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Do Cats Get Munchies From Catnip? (Is this normal?)

You may have heard rumors about the crazy effects of catnip but cats get the munchies from it?

Do cats get munchies from catnip?

Yes, it is believed that cats do get munchies when they use catnip. It is believed to spark their appetite. Also, they get an enjoyable, euphoric high from it. This high is closely followed by a crash into a relaxed calm state which most cat owners desire.

So you have learned cats do get the munchies from catnip. But, What is the difference between catnip and catmint? What triggers this high? Do all cats react to catnip? Keep reading to get all these answers and so much more.

What is the difference between catnip and catmint?



You may have heard of catmint and wondered if it is the same as catnip. Or, are they two different things?

Catnip and catmint are quite similar. They are both parts of the mint family and genus called Nepeta. Catnip is known as Nepeta Cataria and Catmint is called Nepeta Mussinii. Another difference is catmint flowers more regularly than catnip.

So, now you know the difference between catnip and catmint. But, what triggers the high in cats when they are on catnip?

What triggers a cat’s high on catnip?

So you have heard people speak about the effects of catnip. But, what is it that causes this high?

Cats high, on catnip, is triggered by them sniffing the catnip with their nose (Click here if your cat is waking you up). The reaction is pretty fast and is believed to stimulate your cat’s happy reactors located in her brain. But, please note, if a cat eats catnip it’s a very different experience.

So you have learned what triggers the high in a cat on catnip. But, physically, how do cats react to catnip?

How do cats react to catnip?

You now know what causes the “high” in catnip but how do cats typically react to it?

Cats react to catnip in different ways. Some act crazy, while others may act aggressively. However, in general, they will roll around and flip their body in enjoyment for short while. But, following this is a slump and relaxation.

So, now you know how cats usually react to catnip. But, how do does this reaction change if they eat it instead?

How do cats react to catnip if they eat it?

So, you have heard about the crazy effects of catnip on cats when they smell it. But, what happens if they eat and digest it?

If a cat eats catnip it acts as a sedative. Which is the opposite reaction if they smell it. Some cat owners compare it to the reaction from a pheromone plug-in. Catnip used in this way is a way to calm and relax your overactive cat.

So, now you know how cats react when eating catnip. But, do all cats react in this way?

Are all cats affected by catnip?

So, by now, you get it, cats go nuts on catnip. But, is this the same for all cats? If you buy it, is it guaranteed to work?

No, not all cats are affected by catnip. About 50% of cats are affected by it. This is why some cat owners are upset if it doesn’t work, after all the hype. The reaction is believed to be a hereditary effect. Meaning, it passes down from your cat’s parents.

So, now you know catnip does not affect all cats. But, what causes the hallucinogenic effects of catnip?

What causes the hallucinogenic effect in catnip?

So you may have heard some crazy stories about catnip. But, what about the hallucinogenic effects? Is this true or just hearsay?

The Nepetalactone in catnip causes the hallucinogenic effect that you may have heard of. This is found in the leaves and stem of the plant. When your cat smells it, it causes a temporary hallucinogenic effect that you may have heard lots about.

So, now you know what causes the hallucinogenic effects in catnip. But, what about humans, do they use catnip?

Do humans use catnip?

Now you know about the hallucinogenic effects you may be curious if the same applies to us humans, or if humans ever use it?

Yes, humans do you use catnip. But, it does not have the same effect on cats. So, it is not commonly used or talked about. However, back in the 1600s, in Europe, it was used as a sedative and often consumed by being brewed into tea.

So, now you know, humans can use catnip but it is not very common. But, can catnip be used to save your furniture?

Can catnip be used to save your furniture?

If you have a cat who is constantly scratching and destroying your furniture and, quite frankly, you are sick of it, you may be wondering if catnip can be the solution, right?

Yes, catnip can be used to save your furniture. You can rub the catnip on a scratching post or tree to attract your cat. This will help to stop him using your furniture as a scratching post. You can even use some catnip rubbed on a cat cushion to avoid her destroying your bed.

So, now you know some catnip on a cat tree (Click here to see why I rated this cat tree as the best) can work wonders. But, how can catnip toys help your cat?

How can catnip toys help your cat?

So you have heard that catnip toys can be useful, is this true or just rumors?

Yes, catnip can help you. They can help to distract your cat. You can simply place the catnip in an old sock, tie a knot in it, and then throw it around for your cat to play with. Another option is to grab a scrap piece of paper, place the catnip in the center of the paper, and then scrunch it into a ball. Your cat will love it.

So, you have learned catnip toys can help you. But, what is the best way to use catnip?

What’s the best way to use catnip?

So you are sold on the effects of catnip and want to understand the best way to use it, right?

Catnip is best used as a training aid. For example, you can use it to help an anxious cat get used to a new cat carrier by simply placing it in there. Or, if you have a new cat tree or post, your cat may be reluctant to use it. Catnip can be rubbed on it to make her ken to use it.

So you have learned the best way to use catnip, such as with a new cat carrier (Click here to see why I rated this carrier). But, where can you get catnip?

Where can you find catnip?

If you are looking for catnip you may be wondering where the best place to get it from, right?

You can buy dried catnip in most pet shops or even online. It is quite easy to find. You can also grow your own fresh catnip. Also, fresh catnip can be found in certain plant nurseries or shops.

So, now you know catnip is quite easy to get hold of. And, you can buy it dry or fresh.

Lindsey Browlingdon