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Cat Wants To Be Chased (Thinks This Is a Game?)

If your cat seems to like it wants to be chased you may be wondering if this is normal or if it’s just your cat.

Do cats like to be chased?

Some cats do like to be chased. However, some are genuinely running out of fear. The best way to check is to look at their body language. Does your cat look happy? Is it waiting for you to approach it before running off again? Is it making itself easy to find? Then this is a good sign it likes it.

So, now you know other cats like this. But, why do they like this so much? Are there other games like this you can play with it? How can you be sure it is a game, and nothing else? Keep reading for these answers, and so much more.

Why do cats want to be chased?

Cat wants to be chased.

Cat waiting to be chased.

Cats are generally playful and friendly animals this is why they have become so popular and domesticated. Your cat loves to play with you because it gets to bond with you. It also gets your undivided attention during this small period of time.

Cats are similar to dogs in this context, enjoying chasing. But, I have to say dogs seem to love it even more and take it to another level. Any way you can show love to your cat will benefit your relationship.

What sort of chasing games do cats like?

When I mention chasing games the reality is there are many variations of this. truthfully there could be endless types depending on how creative your cat is. Anyway, here is an example of a few that you may have even seen:

01. Playing chase with kids

Most family cats love to play with young kids, in particular toddlers. They have the time and enjoy the finer things in life like running up and down with your cat.

This game may be identified by your child, or toddler relative running after the cat with it giving it just enough distance to keep him running. Then when there is no more room to run, the cat will switch direction, and so on.

It basically goes on until your toddler gets tired or your cat has enough.

02. Boxes & baskets

This game involves the owner pretending to chase the cat with a container or carrier. It is a simple game of running after the cat, it getting away, then doing the same in a different location.

03. Hiding and then running

This game is more akin to hide and seek. It involves your cat running away while showing great enthusiasm. Then hiding briefly before running off to a new hiding spot.

04. Dart & Go

This is a simple game of your cat running away, looking back at you for attention. Then, as you get nearby it simply darts off a bit further. This is the classic type of chase that some cats seem to love.

05. Chasing you

In some cases, you can play this game in reverse with your cat chasing you. Then you make a sudden stop and wait for it to restart the chase. Some cats do not get this but if they do it is just as fun.

06. Hiding up the stairs

Some cats even like to be chased up the stairs. This is usually followed by them darting off to one of the rooms before running back down. The only thing I would say is you need to take care of this because you could easily slip accidentally.

How do you know when it’s just a game?

Sometimes when a cat chases you it could be hard to say if it is a game or not until you get bitten. The best way to identify this ahead of time is to look at body language. Is your cat chasing you then deliberately stopping before making contact? Then, this is a good sign it’s a game.

Unfortunately, it is not always a game there are times when it seems like it could be but then she gets rough or aggressive, but there are ways to identify this as well.

How do you know if it’s NOT a game?

You will soon learn if your cat is not playing games. Unfortunately, this is usually after you have felt it attack you. For example, it may chase you but instead of stopping and waiting for you to chase, it may follow through and claw or bite you.

If this happens there is usually an underlining problem. For example, it could be lacking entertainment, feeling anxious, etc. You will need to get to the bottom of the problem to work out what the issue is.

What is my cat chasing?

If you have seen your cat chasing around sometimes without any obvious object there at all it is down to their instinct. They are born hunters and have the need and hunger to chase and hunt.

For example, if you drop almost any object close to them such as a small cube of pool chalk it will leap into action after it. It’s just the way they are wired.

Unfortunately, there are times when this can be inconvenient or annoying. Maybe you have dropped an object that you do not want to be scratched or bitten, like your cell phone, right? These are the times it will test your patience.

Is it OK to play hide and seek with my cat?

It is OK to play hide and seek with your cat. In fact, it is a great way to keep your cat entertained, build rapport, and provide exercise. The more creative you can get with this the better and see how your cat benefits and gives you positive feedback.

If you have ever played this game as a child you will remember the fun memories of it. It is a game that even older kids play and adapt. Unfortunately, some of them add dire consequences when they are caught, but that is another story.

What other games can you play with your cat?

If you are enjoying the chasing games with your cat and looking for other similar games that you can play then you should appreciate some of the following:

01. Hide a ball in a blanket

To play this game you can just throw a ball under a blanket to entice yr cat to chase it. But, the thing that makes it fun is when you grab the sheets to subtly move the ball making the cat think it is a small animal.

If it works it will go crazy and chase it around like crazy.

String on the floor

Waving a string on the floor is one of the classic games to play with a kitten or an adult-sized cat. They absolutely love this. I remember playing this same game with my first cat, called Ajax. It went crazy as a kitten for this string.

At the time I was young and I am not sure who enjoyed it more, me or my cat.

Paper ball

Another basic game is simply scrunching up a paper ball, throwing it down, and moving it around. You can either use your feet to push it around or use an object to move it, like a stick.

If you opt for using your feet be careful. Why? Well, your foot could become your cat’s next meal or you could accidentally hurt your cat as you attempt to make contact with the ball, are you with me?

How can you prevent your cat from chasing you?

If your cat is constantly chasing you you may be wondering if there is anything that you can do to stop this from happing. Well here are some simple tips:

01. Play with it more

If your cat is chasing you, playfully, and it’s annoying you it is a sign that you are neglecting it. It may need more playtime with you. Just dedicate some time to it. Any simple game will do but make it a habit.

02. Redirect it

Another trick is to wait for it to come after you and redirect it with a toy (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad), It will start to make it focus on the toy instead of you.

Should you chase your cat?

No. It is not a good idea to chase your cat, especially if the cat is new. In these cases, when they are new, it can be unclear when your cat wants it to stop. Which could lead to it fearing you.

Instead, it’s better to play a game that does not include chasing, such as using a toy or a simple piece of string. This way, your cat can quit when it’s had enough.

Do cats like to be chased by dogs?

No. Cats do not like being chased by dogs. This is because, in most cases, they fear for their lives as they try their best to escape.

There may be some rare cases when a cat finds some pleasure in this. But, it is safe to assume that you do not enjoy this.

Is it OK to scare your cat?

No. It is not OK to scare your cat. Most cats will not appreciate being startled and may make them feel wary of you. Some theories argue that it may help them build a resistance to this fear, but it’s not ideal.

The worst thing, for you and your cat, is developing a fear of you. Why? Well, it may start avoiding you or losing trust.

How can I get my cat to stop the chasing games?

To stop your cat from playing, or instigating chasing games, you need to offer the cat an alternative or just ignore it. In most cases, they respond because you engage with them.

If you ignore the cat it will grow bored of the game and look for something else. Alternatively, you can offer them something different such as another fun game, or form of exercise.

Ultimately, you want to let it burn off some excess energy.

Why does my cat chase me and bite me?

This is instinct. When your cat chases and bites you, especially kittens, it’s mostly in a playful manner. Their objective is to practice hunting. Unfortunately for you, this may be annoying at times.

If this is not what you want, then you need to offer an alternative. This can be another game that you like too or a form of exercise.

Lindsey Browlingdon