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Cats Won’t Stop Getting Into Trash Can (What Now?)

If your cat, or local cat, is destroying your trash can all the time the chances are you are sick of it and looking for some simple solutions to stop it from happening (Click here to see one of my best options, on Amazon #Ad).

Why do cats get into your trash can?

Cats love your trash for mainly two reasons: Either they are hungry, or just bored. If it’s the former, the chances are they are being greedy and can smell something that has caught their interest.

What you will need to keep the cats out

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02. Motion Sensor Light
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03. Windex Glass cleaner
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So, now you know why cats do this. But, what can you do to prevent this? Should you be feeding your cat at night to stop it from attacking your indoor bin? Will vinegar help you? Keep reading for these answers, and so much more…


How can you prevent cats from getting into your trash can

If your cat or local cats are continuously savaging your bins you will be keen to get a solution to stop this. Here are some suggestions:

01. Bin secured with a latch

One of the easiest ways to stop this is to make it harder for any cat to get in. You can simply secure it with a latch to make it harder for them to get in.

Remember, cats are opportunists, if they can get in easy they will. If you offer even just a little resistance they will move onto an easier target. Especially if it’s an outdoor bin and there are many other options.

02. Bin with a foot pedal

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Another handy technique is to have a bin with a foot pedal. This is quite an easy way to keep your cat out. They are not clever enough to understand that they need to use the foot pedal.

And, let’s be honest, they are unlikely to have the strength to open it this way even if they are clever enough to understand this is required.

03. Hide the smell with something NOT appealing

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Another option that some cat owners use is window cleaner. I know, it sounds weird, right? But, the idea is most cats do not like the smell and you can use it to repel them from the bin.

While this is effective it can be an annoying and costly strategy because you need to keep applying it to keep cats out.

04. Reduce the food waste in your bin

One of the attractions of your bin, as discussed earlier, is the food smell. Your cat is hungry or feeling greedy and can smell your leftover food. So, you can easily get rid of this by reducing, or completely stop putting food in this bin.

In some locations, they have dedicated food recycling bins as I do at my house. If this is not the case for your area you could get a separate, and secure, food bin.

05. Move the trash can to a cupboard

If you have spare cupboards in your home and the issue is with an indoor bin a great solution is to simply hide this bin in there. It will serve two issues, get the smell of food out of your living area, and keep your cat away from it.

06. Use Bungee cords to hold it

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Using bungee cords is another simple way to secure an existing bin if you do not want to, or cant replace your bin. It will allow you to keep your cat out and keep it secure.

Also, it will allow you to secure an outdoor bin to a wall, or fence. My only issue with this strategy, if you use it to keep the bin closed, is you need to keep messing with these cords each time you want to use it.

07. Use motion sensor lighting

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Cats, or other small animals, do not like to be interrupted by bright lights. So, if you have an outdoor bin that is constantly being trashed by local cats a motion sensored light will help.

Once the cat steps into the motion radius it will trigger the lights and scare them off saving you from having to pick up a bin full of mess in the morning.

08. Use two bags

A super simple method that can help is to wrap your trash in two bags. this will help to keep some cats at bay. My only issue is they can still get inside the bin to try it out.

And, with some real persistence, it could break through the bags or at least rip one layer.

09. Move the bin out of reach

Following on from earlier I talked about hiding the bin in a cupboard. Well, it doesn’t just have to be the cupboard, right? It could also be stored in another room, in your garage, etc.

10. Place a concrete block on top of the bin

If you are on a real budget and don’t want to get another bin you can even consider using a concrete block or rock on top of the bin. This weight should keep it secure.

It may need some trial and error though because if it is not correctly weighted it could easily be toppled over and place you back to square one, are you with me?

Should I leave food out for my cat at night?

It is a good idea to leave food out for your cat at night. It will reduce the chances of your cat getting hungry and attacking your bin. But, for their health purposes, it is important to not leave too much food out for them.

If you understand that your cat is attacking your bin out of hunger you may have wondered what you can do to deal with the root cause of the issue. So, hopefully, now you know what you can do to keep it satisfied to get around this.

How do I get my cat to stop begging for food?

To stop your cat begging for food is not always easy. But, as long as you have given it enough food and water you need to stand firm and not give it more. It may be hard at first. But, in time, it will learn that begging you will not work.

If you have been wondering how to train your cat to stop this begging behavior you should now have a simple approach to get around this.

Will vinegar keep animals away from trash?

Yes, vinegar will help to keep some animals away, such as cats. This is a method used to hide the smell rather than repelling them. The only issue is it needs to be done consistently and with discipline.

Some cat owners will get frustrated if they forget to do it once then find their bin trashed. So, it may be worth a try but not likely to be a good long term solution.

Will bleach keep animals out of trash?

Bleach is known to deter cats from bins. The stench of the bleach should turn them away. But, like with vinegar, it needs to be applied over and over again. Meaning it is an ongoing cost.

In my opinion, it’s easier, and cheaper, to simply replace the bin with a secure option.

Lindsey Browlingdon