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Do Calico Cats Like To Cuddle? (Are The Myths True?)

If you are interested in getting a calico cat, or just curious about them, you may be wondering if they like to be cuddled…

Do calico cats like to cuddle?

Calico cats do like to cuddle. Most calico cats have a very endearing and affectionate personality. While every cat is different from one another, affectionate cats are more likely to want to cuddle with their owners.

So, now you know. But, do they tend to love their owners? Can they get jealous easily? Is it rare to get a male calico that loves cuddles? Keep reading for these answers, and so much more…

Why Do Some Calico Cats NOT like to cuddle?

Some Calico cats will not want to cuddle because the term “Calico” isn’t a breed of cat, rather it’s the type of fur they have. A calico cat could be one of many breeds and are more likely to carry out the traits of their breed.

That being said, some personality characteristics seem to be common amongst the majority of calico cats. However, the likelihood of one liking your cuddles varies largely depending on its individual personality and breed.

But, generally speaking, these warm-hearted cats are so sweet, likely, they look forward to cuddling (click here if they are clingy) time just as much as you do.

Do Calico cats love their owners?

Do calico cats like to cuddle?

A Calico cat sitting down.

Calico cats are known for being big lovers of their owner and absolute sweethearts. Since they are such affectionate cats, they are more likely to want to spend time around their owners.

However, every cat has a different relationship with its owners. Sometimes people might assume their cat doesn’t like them very much because they get sassy, but this is just one of their silly personality quirks.

They actually have some very loving personalities. These playful cats are even great with kids.

How can you improve your connection with your calico cat?

Calicos are social cats who love being around their favorite people. If you take the steps to make a good connection with your calico cat then it’s likely you guys will form an amazing relationship. Bringing home that pointy-eared furball could have been the best thing you’ve ever done.

Since calico cats are more social they will feel a better connection if you talk back to them when they meow at you. Make sure you set aside time in your day to play with them properly, they love slow stalking their toys.

If your calico cat seems shy at first, sit close by so they can feel more comfortable. This can be a great way to get them to come out of a hiding spot. Also, like most cats, they love it when you pet them but they don’t want to be picked up.

Are indoor calico cats more likely to be cuddly?

Indoor calico cats are more likely to be cuddly. Because these cats are usually fixed, and once a cat is fixed they are usually more affectionate than one who isn’t.

However, this is only true if the cat has been cared for properly. This is also largely due to the bond they have formed being inside with their owner.

Indoor cats are usually a lot more pampered than outdoor cats, leading them to want to show more affection to their owners. It is also common for indoor cats to be slightly larger than outdoor cats.

An outdoor cat is more likely to stay active, where an indoor cat thrives on the idea of laying down for a snuggle session.

Will a calico cat get jealous easily?

If a cat loves their owner then they are more likely to get jealous easily. It isn’t just other cats they get jealous of either, it could be a new friend spending more time at your home or even an object that gets a lot of attention, like your cell phone.

Some jealous behavior includes:

  • Hissing
  • Growling
  • Swatting
  • Invading personal space

Is the calico cat the most affectionate?

A calico cat.

A calico cat.

Calico cats are not known to be the most affectionate. In fact, studies have shown that all orange cats are the most affectionate cats. In this same study, it was shown that all white cats have the most aloof personalities and tortoiseshell cats had the biggest attitude.

Although pure orange cats seem to be the friendliest, likely, calicos aren’t far behind on being one of the most affectionate cats since they share the same genes.

Just like orange cats, calico cats can also be aggressive when they are put to the test. While they are one of the sweetest types of cats, they have no problem letting you know when they are irritated.

How can you make your calico a lap cat?

Your calico cat could turn into a lap cat if you use some positive reinforcement. Start by turning off any electronic distractions that could scare the cat. Once you’ve created a calmer environment, allow the cat to come to you.

The best way to do this is to choose a comfortable spot they like and sit back with a book or magazine. Once the cat makes its way onto your lap, use the positive reinforcement to reward it.

Keep some of their favorite treats nearby for this. Once they’re comfortable on your lap, pet them gently and speak to them in a soft voice. Always make sure you have an inviting tone so they feel comfortable approaching you. If you want them to stay put, make sure you stay calm.

Why is it rare to find a cuddly male calico?

The reason why it’s hard to find a cuddly male calico cat is that it’s rare to find a male calico cat in general. In this context, a cat’s coat color is linked to its gender. There are orange and black genes. A male cat can only carry one of these genes, where a female can carry two.

A male cat’s coat will usually have a striped or tabby-like pattern to it, but since a female may carry two different color genes their coat could be calico. This is why over 99 percent of calico cats are female.

Is it OK to kiss your calico cat on the head?

Under certain circumstances, it’s okay to kiss a calico cat on their head. Kissing a cat is always a risky business. Cats are feisty and you never know when they might swipe. Getting a swipe across the face could present the risk of common bacteria.

Don’t approach the cat with a kiss out of nowhere because there’s a good chance that this could startle them. Make sure you only kiss their head when they are being affectionate.

An affection cat usually loves to have its head touched anyways. That being said, never kiss your cat on the lips. To be safe, only kiss a calico cat on the top of their head.

Do calico cats like it when you kiss them?

Some calico cats do like it when you kiss them. They are very affectionate, so they are more likely to tolerate a human kissing them than other types of cats.

If you give your calico cat a smooch on the head and they start to purr then it’s a positive sign. If they lean in and try to get closer to you then they may want to give you some affection as well.

One way they may show this to you is by rubbing their head against yours when you give them kisses. They may even start to give you head bumps. A head bump from a cat is always a sign of love.

On the other hand, if your calico cat doesn’t enjoy the kisses they won’t be shy to let you know. If their ears go back or their tail begins to whip back and forth, it’s a sure sign that they didn’t like that kiss.

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