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Do Coyote Eat Cats? (Or Will They Just Kill?)

If you have Coyotes in your area and a cat owner, you may be concerned and worried. But, will Coyotes go as far as eating your cat?

Do Coyotes Eat Cats?

Coyotes often feed on mammals such as rabbits, voles, mice, etc. They can also feed on cats if they get an opportunity. To protect your cat from coyotes, keep them inside all the time, especially at night. Always accompany your cat when you take them out of the house. Also, keep their food and water available all the time so they will not have to go out.

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So, now you know that they will eat your cat if they get the chance. Keep reading to learn what you can do to keep them away, what time of year they are most active, if cats can naturally sense them, and so much more…

What Smell Do Coyotes Hate?

Odors have been used for a long time to repel coyotes away from homes and neighborhoods. Here are some of the smells coyotes hate most:

01. Ammonia

The smell of ammonia is one of the things coyotes hate most. Try to soak a rag with ammonia and leave it somewhere near the house, they will never come close.

You can also put some ammonia in a spray bottle and sprinkle it on the doors and the places where you fear coyotes might come from.

02. Wolf Urine

When a coyote smells wolf urine, it turns the other way around and runs away. This could be linked to their fear of wolves. Coyotes are the prey of wolves.

In fact, there are different products of wolf urine that you can purchase. You can spray it around the yard and worry about coyotes no more!

03. Mothballs

Mothballs are another good option for repelling coyotes. You can scatter some of it around the house and the yard.

Coyotes hate the smell and it will stay away from the house.

Do Coyotes Kill Feral Cats?

Coyotes feed on any free-roaming cat around whether it is tame, feral, or a stray cat. They wait for their opportunity until they catch their loose prey.

Are Coyotes Carnivorous?

Do Coyote eat cats?

Do Coyote eat cats?

Yes, they are carnivorous animals. They may also be omnivorous but mostly carnivorous. Coyotes are opportunistic animals who are always looking for their perfect prey.

They are always on the hunt for different mammals such as squirrels, rabbits (Can they use a pet flap? Click here), mice, cats, dogs, and more. They can also feed on insects, lizards, birds, and even deer.

Furthermore, they can eat vegetables and fruits. You can even find them looking through human trash (Click here if you have seen cats doing this to your bin) for leftover food.

How do you keep coyotes away from cats?

Coyotes are dangerous animals that can attack your helpless pet and feed on them. That’s why you need to be cautious if you live with your cat in an area full of coyotes.

Here are a few tips to keep your cat safe and protected all the time:

01. Keep Your Cat Inside

Keep the cat inside the house at night because that is when coyotes take their opportunity to attack their prey. Provide food and a bowl of water for your cat so they will not need to go out.

02. Accompany Your Cat Outside

If your cat goes outside for bathroom time, accompany them. You never know when the coyote is around. If you go out at night turn on the lights or keep a flashlight with you.

03. Walk in a Well-Lit Area

Always walk your cat in an area full of light. Coyotes will use the dark as a tool to attack your cat, so avoid dark places. Also, coyotes hate flashy lights and you will rarely see them in a lit area.

04. Keep the Food Inside

Do not leave your cat’s food outside. Coyotes could come to feed on it. Also, your cat could go outside at night to eat the food. This could be dangerous if there are coyotes around.

05. Put Up a Fence

You can get a 6-foot fence for your yard to protect your pets from coyotes. While coyotes can still climb fences, they will be slowed down by needing to climb.

06. Avoid the Woods

Try not to go near the woods with your cat, especially at night. If you have to go, make sure you bring your flashlight.

Will Lights Keep Coyotes Away?

Yes, light is a great option for you to repel coyotes. As a matter of fact, coyotes hate flashy lights.

If you want coyotes to stay away from your house, you can use spotlights around the house (Click here to see the price, on Amazon #Ad) at night. However, this could be annoying for the neighbors.

You can also use motion-sensor lights (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad). They will only work if someone or some animal came near to your house.

For the safety of you and your pet, keep a pocket flashlight with you all the time when you go out.

What Time of Year Are Coyotes Most Active?

Coyotes are most active in the month of January since it is the beginning of their breeding season. So, you need to be more cautious about your cats and other pets in January and the months of winter.

About their daily activity, they are active day and night by nature. However, they are most active at dusk and dawn. You can hear their howls (why do cats do this? click here) and barks more at that time.

No matter how active they are, with the right precautions, you and your pet can stay safe from coyotes.

How Big Are Coyotes?

The size of coyotes depends majorly on their age. Generally, they are 25 pounds on average. However, they can reach up to 50 pounds on some occasions.

From nose to the tip of their tail, they measure from around 40 to 50 inches on average.

What Do You Do If You See a Coyote in Your Yard?

It could be scary if you encountered a coyote in your yard. Panicking could make the situation worse, so here is what you need to do:

  • Keep your calm and breathe slowly. The coyote might sense your fear.
  • If your cat is next to you, pull them close to you or it is even better to pick them up.
  • Threaten the coyote by standing tall and staring at the coyote in the eye without moving. This will make you appear as a bigger threat to the coyote and it will fear you
  • You can try throwing something at the coyote or shouting at it loudly. They hate loud noises.
  • Never turn your back to the coyote or run away. Their instinct will make them receive you as the prey and they will start attacking you.
  • Try hazing at the coyote until it leaves your yard.

These tips will keep you safe, but remember to never let your cat loose around the coyote.

Can Cats Sense Coyotes?

Many studies suggest that cats can sense coyotes and danger generally. The cat’s first reaction to sensing danger is climbing a tree (click here to see how they can learn to get down).

So, if your cat climbed your yard’s tree or tried to climb around the house there might be a chance that there is danger or a coyote around the house.

Try to calm your cat down and look for any danger around. However, try picking up your cat first, then keep it inside the house.

A coyote can jump up a fence and take your cat away in front of your eyes and you will be helpless. So, keeping your cat safe inside all the time is the best option for you.

Remember that your cat can only be climbing around to play or out of boredom. So, do not worry every time your cat climbs a tree. 

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