access to these greens if she was allowed outside, are you with me? But, can this catnip help to calm down cats? or is it all fluff? (excuse the pun).

Does catnip calm cats down?

You may be wondering if you have an over-excited cat if catnip will help you calm her down, right?

Yes, it is believed that catnip will calm a cat down. Initially, they may be more playful and active. But in a short while (minutes) they will become calm, relaxed and, in some cases, they may get a bit sleepy.

So, now you know catnip can calm your cat down and help them to relax more. But, what is the best way to give this catnip to your cat?

What is the best way to give your cat catnip?

So, if you have some catnip and scratching your head wondering what is the best way to give it to her,  keep reading for some suggestions.

The best way to give catnip to your cat is direct, in the form of fresh leaves or dried. However, you can try the oil extract as well. But, if you just want them to play with it, you can put some catnip in an old sock then tie it up.  Another trick, wrap some in the paper, then roll it into a ball,  and let her play with it.

There are several different creative ways that you can use catnip to make playful toys. But now you know it is quite easy to give your cat the catnip. But what are the real benefits of catnip?

What are the benefits of catnip for cats?

If you are considering using catnip you may be wondering what are the benefits, right?

The benefits of catnip is relaxation and happiness. However, If you have a lazy cat, this can encourage her to be more playful move more. But, if your cat is anxious or stressed this can help to relax her and control her stress.

As you can see there are many benefits of catnip that you can consider. But, at what age could you start considering giving your cat catnip?

How old should a cat be for catnip?

Some catnip.

Some catnip.

If you have a cute young cat you may be wondering how early you can give them catnip.

Kittens can have catnip but you may not see much effect from this. To see a real effect from catnip you need to wait at least 3 to 6 months of age. This is why most people do not give catnip to cats younger than 3 to 6 months.

So, as you can see it’s better to wait until your cat is 3 to 6 months before using catnip to get the best effect. But, is it true that catnip makes cats crazy and hallucinate?

Does catnip make cats hallucinate?

If you have catnip and you are giving it to your cat you might be wondering if it’s crazy behavior is making it hallucinate or not, right?

Yes, it is believed that catnip does make cats hallucinate. This hallucinogenic experience is believed to be a visual and sonic experience for your cat. However, after several minutes this hallucinating stops, and then your cat is expected to become sleepy and relaxed.

So as you can see catnip does having a hallucinogenic effect but is closely followed by relaxation. So you may be wondering if this is regarded as cruelty, right?

Is catnip cruel?

So, you have some catnip and wondering if this is an ethical herb, or even bordering on cruelty.

Most cat owners say catnip is not cruel. It has no known issues that anyone should worry about. And it has many benefits such as helping with stress, relaxation. In general, it is believed to have more benefits than negatives.

Whether catnip is cruel or not is a subjective topic. And, other cat owners may have an opposite opinion. But, with that being said, does catnip get cats high though?

Does catnip get cats high?

So, you may have some catnip and you may have heard rumors that it makes cats get high. But, is this true, or just hearsay? Well according to this site, it’s true. But, let me explain…

Yes, it is believed that catnip gets your cat high. Your cat inhales nepetalactone from the fresh, dried, or oil extracted catnip. This nepetalactone then binds to the receptors in your cat’s nose. This in turn stimulates her sensory neurons in her brain which causes the high.

So, as you can see cats do get high from catnip (Click here to see if they get the munchies too), safely and beneficially. But, how do you calm a stressed cat if you don’t have any catnip?

How do you calm a stressed cat?

If you have a stressed-out cat and you are thinking of other ways to calm her down other than just using catnip (click here for an alternative) what can you do?

To calm a stressed cat you can use some acoustic stimulation such as some cat music, composed specially for cats. You can also play some games with your cat. You can also get some toys that interact with her food, such as a basic food puzzle.

So, as you can see there are several different ways to calm a stressed cat. To be honest, there are more ways than I can list in this article. And, in some cases, the more creative you are the better.

Lindsey Browlingdon