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Cat Takes off its Breakaway Collar? (How to stop it)

If you are tired of your kitty taking off her breakaway collar (Click here to see the best solution for this, on Amazon) you may be searching for a solution.

How can you stop your cat from taking off a breakaway collar?

The best way to stop your cat from taking off her breakaway collar is by replacing it with another collar that has a different buckle. Instead of the conventional metal fixing style, you can use a plastic snap-on type that will make it harder for her to take it off.

What you will need to stop her taking the collar off


Description Image My Rating
01. Pettsie cat collar (Best Options)
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5 stars
02. Pupteck Cat Collar
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03. Daihaqiko Cat Collar
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4 stars

Now that you know what the best solution is. Keep reading to learn four other options you have, the reasons why some of these are problematic, what the collars I feel are best for this and so much more.


Why are breakaway collars popular?

Tabby Cat with collar

Tabby Cat with collar

In this section, I will explain why breakaway collars are quite popular. This will help you understand why they are very likely to be here for good.

The biggest sell for breakaway collars is their safety. Old fashioned collars carried the risk of your cat choking if the collar got snagged on an object, like a tree branch.

This simple design stops this happening, by breaking away before this can happen, are you with me?

The problem with most breakaway collars

The biggest problem is the fact that your kitty, with time, will learn how to simply break out of this collar. This mainly happens because of the buckle that is used on most of these collars.

In the next section, I will share with you a few ways that you can stop her from taking it off, or worst case, work around the issue.

5 Ways to stop your cat taking off the breakaway collar

In this section, I will share with you five ways that you can either stop this happening or work around the problem. Each of them has pros and cons.

01. Collar with a Plastic clasp (Snaps in place) (Best Option)

This option focuses on the route cause of the issue, the buckle. The idea is to replace your existing collar with a buckle that will stop her from taking it off easily. This buckle is typically plastic and snaps into place.

The benefits of this method

  • Easy for you to attach it
  • hard for your cat to take it off
  • Still has the breakaway safety feature

In summary, your kitty will have the benefit of being safe, with the breakaway feature but gives you the reassurance that she will not easily take it off, are you with me?

02. Use an ID tube, instead of a conventional tag

Some cat owners feel that the ID tag, on most collars is to blame. To address this you can easily replace it with a cat ID tube (Click here to check the price on Amazon).

The issue with these cat ID tubes

The issue with this is, it will help, but the chances are, your cat will still be able to take the collar off, because of the buckle.

03. Opt for a stretch collar instead of a breakaway closure

A stretch collar (Click here for the price on Amazon) is a flexible design that will stretch to keep your cat safe. It allows the material to give your cat an escape if she needs it.

My issue with these stretch collars

Although it sounds like a good idea, I feel that a breakaway collar is a better option and feels safer, in my opinion. Also, a lot of them have the same buckle that most cats can escape from.

04. Train her from early

Another option is to train her to not take it off, from early on. It is a good idea in theory.

My issue with this method

My issue with this method is, it’s more of an idea in hindsight. Meaning, it is a good afterthought, but it won’t help you today, and you want to sort it this week, not in a few months, right?

05. Getting your cat chipped

Another option often discussed, is chipping your cat and not worrying about a collar at all. think of this as a workaround, more than a quick fix.

My issue with this chipping method

Firstly, there is a good chance that your cat is already chipped. But, the problem is there is no visual display that the cat has an owner and is loved. Meaning, if she gets lost, she could easily be assumed to be stray or feral.

My best cat collars to stop her taking it off

In this section, I will share with you three of my best cat collars with collars that will keep her safe, but stop her taking it off. For each one, I will let you know what I like and do not like to help you choose wisely.

01. Pettsie cat collar (Best Options)

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  • Comes in a cute gift box
  • Breakaway collar, for safety
  • Lightweight design (less stress for your kitty)
  • Strong and durable (100% cotton)
  • Snap-on design (Stops your cat taking it off)


  • The matching bracelet strings are quite long
  • The plastic buckle may take time to get used too (a bit scratchy)

What I like about this Pettsie cat collar

This cat collar comes in a delightful gift box with a matching bracelet. It will show that you are a proud cat owner. It is a breakaway collar, so you do not need to worry about that. Also, it has the snap-on buckle to prevent her from taking it off.

It is nice and lightweight so your cat will not feel weighed down while she uses it.  But, even though it is lightweight, it is still strong and durable. This is helped with its 100% cotton material.

In summary, if you are looking for a cat collar that will stop her removing it every five minutes, but also looks good, this sounds like the one for you.

What I dislike about this Pettsie cat collar

I mentioned earlier that it comes with a matching bracelet, remember? Well, it’s cool, but I do have to say, the strings that are attached to it are quite long. You may find that you have to trim it down.

Also, the plastic fittings may take a short while for her to get used too, they could be a bit scratchy initially.

02. Pupteck Cat Collar

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  • Comes with a cute bell
  • Breakaway collar (for safety)
  • Quirky multi-colored design
  • Eco-friendly plastic used (on the buckle)
  • Easily adjustable


  • The collar strap is quite long.
  • Some people may find the bell quite annoying

What I love about this Pupteck Cat Collar

This Puptek collar comes with a sweet bell, that your kitty should love. Also, the collar is a breakaway for her safety. And, as discussed it has the snap-on collar buckle, to stop her taking it off.

I love the quirky multi-colored design that it has. It uses eco-friendly plastic, for those that look out for this and are environmentally conscious, shouldn’t we all be, right? Also, I appreciate the fact that it is easy to adjust.

In summary, if you are looking for a lovely looking cat collar that has breakaway features and uses eco-friendly material, you will love this.

What I do not love about this Pupteck Cat Collar

One thing I would say, the collar strap is quite long.  Meaning, you may find, if you have quite a slim cat, that you may need to double up the strap if that makes sense?

Also, I mentioned the bell earlier, remember? Well, some cats may just find this annoying.

03. Daihaqiko Cat Collar

Click here for the price on Amazon


  • Interesting cat shaped buckle
  • Comfortable fit (made from microfibre)
  • Adjustable sizing
  • Breakaway (for safety)
  • Sparkling design (like rows of diamonds)


  • Has a weird chemical smell, on arrival
  • Adjusting the size is a bit of a faff!

What I appreciate about this Daihaqiko Cat Collar

Firstly, let’s complement the elephant in the room! That cat-shaped buckle, its cool, right? Well, I think so. Also, that bling, bling, diamond looking effect! Yay!

Apart from this, it has a nice comfortable fit. This is made possible with the microfibre it is made from. I like the fact that it is adjustable.

In summary, If you want a lovely blinged-out cat collar (Click here to see how long it takes a cat to get used to a collar) that is also designed to stop her taking it off while staying safe, then you will appreciate this.

What I do not appreciate about this Daihaqiko Cat Collar

When you first get this it has a weird chemical smell, not sure if its just me. It’s not a deal-breaker, in my opinion, but worth mentioning. Also, I mentioned earlier that its size can be adjusted, remember? Well, to be honest, I feel that this is a bit of a faff!

Lindsey Browlingdon