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Does My Cat Know How Hard He Bites? (Or Not?)

If your cat has bitten you hard, and I mean HARD! You may be wondering if it knows how hard this is, and what you can use to stop this from happening (Click here to see the price, on Amazon #Ad).

Does My Cat Know How Hard He Bites?

Cats have a pretty decent understanding of how hard they bite. If you pay attention to your cat when you are playing together, you will notice that they really only nibble on you. Accidents can happen, of course, and your cat may bite you harder than they intended. If this happens, you should remain calm and redirect your cat.

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So, now you know your cat fully understands how hard she is biting. But, keep reading to learn why cats bite when their fur is stroked backward, how you can show them who is boss, why some cats choose to bite hard, and so much more.


Can a Cat’s Teeth Puncture Your Skin?

Cats have canine teeth that are incredibly sharp. If your cat bites you too hard, they can absolutely puncture your skin. The result will leave small holes in your skin, but they will be deep because cats have long canine teeth. The wounds will heal quickly due to their small size, causing bacteria from the cat’s mouth to get trapped in your skin which can lead to an infection.

Why Do Cats Bite When You Stroke Their Fur Backwards?

Cats prefer to be petted (Click here if your cat bit you when you done this) in the direction that their fur grows. It is most comfortable for them, and it won’t mess up their coat during the affectionate petting. When cats are uncomfortable, they will bite you to let you know they are unhappy.

If your cat has short, straight fur they are more likely to be agitated by petting their fur backward than a cat with long, fluffy fur would be.

How Do You Assert Your Dominance Over a Cat?

Cats are not pack animals like dogs. They don’t live to please you, you live to please them (that’s what they think, anyway!). When you bring a cat into your home that is not a kitten, chances are they think they own you, and they will try to treat you as just another cat.

But don’t worry, it is possible to take charge and set rules for your cat so they are your pet, not the other way around. It is best to raise a cat from a kitten. The best time to adopt or rescue a kitten is between eight and twelve weeks.

They will be more emotionally dependent on you because you have been the only source of love and affection that they will remember. If you are looking to adopt or rescue an older cat, it will be best to find one who has already been associated with humans and knows they are different than cats.

How Do You Prevent Your Cat Biting You?

Cats are really stubborn and strong-willed. So what do you need to do in order to stop your cat from biting? Keep reading for a few suggestions…

01. Socializing your cat

If your cat is a kitten, you can teach them early that it is not okay to bite. You can do this by socializing your cat around other adults and other cats. Some vets will even offer a kitten kindergarten where you can take your cat for interactions.

02. Interactive Toys

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You can also offer them interactive toys (Click here to see the price, on Amazon #Ad), especially ones they can tackle. Cats, especially kittens, have extremely high energy that they need to let out. If your cat constantly bites you, they might just want to play. Offer them toys that are interesting enough to keep their attention.

03. A Time Out

You can also give your cat a time-out. To teach your cat that it is okay to bite a toy but not you, when they start biting you during playtime, stop immediately and just sit still. Don’t move for a few minutes, your cat will notice this punishment of not playing with them, and it will not harm or scare them in any way.

How Can You Tell if Your Cat Has Been Bitten?

Cats are completely covered in fur, so if they have been bitten by another cat or another animal, it can be hard to tell at first. Here are some ways…

01. Check their behavior

One not-so-specific sign that your cat has experienced a bite from another animal is their behavior. Some other signs are limping or constant grooming of the wound area.

02. Signs of matted fur

Some more specific signs that your cat has been bitten are signs of matted fur, pus, or blood coming from the wound site, the area may be hot, or there could be swelling.

If you do notice a bite on your cat, it is extremely important to take them to the vet to be checked out. They will need to look for signs of infection and possible diseases such as rabies. By taking your cat to the vet immediately, they can usually prescribe a medication to prevent any infections from occurring.

What Does it Mean When a Cat Bites You Hard?

Does my cat know how hard he bites?

Does my cat know how hard he bites?

Cats bite for a few reasons, so try to assess the situation as best you can to determine exactly why your cat is biting you harder than normal.

Some cats bite to establish dominance or because they feel threatened. If your cat bites you and refuses to let go, this could be the reason why.

Cats may also bite you when they want you to stop doing something that they don’t like. For example, they might hate getting their nails trimmed. If they have bit you in the past, and you stopped trimming their nails, they think that is an effective way to get you to stop.

Are Cat Bites More Infectious Than Dog Bites?

It’s easy to think that a dog bite is worse than a cat bite because dogs have more teeth and a much higher bite power. It will come as a surprise to many that cat bites are a higher cause of concern for infections than dog bites.

Cats have more bacteria in their mouth than dogs do. When a cat bites, it can put their bacteria into the open wound. This can cause infections incredibly quickly. You should always wash out the wound immediately, but don’t scrub. This can push the bacteria further into the wound and cause more problems.

How Should You React to a Cat Biting?

It is important to always remain calm when your cat bites and avoid any kind of negative reaction. If you yell at your cat, spray your cat with water, or frighten the cat in any way at all, it can cause the cat to react in a way that is truly aggressive.

If your cat bites you on accident while playing, again you need to remain calm. You can just stop playing completely and give your cat a short time out. The cat will notice that this is supposed to be a punishment, and they just did something they shouldn’t do. This is a great way to calmly teach your cat that it is not okay to bite while playing.

Can a Cat Inherit Aggression?

This is a really great question to consider. Cats do inherit personality and genes from their parents. For example, if your cat’s dad was a little stand-offish and shy, there is a chance your cat might behave the same way.

The same goes for aggression. If your cat’s parents were really irritable and prone to express their anger by biting or hitting, your cat can end up with that personality trait as well.

The results from one study show that a daddy cat’s behavior can influence how the kitten’s behavior will be, even if they are kept separated after birth.

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