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Best Cat Tree Shelf Accessories for Your Home

What is the best cat tree and shelf accessories for your home? This is the best cat tree (Click here for the availability on Amazon). Read on for more info.

Quick Comparison of Cat Tree Shelf Accessories

Tree ShelfImageMy Rating
01. Go Pet Club Large Tree (Best Option)
Click here for the price on Amazon
5 stars
02. Armakat Premium Kat Tree
Click here for the price on Amazon
03. SONGMICS Cat Tree Condo
Click here for the price on Amazon
04. Vesper Oak Cat Furniture
Click here for the price on Amazon
4 stars
05. Go Pet Club Cat Tree
Click here for the price on Amazon
3.5 stars

If you own a pet cat, you may be searching for cat tree accessories for your home. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of cat trees and accessories available that can help keep your feline friend entertained and comfortable.

Cat Trees Can Make Your Cat More Comfortable

Cats are animals that love to climb. Whether they’re climbing for safety or for fun, finding vertical ascents is typically an important part of a cat’s life, according to experts on cat behavior. Since cats love to be up high to see what’s below them, having a cat tree can satisfy this need in a cat’s life.

Cat Trees Can Help Reduce Arguments

If you have more than one cat in your home, having a cat tree can actually reduce physical violence between your cats. In the world of cats, pecking order can often be established by the boss cat being higher than the rest. If you have a cat tree in your home, dominance can be established by the cat tree instead of two cats physically having a confrontation.

Cat Trees May Help Keep Your Home in One Piece

Many cat trees will come with scratching posts near the bottom of the tree. For cats that like to sharpen their nails, they may use the scratching post on the tree instead of using your home or furniture to get the job done. Even the professionals at PetMed advise that finding your feline a cat tree can help reduce damage to furniture and homes.

An Escape For Your Feline

Even if you don’t have other cats in your home, a cat tree can provide a much needed escape for your cat. If you have kids, dogs, or other pets in your home, your cat will find much solace at the top of the cat tree.

How To Choose a Cat Tree

There are many different types of cat trees out there and, according to the professionals at Catster.com, choosing the right one should be based on your cat (s) needs. For example, if you have an older cat, you may not want to get the tallest tree available. On the other hand, if you have a younger cat that is extremely active, you may want to find a cat tree with lots of levels and toys.

Additionally, different cat trees will have different widths. If you have a big cat, you’ll want to find a cat tree with wide trees for your cat to sit on. Last, but definitely not least, if you know your cat has been seeking something to scratch on, you’ll definitely want to find a cat tree with a scratching post.

The base of a cat tree is another extremely important factor to consider when shopping for your cat tree. You’ll want to find a tree that has a wide enough base to ensure that it’s sturdy. If the tree isn’t sturdy enough, you run the risk of it tipping over while you’re cat is playing on it.

If you happen to have older cats who have trouble jumping onto high furniture, you can find cat trees that come with steps and or ramps that can assist your older cat with still reaching the top of the tree.

Another important aspect to take into account is your cat’s personality. For example, if you know your cat loves to hide in boxes, you may want to consider a cat tree that has little hideaway areas for your cat to enjoy. Finally, if you have several cats, you may want to buy a larger cat tree to ensure that all of your feline family members can enjoy it at the same time.

Where to Place Your Cat Tree

Once you’ve decided what kind of cat tree you’re going to buy, the next step is deciding where in your home you want to place the tree. Most experts recommend that if your cats have a window they enjoy looking out of, that you place the cat tree in front of said window. One of the most important things not to do is place your cat tree somewhere your cat doesn’t often frequent. In order for your cat to find the tree appealing, it needs to be somewhere where he/she is comfortable and enjoys hanging out.

When deciding on which cat tree is right for your feline friend, just keep in mind that you’ll want a cat tree where he/she can feel as secure as possible while enjoying their new found empire. Fortunately, cat trees come in many shapes, sizes, and price ranges. Since your cat may use this item a lot, durability should also play a factor in your decision. It can be important to keep in mind also, as the cat experts here point out, that any cat tree should be equipped with a bed, perch, and scratching post to satisfy your cat’s needs.

Five of my best cat trees with accessories:

01. Go Pet Club Large Tree (Best Option)

The Go Pet Club Huge Cat Tree Condo House Furniture (Click here for the price on Amazon) standing at 87 and a half inches tall, this cat tree features an array of towers and tunnels for cats to enjoy.


  • Tree is sturdy and its surfaces are easy to maintain and clean.
  • Oak look is stylish and holds up well to wear and tear.
  • Cats will enjoy using the scratching post on the side of the tree.


  • Larger cats may find the tree’s cube difficult to climb in and out of due to the smaller opening.

02. Armakat Premium Kat Tree

The Armakat Premium Kat Tree (Click here for the best price on Amazon) comes with perches covered in ultra-soft faux fleece and the capability to support up to 70 pounds, this cat tree may be a good option for homes with multiple felines.


  • Tree is sturdy enough to handle heavier cats – even those weighing 20 pounds and up
  • Made out of durable material that holds up to cats rough housing and scratching on its surface.
  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • Cats love the height of the tower and especially enjoy the highest perches.
  • The perches are big enough to support even the widest of cats.
  • Made out of high quality wood.


  • You may notice missing parts when receiving the tower, so need to double check.
  • Some parts of the tree do not have padding, which may not be comfortable for cats who are looking to nap.

03. SONGMICS Cat Tree Condo

The SONGMICS Cat Tree Condo (Click here for the price on Amazon) with a scratching posts and plush covered perches is just one of the cat trees available. Tree also consists of hideaway box for cats.


  • Good for large cats
  • Easy Assembly
  • Nice dark grey colour


  • Some sharp edges, need to check before use
  • Can shed blue fluff after a lot of usage

04. Vesper High Base Oak Cat Furniture

The Vesper High Base Oak Cat Furniture (Click here for the price on Amazon) is equipped with natural scratching surfaces and plush cushions, this cat tree is another excellent option.


  • This cat tree holds up well to a variety of cats – regardless of their weight – rough housing on it.
  • Tree is well suited for kittens or smaller cats.


  • Perches on this tree may not accommodate larger cats comfortably.
  • Tree is better off being placed in a corner as some found it to be wobbly if placed on a single wall.
  • You may have difficulty with the screws the tree comes with loosening up over time.

05. Go Pet Club Cat Tree

The Go Pet Club Cat Tree (Click here for the price on Amazon) This 72-inch cat tree in blue offers a variety of play and climbing options for cats. Made out of faux fur and compressed wood, this tree offers ten posts for cats to climb on.


  • This cat tree is sturdy and holds even larger cats well.
  • Tree is easy to assemble and can put together in as little has half an hour.
  • The sling at the bottom of the tree is slightly lower to the ground, which may make some cats feel unsafe.
  • The plush material used on the tree may be thinner than others.


  • This tree is reasonably priced, but the quality may not last as long as some would like.

Our Best Choice Cat Tree Shelf Accessories for Your Home

If you’re looking for a cat tree that will make your cat feel safer, protect your furniture from getting scratched, and keep the peace between multiple cats, one of the better choices is definitely the Go Pet Club Large Cat Tree Condo (Click here for the price on Amazon). This tree offers multiple levels for your cat to play on, and at a height of 87 and a half inches, allows your cat to get up high in order to feel more comfortable. The tree is made out of durable material and according to reviews, can handle multiple, larger cats playing on it while still remaining stable.

Comparing this cat tree to the other four listed, it also offers more tunnels and perches than the other trees. Additionally, it’s made with perches that will support even the largest of cats. Finally, the tree is easy to assemble and comes with clear directions. With so many cat trees on the market, this tree is absolutely one of the better choices when trying to get the most bang for your buck while still making your cat feel secure and entertained.

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