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Do Siamese Cats Shed? (Or is this impossible?)

If you are researching cat breeds, before you purchase a cat, or just interested, you may have wondered if Siamese cats shed like other cat breeds.

Do Siamese Cats Shed?

Siamese cats have quite striking features with distinctive markings. However, Siamese cats do shed. Unlike many other cat breeds, Siamese cats don’t shed a lot and thus, are also known as low-shed cats.

So, now you know they do. But, doe this mean you need to groom them the same? Are they aggressive scratchy cats? Are they chatty? Keep reading for these answers, and so much more.


What Is a Siamese Cat?

Do siamese cats shed?

Siamese cat.

There are plenty of cat breeds in the world today. One of the oldest cat breeds is the Siamese cat breed. This cat has its roots in the Asian lands of Thailand and has become quite popular amongst cat owners today.

Siamese cats have plenty of striking features that make them unique. They have a smooth fur coat in various distinctive colors, determined by the temperature of the surroundings and genetics. They also have captivating and huge blue eyes, unlike any other cat breeds.

When it comes to the behavior of Siamese cats, they are known to be quite affectionate, fun-loving, and always ready to play and seek companionship.

Do You Still Need to Groom Siamese Cats?

Even if a Siamese cat doesn’t shed as much as any other cat does, they still require proper grooming and care. You need to make sure you brush their hair once every week. Make sure you do so with a brush with soft bristles for a gentler grooming session.

Additionally, make sure you brush their fur in the fur growth’s direction with the utmost care and do not yank on it.

In case you end up knotting their fur, just cut it off softly rather than trying to unknot it. End the grooming session by wetting a towel and gently wiping their body. You also need to cut and trim their nails properly along with keeping their ears clean.

How Much Does a Siamese Cat Shed?

Yes, just like the other cat breeds, Siamese cats are also known for shedding their fur. However, the shedding in Siamese cats is comparatively less than other breeds of cats.

Siamese cats usually shed their fur two times a year – during spring and fall. During spring, Siamese cats shed their coat to get rid of the thicker coat to bear the summer heat. However, during the months of fall, they shed their coats to get new coats to bear the winter cold.

You can still control this shedding with the help of proper grooming and care always.

Do Siamese Cats Scratch a Lot?

Siamese cats are cats after all.  So, just like the other cats, Siamese cats are also known to scratch a lot. They may also scratch the furniture or other materials that have a distinct texture.

Keep in mind that Siamese cats can also be trained to stop them from scratching any material, furniture, or even your own self!

How Often Should You Bathe a Siamese Cat?

All you need to do to keep your Siamese cat clean and hygienic is bathe them once just every two weeks. Siamese cats aren’t particularly fond of getting wet. However, the good news is that they have shorter hair and fur. They also may not get as dirty as the other cats.

Do Siamese Cats Talk a Lot?

Apart from their striking features, Siamese cats are also known for their fun-loving, talkative, and loving personality. Due to this, they may require your constant attention and love.

In fact, when you don’t give them your attention, they’ll demand to have it purring and meowing a lot! However, in a completely adorable way!

Thus, Siamese cats are definitely known to talk more than many other cat breeds existing today.

Do Siamese Cats Like to Cuddle?

Yes, Siamese cats are extremely loving and so, they love showing affection to their owners by cuddling and various other ways. Given below are some of the ways how Siamese cats show their love and affection:

01. Following You Wherever You Go

When cats follow you, they definitely adore you. The case is the same with Siamese cats.

This doesn’t mean they’ll keep nagging you. They’ll simply like to be around you and bask in your presence while doing their own business. Thus, giving you your space.

02. Cuddling

Siamese cats are one of the cat breeds that love to be pampered and to also pamper others with love. So, they won’t stop cuddling you if they love and adore you.

Keep in mind that they won’t sit on your lap all day long. However, whenever you wake up in the morning, they’ll be sound asleep next to you. Similarly, even if you are simply watching a movie or a show while sitting on the couch, they’ll come to you and curl up.

Your Siamese cat might even show you their belly while cuddling you so that you’d rub their belly and play with them!

03. Talking

Siamese cats are one of the most expressive cats. So, when they want to talk about something or even show that they love you, they’ll keep talking about it. They will make sure you give them their full attention.

Even when the Siamese cat is upset, they will make sure you notice that they’re angry and upset at you.

Regardless of everything, they will always be there to listen to you and will also make sure you listen to them!

04. Playing

Siamese cats love to play and create mischief! Their playfulness is also another type of affection towards you.

These cats have a lot of energy and are always up for playing. They’ll show you their belly if they want to play and they may even try to get your attention. In the end, they love you enough to play with you all the time!

So, these are just some of the signs of affection the Siamese cat may show you!

What Do Siamese Cats Hate?

Siamese cats are the most playful cats out there. So, there are some of the things these cats definitely hate such as:

01. Being Lonely

Some cats love solitude. However, the same cannot be said for Siamese cats.

These cats are extroverts and want to be around other cats or their owners all the time. So, if you leave them alone, they may turn quite grumpy and upset as well.

02. Not Getting Attention

Apart from being left out and lonely, your Siamese cat will most probably hate not getting any attention from their owner.

Most of the time, they’d just want to be in your presence. However, when they want something, they won’t stop until they have it. The same can be said for your attention.

If a Siamese cat wants your attention, they will make sure you give it to them, or else they’ll get upset and depressed.

03. Not Getting Entertained

Siamese cats are known to get bored way too easily due to their extremely playful nature. So, they may want constant entertainment, along with your attention.

You can try turning on the TV or radio for them if you don’t have enough time to play. You can also get them some cat toys, or cat treats, they’d like to play with.

These are some of the things Siamese cats hate.

Do Siamese Cats Like Water?

Siamese cats may seem to be cautious about getting wet. However, due to their playful nature, they definitely love playing with water. Hence, they’ll never shy away from water if you playfully approach them. 

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