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Do Cats Pee On Beds As Revenge?

If your cat has peed on your bed, you may be wondering if this could be some weird act of revenge…

Do Cats Pee On Beds As Revenge?

Cats are not spiteful animals, so they wouldn’t pee on your bed to get revenge for anything. A cat urinating outside of the litter box is often an indication of displeasure with their current litter box situation, or it could be a sign that they are sick.

If your cat does have an accident on your bed, it might just have been an accident. If this becomes a habit, there is a good chance that your cat is peeing on your bed because they aren’t feeling well or something is wrong.

Why Does My Cat Pee On My Bed?

Grey cat on top of some bed covers.

Grey cat on top of some bed covers.

Your cat could be peeing on your bed because they are unhappy with the condition or location of their litter box. They could also be peeing on your bed because they are experiencing a health issue that is either making it difficult to control their bladder or makes it uncomfortable to go to the bathroom.

Some of the potential health issues that could be causing this behavior include bladder infections, urinary tract infections, diabetes, or arthritis. Consult with your vet if your cat exhibits other worrying symptoms or if this behavior continues after cleaning and replacing litter boxes, or adding more litter boxes to your home.

Do Cats Know That Cat Pee Annoys You?

Your cat might see your reaction to discovering pee on your bed and will understand that they have done something you’re not happy with. However, your cat doesn’t understand that it annoys you and why it bothers you. Punishing them or yelling at them is not an appropriate way to try and have your cat understand that their behavior isn’t acceptable.

Unless you and your cat won’t have the best relationship, your cat would never pee on things like your bed if they knew it was frustrating or annoying. Cats do not want to make their pet parents upset.

How Can You Prevent Your Cat Peeing On Your Bed?

To prevent your cat from peeing on your bed, there are some simple measures you can take, especially when you’re not in your room or not at home.

Lock The Room Door

Closing your bedroom door and locking it, if possible, can ensure your cat can’t find a way to break into your bedroom and turn your bed into a litter box.

Keep Your Bed Covered

Covering your bed can help make cleanup much easier should your cat have an accident when you’re not close by. You could purchase an inexpensive tablecloth and drape it over your bed when not using it. That way, your bedding, and your mattress isn’t getting ruined or permanently stained from too much cat pee.

How Can I Clean Up The Cat Pee On My Bed?

Person holding a white pillow case.

Person holding a white pillowcase.

If your cat has peed on your bedding, you’ll want to wash it as soon as possible to remove as much of the stain and scent as possible. Enzymatic cleaners are the best product to remove cat urine and its strong odor from a variety of surfaces and fabrics.

The sooner you can wash or clean your bed, the more you’ll be able to remove as much of the lingering cat pee smell as possible.

Should I Take My Cat To The Vet For Peeing On My Bed?

Contacting your vet and explaining your cat’s change in bathroom habits can help you determine whether or not this occurrence is worth taking to the vet. Your vet will likely ask questions about any other changes in their behavior, their environment, or their routine.

Your cat simply peeing on your bed isn’t reason alone to be concerned that there is an underlying health issue. It can take some time to determine exactly why your cat is peeing on your bed, especially if it’s because of a behavioral issue and not a health issue.

You can try changing their litter type, moving the box somewhere else, adding an extra litter box in a different area, or trying a different style of the litter box. Be sure you’re cleaning the litter frequently as well, as most cats don’t like dirty litter boxes.

Will Cats Pee On Your Bed If They Are Mad At You?

It’s not normal for cats to pee on beds or other surfaces because they are mad at you. What can occur is cats can exhibit abnormal behavior due to stress or anxiety, which can be a result of some kind of change you’ve made.

For example, if you’re out of the home more often than you used to be, your cat might be missing you a lot, causing them to act in strange ways because they don’t want to be separated from you.

Do Cats Pee On Things Out Of Spite?

Cats will not pee on things out of spite, as cats aren’t known to feel these types of negative emotions. When cats are unhappy, they will often try to communicate with us in the best way they know how, which may not make sense to us until we come to understand cat behavior.

As mentioned, cats might urinate outside of the litter box when their litter box isn’t to their standard or because of a health issue, and this is their way of trying to tell us one of these things. They might also be telling us they miss us or they are stressed because of change.

They are not mad at you and are not trying to make you mad; they just don’t realize we can’t always determine why they are peeing on our beds or other things right away.

Do Cats Pee To Show Dominance?

Cats can pee to show dominance if there are other animals in the home. This is because their urine has its unique scent marker that tells other cats or other animals that what they have peed on is their space.

While it doesn’t always work, the smell of cat urine can deter other animals from coming near as they will believe the marked spot is another cat’s territory.

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