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Do Calico Cats Get Fleas? (Ignore Any Idiot That Disagrees)

If you are researching calico cats, or just curious, you may have wondered if they can get fleas…

Do Calico Cats Get Fleas?

Just like any other breed of cat, calico cats can get fleas. They experience the same parasites as a normal cat does if subjected to the same circumstances. This is because Calico cats are not a specific breed of cats, but rather a fur coat pattern that it has. 

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So, now you know. But, how do they get these fleas? What can you do to treat it? What about if your calico is an indoor cat, can it still get fleas? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

How do Calico Cats Get Fleas?

Do calico cats get fleas?

A calico cat.

Just like with all other types of cats, calico cats can get fleas in the same way. If they’re an indoor cat, these fleas tend to hitch rides on humans, infecting the cats that they come into contact with.

They also could get it from dogs in the household, or other fur animals that spread to cats.

If the calico cat is an outdoors cat, usually they’ll come into contact with this regularly, since they’re common in the woods and forests. These little creatures latch onto their skin, hitching a ride back home if the kitty goes out.

You will notice it when the cat itches itself excessively, to the point where it may cause patches. An itch or two shouldn’t be a problem but frequently means that there’s something wrong.

How do You Treat Your Calico Cat Fleas?

There are a few ways to treat fleas in cats.  The first way is to comb the cat with a flea comb that’s metal from head to tail each day.  You should then dip the comb into a combination of both laundry detergent and water to kill it.

That gets rid of the adult fleas and eggs that are there. You should also give your cat a flea bath. This can be done with a special flea shampoo that will help clean your calico cat.

Fleas can lay up to 50 eggs a day…

A flea can lay up to 50 eggs every single day in the house. That can become a full-blown infestation! the best way to treat that is to flea bomb the house before this gets any worse, to make sure that you prevent this from happening.

How can You Prevent a Calico Getting Fleas?

The best way to prevent it is to put certain products on your cats. There is flea repellant that you put between their shoulder blades to prevent this.

Frontline Plus, Vets Best (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad), Bravecto, Advantage (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad), and Stronghold/Revolution are good products.

You can also get a pill called Capstar (Click here to see the price, on Amazon #Ad) from your vet or online that will kill adult fleas in a half-hour on your cats.  It doesn’t last a long time, but good for temporary treatment.

Comforts also is chewable that the cat can have that kills fleas before the eggs hatch. This is like a vitamin that provides month-long flea protection.

Ideally, make sure that they’re properly protected before letting them outside of the home.

Do Flea Collars Help to Keep Fleas off a Calico Cat?

A flea collar can help keep fleas off a calico cat. But there are issues with flea collars. for one, they can cause allergies in cats due to the medication and the contents in it.

Sometimes there are side effects that can irritate the neck and the skin, and may result in fur loss. Finally, it can be restrictive, and it isn’t the best solution for calico cats. The best option is preventative medicine for your kitty.

Can an Indoor Calico Cat Get Fleas?

An Indoor calico cat can get fleas. This can happen if a human brings this into the home. For humans, wearing a flea and tick protection when you’re in the woods can protect your calico cat and your home.

If your calico is a combination indoor-outdoor cat, they also can get fleas. make sure that if they do go outside, or if you do go outside, you get them the proper flea medication.

What Kills Fleas off a Calico Cat Instantly

Surprisingly, dish soap is a great option for getting fleas off cats. In fact, even gentle dish soap is really good for getting rid of fleas instantly.

You can use this to break down the skeleton of the flea, killing them in minutes. you should dilute this in water–it will still work the same way.

To use this, you should we the coat of the cat, or even a spray bottle, lather up the dish soap, and then rub it in, and rinse.

You should try to use homemade dish soap or gentle dish soap.  You can also do this and trap your fleas by filling up a dish that’s shallow with water that is warm and soapy, putting it near a light. the fleas will go there, and then drown in the liquid, just like that!

Do Home Remedies work for Calico Cats?

Home remedies for fleas can work on calico cats (do they appreciate affection? click here). You can use cedar chips to help treat this.  However, some cats don’t really like it. you can put this around the bedding of a cat, or even the garden.

You can also put cedar oil on a cat’s fur, however, it needs to be diluted before you use it.


Lemons are also a valid home remedy.  You can spray this on your cat, and it does naturally treat and kill the parasites there. however, make sure that you don’t get it near their face since this shouldn’t get near their eyes.

Alternatively, dipping the comb in the solution may be good too if you’re planning to use the lemon on a cat’s fur.

Monitoring is key

Just like with any cats though, when you do use this, monitor the fur and try to see if there are any changes. Any redness or irritation may be a sign to not use it, so stop using it immediately.

With all home remedies, never get it near a cat’s face or eyes, for obvious reasons since it can cause major trouble if ingested.

What happens if you don’t treat Cat Fleas?

A cat with a flea comb.

A cat with a flea comb.

If a flea infestation is left unchecked in cats, this can be a huge problem, especially in calico fur since you may not catch it till it’s too late. It can cause anemia, which can cause blood loss, and is fatal in calico kittens.  You should check the gums to see if they need attention.


Fleas also carry tapeworms, and if that gets into your cats, they’re then infected with a parasite.


Fleas also can carry a parasite that’s called mycoplasma Haemofelis, which is a bacterium that can cause fever, anemia, and severe issues including illnesses.  In severe cases, this may call for a blood transfusion.

In general, if you see this in your cat, you need to get them to help immediately and don’t sit on this either.

Why is a Calico’s Fur Difficult for detecting Fleas?

Some pet owners have trouble looking for fleas in a calico cat’s fur because they have unique fur patterns. The best way to look for flea is to check the skin under the fur to check for fleas there.

Usually, the fleas will stand out (can normal cat shampoo get rid of them? click here) and belittle spots on a calico cat’s fur, and that’s a sign that they’re hitching a ride.

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