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Do Cats Actually Love Their Owners? (Or Not?)

If you have extended your love to your cat you may be wondering is this love reciprocated or is it just one-way love?

Do cats actually love their owners?

Cats do love their owners. In fact, research has shown that they show a similar attachment to their owners which is comparable to dogs. Also, this same research has seen a similar attachment when compared to babies to their mothers.

If you have a cat and invest a lot of your time in caring for them it’s natural to wonder if the love you give is returned. So, now you can see that it is and they do genuinely love you.

But, how do cats show their love? Is there any research to back this up? Can your lifestyle affect this? Keep reading for these answers, and much more.


Are humans seen as a mother to cats?

Do cats actually love their owners

Cat getting stroked by its owner.

Cat owners are not seen as a mother cat. Your cat s smart enough to understand that we did not birth them However, their behavior suggests that they do value us. And, it is comparable to the love they showed for their mothers.

If you have heard rumors that cats see us as their mothers, you are probably happy to understand that this myth has been confirmed. However, it is also nice to know that they do love us like a mother never the less.

How do cats show love to their owners?

If you have a cat that you care for, if you are reading this, no doubt you are keen to understand what signs you can look out for to confirm how they show their love. Here are a few ways:

01. Grooming

If you have had a cat, even for a short while, you may notice that it will, from time to time, groom you, as if you are their kitten or their own body. What do I mean? It’s like they are licking their own fur. Are you with me?

02. Purring

Purring is another clear indication that your cat loves you. This vibrating sound is a well-known cat behavior and an indication of love. However, it does have quite a few different signals, not just for showing love.

03. Licking

As discussed earlier, licking is another way of showing their love. It is their way of showing that they trust and love you.

04. Rushing to the door when you arrive

Have you ever come home from work and see your cat come running towards you? Similar to a young toddler, right? Well, this is another sign that your cat loves you.

05. Knead our bodies

Kneading is another behavior (But, Click here if your cat is using its claws on you) that cats use to show love. If you have never seen it, or not sure what I mean, it is like they are using your skin like a piece of bread dough, are you with me?

How do a kitten’s experiences affect them?

A kitten’s upbringing has a profound effect on how they will develop their love as adults (will it miss you or your partner? click here). For example, if your cat was abused as a kitten (Click here is your cat is scared of you) it could make it hard to gain its love and trust.

Also, even minor events like playing too rough, or using your finger as a biting toy can train your cat to become aggressive and not show the love you expected.

Has a cat’s love ever been scientifically proven?

There have been various research done on a cat’s behavior. One study, in particular, done in Sweden, took a group of cats and measured their responses, after being left for different durations of time.

The first group had a short period, under one hour, without their owner. The second group had several hours away from their owners. The second group showed increased physical responses to their owners. Which indicated their love.

In both cases they were offered food freely during these wait periods, to eliminate that as a factor for their excitement.

How can your lifestyle affect your cat’s love?

The way you treat your cat has a big impact on their personality, and in turn, the love they show you. For example, if you keep your cat happy and well-fed it will make them happier and caring towards you.

Also, even small things like being allowed to roam freely have been known to impact their personality. Obviously, some owners have reasons why they do not let their cat out, but this still has a bearing on their love and behavior.

Does your cat’s history affect your emotional connection?

Cats that have had a rough history. Such as poorly treated or even abused will affect their emotions and bonding with you. The fact is, some cats may never get as close to you as you would like due to some poor treatment in their past.

If you have adopted a cat or interested in doing so, you may have wondered if this could affect their emotional connection with you. So, now you know this can affect them.

Do cats believe we are another cat?

In their own weird way, cats do believe their cat owners are a big friendly cat they can trust. Research has also proven how differently they respond to their owners, in comparison to other random strangers.

If you have heard that cats think we are just another cat and wondered if this was true or not, you may now be pleased to have it confirmed. However, one thing to consider is, some cats act differently from others, depending on their background.

Do cats form similar bonds to their owners, like dogs?

It has been proven, from research that cats form emotional connections to their owners. This is comparable to dogs or even babies to their mothers. The extent of this emotional connection depends on how well you treat your cat.

If you have a cat and wondered if it can be as loyal or caring as a dog. You may now be pleased to learn that this is the case.

Can cats understand if you are upset?

It is believed that cats do understand when their owner is upset. This is based on their behavior and responses to physical signs of distress, such as humans crying, and them consoling their owner.

If you have ever seen your cat approach you when you are clearly upset you may have wondered if this was a coincidence or they fully understand that you are upset. So, now you know they do understand, or at least there is evidence to suggest this is the case.

How do cats take advantage of their cat owner’s love?

Cats are known to meow around us (Click here if there is no sound) to take advantage of our love. This meow is tailor-made for their cat owner and not really used in communication with other cats. It is believed to resemble the cry of a human baby to pull on their owner’s heartstrings.

If you have ever heard your cat meow you may have, like most owners felt compelled to comply with your cat’s demands. Don’t worry, this is normal, and the reason why they do this is in the first place.

Lindsey Browlingdon