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Cat Food

Do Cats Get Hungry At Night?

If you are wondering about the best times to feed your cat you may be concerned or interested to know if they need food at night… Do cats get hungry at night? Cats are nocturnal animals and it’s not uncommon for them to pop out of bed at night and go on the prowl, so […]

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Do Cats Eat Cold Wet Food?

If you have a cat and have been keeping its leftover food refrigerated, you may be wondering if it will eat it cold… Do Cats Eat Cold Wet Food? Some do, some don’t… It’s a matter of that cat’s personal preferences. Some cats prefer the extra sensory stimulation of warmed food, as the scents are […]

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Why Does Cat Food Have Jelly?

If you have looked at cat food and noticed the jelly inside you may have wondered why it’s even there… Why Does Cat Food Have Jelly? That weird jelly that you see in your cat’s food is quite normal. Think of it as basically thickeners and gravy, but it’s essentially just natural gelatin that comes […]

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