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Do female cats hump? (Or is it just male Tomcats?)

If you have a female cat you may be assuming that humping is not possible because it’s only male cats that do this. But is this right?

Do female cats hump?

Yes, female cats do hump. This can occur even if they are spayed. However, it is more common in male cats. But, if she is on heat there is a chance that she could start humping. So, don’t be surprised to see this happening.

So, now you know female cats can hump. But why do female cats hump? Are they attracted to humans? Do cats enjoy mating? Keep reading for all these answers and much more.

Why do female cats hump?

Do female cats hump cat

Why do female cats hump?

Once you have noticed your female cat humping you may be wondering why she is doing this, right?

Female cats hump for a few different reasons. Firstly, it can be confused with a mother cat teaching her kitten a lesson. She may just need some attention in your home, or she could be stressed with her new environment.

Teaching her kitten a lesson

It may sound bizarre, but sometimes a female cat may appear to be humping her kitten. And, you may be looking at her thinking this is crazy or just plain weird! However, although it may appear to be humping it could be her disciplining her kitten for bad behavior.

She may need more attention

Sometimes you may notice your female cat humping you simply because she feels neglected. Or, just needs more attention from you. This is easily fixed by giving her the attention she deserves, are you with me?

Stress from a new environment

There are some cats who have moved recently that are unhappy. They may hump as a weird way to express their anxiety.

So, now you know there are a few different reasons why your cat may be humping. And, in all honesty, this isn’t an exhaustive list. There could be more reasons why this happens. But, what signs should you look out for when a cat wants to mate?

What do female cats do when they want to mate?

If you have a female cat and keen to understand what to look out for when they’re mating keep reading.

When female cats want to mate they will make a distinctive mating call. This makes it clear, to the local tomcats that she wants to mate. You will also notice her raising her tail and rear. This will show that she is ready.

Other signs may include her rubbing against you or other male cats. Some other signs are quite subtle such as acting a bit anxious. So, now you know that there are a few different ways a cat can show that she’s ready to mate.

Do female cats go through “heat”?

You may have heard people say, “she is on heat”, but what is this?

Female cats go through heat cycles if she is not spayed. This is known as estrous. Humans use the term menstruation cycle but cats are known to have their estrous cycle.

So now you know female cats do go through heat cycles. But, what about cats being attracted to humans is this even a possibility?

Can female cats be attracted to humans?

Cat being stroked

Cat being stroked

If you have noticed your cat humping your leg you may be wondering is this because she likes you. But, is it possible for a female cat to be attracted to a human?

Yes, a female cat can be attracted to a human. But, not in a sexual manner. Even if she humps your leg (Click here if she is bitting it) it’s not because she’s trying to mate with you. However, this site has shared recent research that has concluded that cats are particularly attracted to ladies, over men, as their social partners.

And, now you know female cats can be attracted to humans. But when a cat is in heat sometimes the sound can be a bit crazy, right? So, how can you quiet them down during this time?

How do you shut up a cat in heat?

One of the problems, when cats are in heat, is the noise they make. This, to be frank, can be quite annoying, especially if you need your home to be quiet at this particular time, such as nursing a newborn baby. So, what do you do?

To keep a cat on heat quiet you need to her down. You can use a warm seat. This can be as simple as giving her a heating pad (Click here for the price on Amazon #Ad) or a warm damp towel to sit on. Failing that you can also use a pheromone diffuser (Click here for the price on Amazon #Ad).

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However, the latter may take a couple of weeks to take effect. So, now you know how to shut up a cat in heat. But, when they are in heat do they bleed, as humans do?

Do cats in heat bleed?

If you are researching cats on heat and comparing them to us humans you may be wondering if they bleed similarly.

No, cats are not expected to bleed while they are in heat. They do show some subtle signs when they’re in heat. These are typically behavioral signs such as rubbing up against you, becoming needy. or demanding attention.

So, now you know cats are not expected to bleed while they are in heat. But, what about pleasure, do cats enjoy mating?

Do cats feel pleasure when they mate?

If you have noticed cats mating you may have heard a lot of weird sounds. These sounds would suggest that she is not enjoying herself, but is there any pleasure?

Yes, cats are believed to feel pleasure when they mate. According to this site,  there has been some scientific evidence that has been collected over the last decade which suggests that some animals have some level of pleasure during mating.

However, this pleasure is not anywhere near comparable to the pleasure humans experience.

Do cats hurt when mating?

So now you know cats do have some pleasure when mating. But, is there any pain when they are mating?

Yes, cats do have some pain when they are mating. This is because the male cat’s penis is barbed to stimulate ovulation. During this process, it scratches the female causing pain. This is why you might hear loud noises or yowling during their mating process.

So, you have learned that cats do you have some pain when they are mating.

How do female cats act before mating?

The female cat can be confusing, her sounds, such as yowling and meowing can mean multiple things. So, how do females act before mating?

Before the female cat mates, she will make a mating call to the males. This should be quite distinctive. They have been known to get into the lordosis posture which signals that she is ready to mate. Then you may even notice her move her legs rhythmically to indicate she is ready to mate.

So, now you know how female cats act before mating.

How do you stop a female cat from spraying while in heat?

If you have noticed a lot of spraying in your home you may be getting sick and tired of it. So, you may be looking for ways that you can stop your female cat spraying especially while she is in heat, right?

Some cat owners spay their cats to stop her from spraying while she is on heat. It is known to be quite effective but there are always exceptions. Male cats are often neutered to stop them from spraying. Which is known to have a high success rate. But,  there is still a small chance that it will continue.

So, now you know how some cat owners stop their female cat from spraying while she is in heat. But, should you be concerned about female cats humping?

Is a female cat humping a real concern?

If you have noticed your female cat humping you may be wondering if you should just let it go or if it is something that you should be concerned about?

If your female cat (what if you have a male kitten? click here) is humping excessively then it is a cause for concern. If this is the case look for ways to calm her. Which could include simple solution such as using a cat diffuser, or in extreme cases you may need to consult your vet for some professional advice.

Would a female cat hump another pet?


Marley & Me


A female cat that is in heat may try to hump another pet. While they are in that state they are keen to vent any sexual frustration and you could see this random behavior.

It does not mean that your female cat is keen to mate with your pet it is just her way of expressing her need to mate in general.

Do female cats try to mate?

Female cats do mate. They have a specific time window when they invite a male cat to mate with them known as “on heat”. The male is still the one that seeks out these females, but during this time period, the females make it clear they are ready.

Like any animal, females mate to multiply and cats are not different in this regard. And, like many other animals the male is the dominant and actively seeks out the female.

Why is my female cat trying to mate with me?

A female cat may appear to want to mate with you, but it’s likely to be humping you. This is more common in male tomcats. For these males, they may aggressively hump your leg to vent their sexual energy.

This is usually triggered by the presence of a female cat that has excited the cat and made it act this way. The reality is it does not want to mate with you, it is just expressing its urge to mate.

Why does my female cat get on top of my other cat?

This is known as mounting and is a common behavior. It is often used as a show of dominance. In most cases, it is not a problem, even though it may seem otherwise to you.

As long as either cat is showing no obvious forms of distress it is usually not a big issue.

How do you deal with an alpha female cat?

Dealing with an alpha female cat takes patience and strategy. For the latter, strategy, don’t try to challenge your cat directly, this will typically end badly or you may get scratched. Do not try to pet your cat while it’s acting aggressively.

Also, make your cat earn its treats and access to toys. Meaning, if it shows better behavior then offer it rewards to incentivize this better behavior.

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