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Do Maine Coons Get Jealous? (3 Things To Avoid..)

If you have a Maine Coon, or researching, you may be interested to know if they are jealous or possessive cats…

Do Maine Coons get jealous?

Maine Coons, like any other cat, can get jealous. This jealousy can be triggered by another person, animal, or even an object. An example of a common scenario is a new pet in your home taking all the attention.

So, now you know. But, what can you do to prevent this from happening? Do they tend to choose one person as their favorite? What are the triggers that cause this behavior? Keep reading for these answers, and so much more…

3 Potential Triggers of Maine Coon jealousy?

Do Maine Coons get jealous?

A Maine Coon cat looking sad and jealous.

Although Maine Coons are jealous of anything that gets their owner’s attention, they are particularly jealous of anything that is receiving a lot of love from their owner.

Maine Coons want to be the center of attention and receive all of their owner’s love. The three things that can really trigger their jealousy are:

  1. New kitten
  2. New baby
  3. New partner in the house

If any of those three triggers enter your life try to make sure your Maine Coon is still getting plenty of affection so they don’t feel left out.

When they feel as though they are being loved too they are more likely to warm up to the new addition to the household. They are one of the friendliest breeds of cats when it comes to introducing new people and animals.

Maine Coon Jealousy over objects

Some people have noticed their Maine Coon trying to steal their attention when they are spending too much time playing a video game. The cat will try to block the TV or even knock the controller out of their hands.

It’s easy to fall in love with a Maine Coon because these affectionate cats show just as much love back to you. Once one of these large cats falls in love with their owner(s) they can become quite jealous of anyone or anything that’s stealing their loved one’s attention.

Do Maine Coons love their owners?

Maine Coon cats absolutely love their owners and love being in their company. They become very affectionate as a way to show their love and are one of the most loyal breeds of cats. These cats are always happy to receive affection from their owners.

In most cases, males are more affectionate than females. However, once a female Maine Coon becomes comfortable she will be more outgoing and affectionate.

Could a new pet make a Maine Coon jealous?

It is normal for a Maine Coon to be jealous when a new pet enters the household. This is especially true if the Maine Coon was the only pet in the household beforehand.

They are used to being the center of attention and may not want to share your affection.

However, since Maine Coons are affectionate cats you may have an easier time getting them to warm up to the new pet than you would with other breeds. Just make sure to continue giving them plenty of attention and make sure they feel included.

Are Maine Coon cats possessive?

Maine Coon cats are possessive over their loved ones. When they start acting possessive they will find ways to mark their scent around the home.

This is their way of letting any other animal that comes around know that this is their turf! Introducing another pet into the household could cause possessive behavior.

How do Maine Coons express their possessiveness?

Maine Coons express their possessiveness by leaving traces of their scent behind. One way of doing this that isn’t very intrusive is by rubbing their cheeks against you or an item in the home.

This is because they have scent glands located on their cheeks and flanks. Rubbing up against something allows them to release that scent.

There is another way for cats to express their possessiveness, but this one isn’t as cute. Cats sometimes start to urinate on belongings around the house to show their presence. This is the most common way for a cat to leave its scent mark around to warn other animals.

Why are Maine Coons so protective of their owners?

Maine Coon cats are very intelligent animals who also have great survival skills. This leads them to be able to tell when their owner is in danger, leading them to act very protectively.

Although there isn’t a scientific answer as to why they act so protective over their loved ones, many believe it may be because they are so territorial over their loved ones.

Your beloved Maine Coons thinks of you as one of their cubs. They love their owners and want to keep them safe at all times. There are a few ways to tell if you have a protective Maine Coon at home:

  • They meow at you
  • They follow you around
  • They growl at strangers
  • They get physical

It’s funny to hear a cat growling when someone approaches the door, but that means the sound is made because they love you.

How can you prevent your Maine Coon from becoming jealous?

Maine Coons are naturally jealous critters, but that feeling can be curbed. Continue showing them love so they don’t feel threatened by any new people or pets that recently joined your home. Since these cats are so loveable you should have an easier time than you would with other breeds.

01. Slow introductions

It’s a good idea to introduce new people to them slowly. If someone new is going to pet-sit or move into the house then try to let the cat get used to their presence gradually. Once it’s time for them to spend more time together the cat will most likely already be in love with them.

02. Spending quality time

Regular playtime is also crucial for preventing your Maine Coon from getting jealous. They may feel like any new people or pets around are taking away from their quality time with you. Continue playing with them as often as you always were. This will ensure that they still feel loved.

How can you introduce a new pet and avoid jealousy?

The best way to avoid jealousy from your Maine Coon when introducing a new pet is to make time for both of them. Give them plenty of attention together.

If you are playing or cuddling with the new pet, make sure you call the Maine Coon over to join. This way they will still feel plenty of love.

One of the biggest reasons a Maine Coon will act jealous around a new pet is because they feel like they aren’t getting enough attention.

Showing them that you are always willing to give them love will help to curb jealous tendencies and may even make it easier for the Maine Coon to be friendlier to the new pet.

Do Maine Coons choose one person as their favorite in a household?

Maine Coons are full of love, but they do play favorites. If your Maine Coon has picked out a favorite family member in the household then they have no issue with making it obvious.

They will devote all their loyalty and cuddles to that one person. Even though they may love everyone in the family, it’s not uncommon for them to pick a favorite.

These cats can often sense who they’re going to love the most from their first interactions. From that moment on, they will give that person their full attention.

Lindsey Browlingdon