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Do Calico Cats Go Into Heat? (& Why They Can’t Be Bred)

If you have a female Calico cat and it is acting differently you may be wondering if it’s in heat…

Do Calico cats go into heat?

Female Calicos can go into heat. That being said, female Calico cats are no different than other breeds. They still carry all the same traits as other cats.  They will mate and go into heat like any other.

So, now you know. But, does this cause your cat pain? Will it have a Calico kitten if it mates? What happens after it goes into heat? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

What does “in heat” mean for cats?

When a cat goes into heat it means that they are fertile and ready to mate. You can tell they are in heat when they become a little more vocal than usual, they want extra affection, and they do this thing where they stick their backside in the air and move their tail to one side.

If you have a female cat and out of nowhere they start acting strangely it could mean that they are in heat. Cats that haven’t been neutered always act differently when they go into heat.

Make sure you close the door tightly when you go outside if you don’t want your female cat to sneak out while she’s in heat.

What causes a Calico cat to go into heat?

Do calico cats go into heat?

A Calico cat.

Adolescent female cats who haven’t been neutered will experience a rise in estrogen and this causes them to go into heat. When this happens she will stay in heat for approximately a week. Frequency in their cycle causes them to go into heat as often as they do.

What happens after a Calico cat goes into heat?

After a cat goes into heat you will notice its meow changes, resembling more of a howl. Not only does their meow tone change, but they are likely to be more vocal in general.

Even a Calico cat that is normally quiet will begin meowing a lot, often responding to their human’s words with a cheeky meow. Some people notice that it sounds like their cat is singing.

They will likely become very affectionate, wanting to rub up against you and have you pet them frequently. The more affection they can get from you, the happier they will seem. It’s not just you that they want affection from either, they’ll rub up against other animals and even objects, like furniture.

You can tell that your Calico cat is in heat because when they are rubbing up against something they will also be purring a lot louder than normal. It may also seem like they are trying to show off their rear because even the slightest bit of attention will have them sticking their tail up.

What defines a Calico Cat?

A calico cat is based on its type of fur. All cats carry either a black or an orange gene to determine their fur color. When a cat has both an orange and a black gene they have the potential to become Calico.

Since males only carry one gene, it’s a very rare occurrence for Calico cats to be male.

Will a Calico cat have Calico kittens?

You can’t intentionally breed Calico cats. Whenever you see a Calico cat, its fur was made by nature. That’s why all Calicos look so different. A Calico cat may be able to have Calico kittens, but they could also have kittens with other fur types and colors.

Calico cats have a very unique genetic makeup, but just because a cat is carrying both an orange gene and a black gene doesn’t guarantee they will become Calico.

Nobody knows what type of fur the cats will have until they are born. If your Calico cat is pregnant, don’t go promising people a Calico kitten.

Can two Calico cats mate?

Will 2 calico cats get along?

Two Calico cats.

A female and a male Calico can mate when she’s in heat. However, this will just be for fun. Very few Calico cats are male, they are extremely rare. Over 99 % of Calico cats are female.

The smaller percentage of Calico cats that are male all have one trait in common, they’re sterile. If two Calico cats do mate they won’t produce any kittens.

If you want your female Calico cat to have Calico kittens, you’ll have to leave that up to nature. They have the genetics to produce Calico kittens with any breed of cat, but it can’t be guaranteed they will turn out that way.

When do calico cats usually get their first heat?

A Calico cat can go into heat anywhere in the age range of 6 to 10 months. At this age, your cat may start vocalizing that they are ready to go and mate. When your cat goes into heat for the first time, she’s finally reached the age where she’s hit puberty.

It turns out your kitten isn’t much different than your teenager. It is completely normal for your Calico cat (what about shedding? click here) to become fertile within its first year of life.

How often do calico cats go into heat?

When a cat goes into heat, its body is ready to get pregnant. Your cat’s oestrus cycle generally lasts for an average of 4 or 5 days, depending on the cat. Some cats will stay in this cycle for up to a week. If your cat goes into heat and doesn’t get pregnant, it will go into heat again in 2 to 3 weeks.

You may notice that it seems like your cat has two very different personalities. It’s not uncommon for a mellow independent cat to become a social butterfly when they go into heat. A cat that may normally let you sleep in every morning, might not be so generous once they go into this cycle.

How can I help my cat in heat?

Since most cats want lots of affection when they go into heat, give them some extra petting and rubbings. Make sure to brush them frequently as well to help calm them down.

Comfortable and private spot

Make sure they have a comfortable and private spot where they can escape to when they are feeling irritable. This quiet spot can give them a place to cool off when they need some peace and quiet. Try to keep things quiet so you don’t disturb the cat, but if you want you can play some calming music.

Quality playtime

They may enjoy some extra playtime as well. Your cat has just as much of an urge to hunt as they do to mate, so you could distract their attention with some of their favorite toys.

May need to urinate more than usual

Your cat is likely going to want to urinate more frequently when in heat to mark her territory. This means that you may have to clean their litter box more frequently to encourage them to go there instead of other areas in the house.

Things can be difficult when your cat goes into heat, especially if they start howling in the middle of the night. Luckily these tips can help when it’s that time.

Are Calico cats in pain when they are in heat?

When a cat goes into heat it is assumed they are in pain. But, there is no accurate information to show if they are in pain or not. Since your cat may be uncomfortable try to not get too irritated with them when they start meowing a lot.

When your cat goes into heat their loud howl may have you worried that they are in pain. Many people believe that their cat is uncomfortable when they are in heat. But, hopefully, this has helped to clarify.

Lindsey Browlingdon