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Do Calico Cats Get Along With Dogs? (Or Deadly Combo?)

If you have a calico cat and fancy getting a dog, or vice-versa, you may be wondering if they are likely to get on with each other…

Do Calico Cats Get Along with Dogs?

Calico cats can get along with dogs. This is because “calico” is a color pattern rather than a breed. So, when considering if calico cats get along with dogs, you need to look at the specific breed and personality of the cat.

So, now you know. But, would a dog attack a calico cat? Is there anything you can do to help them get along better? Can you calm an aggressive calico? Keep reading for these answers, and so much more…

What Calico Breeds are Known to be Most Friendly with Dogs?

Can calico cats be long haired?

A cute calico cat.

If you already own a dog, or you are looking at getting a dog, these breeds of calico cats are known to be the most amiable with their canine counterparts. Some of these cats, that can have calico coloring, are more common than others, so you may need to look if you have a particular breed in mind.

  • Tonkinese– They are known to be affectionate and family-friendly, so they are good with children and pets you have. Tonkinese cats have even been known to play fetch like a dog. They are likely to easily transition into a home with both cats and dogs.
  • AbyssinianAbyssinian cats are known for being both intelligent and curious. This means they will be curious about a dog and want to learn more, rather than immediately feeling disgusted or distrust.These cats are also very playful, so a Calico Abyssinian may even enjoy playing with your dog.
  • SiberianSiberian cats are known for being affectionate and loving attention. They love anything in the house that will pay attention to them. This means they tend to be very open to being loyal friends to dogs in the home.
  • Ragdoll– They are very sweet and gentle. Some people even claim that ragdoll cats are particularly emotionally intelligent, so they bond well with all of the members of your family. Their amiable nature makes them the perfect companion for anyone, even a dog.
  • American Shorthair– Calico American Shorthair cats tend to be very common, so if you love the calico coloring, this is a great and simple place to start. American Shorthairs are laid-back and easy-going.They tend to be quite mild-mannered, so adding a dog to their routine will not throw them off very much. They form attachments easily, so they are likely to bond quickly with your dog.
  • Japanese Bobtail– They have a tail that nearly resembles that of a rabbit. Japanese Bobtails are known for being playful and intelligent.They are very open to all experiences of life, and they love to be a part of the party. This means if you have multiple dogs, a Calico Japanese Bobtail is a great option.
  • Norwegian Forest– They look very much like a Maine Coon. These cats are not known to be high-maintenance. They roll with whatever life throws at them, even if that means adding a dog to their household.They get along with dogs and children, so they are perfect no matter how big or small your family is.
  • Maine Coon– Maine Coons are gentle giants. They are known to get along with dogs because unless you own a rather large dog, Maine Coons are similar in size to many dogs.They are known for being happy and silly. Main Coons are particularly affectionate. They act like pack animals, so Calico Maine Coons are likely to love increasing the size of their pack with a dog.

Would a Dog Attack a Calico Cat?

Do calico cats get along with dogs?

An angry-looking dog.

A dog could attack a calico cat. However, dogs and cats are all very unique. While some breeds of dogs tend to be more aggressive, ultimately the training of the dog and their previous exposure to a cat will determine if they would attack a calico cat.

If you are unsure how your dog will respond, be sure to watch and keep your dog on a leash when first introducing the two animals. Also, be sure to keep your cat inside or fenced in if you are concerned about neighboring dogs being unfriendly towards your calico cat.

Will all cats within a particular breed be dog-friendly?

Not all cats within a particular breed will be dog-friendly. Some breeds may be more likely, but not each cat is guaranteed to be. Cats are known for being very individual, so while one breed may be more friendly than another, your cat will still have its personality.

Calico cats are beautiful pets. However, it is important to note when researching their personalities that calico is a color type, not a breed of cat.

Calico cats are most famous for their tri-color fur pattern of black, orange, and white. Other color combinations do exist, though, always in groups of three.

How Can You Make a Calico Cat and a Dog Get Along Better?

It is certainly possible that even as you consider the breed of Calico cat and the breed of dog, the two may still not get along well. They are individuals, after all. If you find yourself in this situation, there are ways to train your dog and cat to cohabit a space more amiably.

  • Look at That– This involves teaching your dog that they need not fixate on the cat. Be sure that your dog and cat will both be safe while doing this training.Then as your dog focuses on the cat, get their attention with a treat or a clicker. You will train them to look at you or other things in the room, rather than focusing on the cat.
  • Only Allow Interaction with Supervision– This may be difficult if you do not have a separate space for the dog and cat to be when you are not around.However, if you have a separate room or a backyard where the pets can be separated, it can be easier to help the two get along.
    • With this, you can introduce them to each other, but only under your supervision. Your presence will likely calm them and show them that they need to get along.
  • Professional Training– If you are struggling to train your pets to get along on your own, do not hesitate to get help. Professionals have plenty of experience, and likely will have training beyond what you have.Look for classes, or see if an instructor would be willing to come to your home and help.

Are Calico Cats Known to be Aggressive?

Some studies suggest calico cats may be more aggressive. But, because calico is a coloring, not a breed, the breed of your cat will be more important than whether or not it is calico in determining its personality.

Many breeds of cats are known to be very amiable, but your cat’s breed and training will determine whether it is aggressive or not.

Have There Been Any Reports of Calico Cats Defending Against Pitbull Dogs?

There are reports of Calico Cats defending against aggressive Pitbull dogs. In 2016, CNN reported on a Calico Cat defending its owner against a dog attack.

Why are you Unlikely to Have a Pet Dog with a Male Calico Cat?

It is not only unlikely to have a pet dog with a male calico cat, it is unlikely to have a male calico cat. It comes down to genetics. Color in cats is a sex-linked trait, which means the sex of the cat can determine the color of their fur.

The X chromosome controls both orange and yellow fur, and since both male and female cats have X chromosomes, both sexes can be orange or black. Since female cats have two X chromosomes, they can have a chromosome controlling both black AND orange color. This would make a female cat have a calico pattern. This is very uncommon in male cats.

What Can you Do to Calm an Aggressive Calico Cat?

If your cat is aggressive, it may be good to make sure they have a safe place. They may be aggressive because they feel threatened. Having a crate or bed where your cat can go to feel safe will help them feel calmer.

Helping control loud noises can also help calm an aggressive cat. They may become spooked by screaming, sirens, or the television. If you add some extra soundproofing or turn down the television, your cat may become less aggressive.

Make sure to play with your cat and give them toys. They may get aggressive as they try to use their pent-up energy. Giving them toys and opportunities to play will help them productively use their energy.

Reach out to a veterinarian if your cat’s aggression becomes more than you can handle.

What Dog Breeds are Not Good with Calico Cats?

Dogs are like cats in that they are all unique. However, due to breeding, some dogs may be more friendly with cats than others.

  • Beagle– These dogs were bred with strong noses and a strong dedication. They can be relentless, so they may stubbornly refuse to get along with your cat.
  • Jack Russell Terriers– These dogs are bred to chase and dig. They tend to be very high energy, which can easily cause friction with your cat.
  • Miniature Schnauzer– Miniature Schnauzers are small and cute. They sometimes have a Napoleon complex, though, so they may be aggressive towards cats.

Will a Dog Kill a Calico Cat?

While some dog and cat breeds are more likely to get along, it is important to remember that each dog or cat (what if they both sleep in your bed? click here) is unique. They may learn at different paces.

Watch your cat and dog (should dogs use cat litter? click here) see how they interact. If you are unsure if it is safe for them to be together, keep them apart. The two can injure each other if they are not kept safe.

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