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Cat Stopped Kneading (Why? Should I be worried?)

If your cat has stopped needing all of a sudden it may alarm you keep reading to understand if this is a genuine cause for concern.

Why has my cat stopped kneading?

Initially, cats may be excited and for this reason, they may start to knead on you a lot. One of the main reasons is to mark you with her scent. After this is done you may see the kneading naturally stop happening.

Now that you understand why your cat may stop kneading you and it may not be anything to worry about keep reading to understand why cats knead in the first place, how you can prevent it if it becomes too much and so much more.

Why do cats knead?

A cat being affectionate with its owner.

A cat being affectionate with its owner.

Now that you know why your cat may have stopped kneading, you may be wondering why cats even knead in the first place.

Cats kneading is a show of affection. This stems back from the love that they received from their mother. When they are feeling happy and content with their favorite person, usually they will knead you.

Now that you understand why cats knead keep reading to understand what it means if your cat kneads you.

What does it mean if your cat kneads you?

In this section, I will explain the more practical reasons why your cat is kneading.

A cat kneads the person to show affection and prove they trust them. Another important reason your cat kneads you is that she is applying her natural scent to your body.  To mark you as her territory. When she needs you she releases scent from her sweat glands located in her paws.

Now that you understand that your cat can knead you to mark her territory. Keep reading to learn how to train your cat not to knead you if you are starting to feel it is getting too much.

How do I train my cat not to knead?

If you are getting sick and tired of your cat kneading you. You may be looking for ways to stop this happening.

Training a cat not to knead you is a gradual process. There are three ways:

  • Reposition her
  • Block her paws
  • Distract her

Reposition her

Once she starts to knead on you, gradually guide her down so that she is laying down and pet her gently. This will stop her from doing it.

Block her paws

Another trick that you can use its to gently cover and block her paws. What you do is very gently hold her paws, when she tries to knead on you.

But, do it playfully so that she does not take it as a negative action.

Distract her

Another trick is to use some treats or toys to distract her from doing this. This will misdirect her from kneading on you.

Now that you understand how to make your cat stop kneading keep reading to learn why your cat kneads you, but not your husband.

Why does my cat knead me but not my husband?

If you are a couple living in a small home you may have noticed that your cat is gravitating more to you but not your husband.

In particular, you might notice that your cat is kneading you but completely ignores your husband, is this normal?.

This is normal behavior. You will find that cats will gravitate to the person they most love and trust. Your cat has selected you as her trusted and favorite person.

This behavior of choosing a trusted person stems back to their ancestors who were in the wild. You are effectively a representation of her mother. And, this is why you will be receiving the most love and noticing your cat only kneading you (and even standing around your feet).

Now that you understand why your cat is kneading (Click here if its using claws too) you and not your husband you may have noticed some more challenging behavior. Such as your cat humping you. Keep reading to understand how you can stop this from happening.

How do I stop my male cat from mounting me?

If you have a male cat and you have noticed that he has started humping you. You may be wondering why this is happening.

Let’s face it is quite embarrassing when this happens, right?  If you can find a safe way of stopping it will be beneficial.

The best way to stop your male cat mounting you is to distract him. You can use loud noise. This can be as simple as blowing a loud whistle or throwing a softball at the wall to direct his attention elsewhere. Also, offer an alternative such as an old pillow or stuffed teddy bear.

Now that you understand how to stop your male cat from humping you, keep reading to understand why your cat follows you into the toilet.

Why does my cat follow me to the toilet?

If you have noticed that your cat is following you all over the house but is also falling in the toilet you may think this is going too far and wonder if it is normal behavior.

It is normal for some cats to want to follow their cat owners into the toilet. This is because they love and trust you and want to be with you all of the time. Yes, even if you are in the toilet. Also, some cats like the cool temperature in the toilet.

Now that you know why cats would follow you into the toilet you may also be wondering why they do weird things such as biting and licking you (what about your fingers? click here) at the same time.

Why does my cat lick me then attack me?

A grey cat biting its owner's finger.

A grey cat biting its owner’s finger.

You may have noticed that your cat is doing weird things such as licking you and attacking you. And you may be wondering if this is normal behavior.

If your cat is licking you and then attacking you it could be a weird show of affection. If this attacking means biting it could be a gentle bite in a playful manner. Often cats lick you gently and then follow up with a playful bite.

However, if you notice that the attack is more aggressive than this then this could be a serious behavioral problem that you would need to look into. I may even need to consult your vets for advice.

Now that you know if your cat is licking and attacking you, it could be a very simple show of fiction. Keep reading to understand how you can calm down a hyperactive kitten.

How do you calm down a hyper kitten?

If you have a new kitten sometimes you may, unfortunately, pick a hyperactive one. But, how do you deal with this in this situation?

There are three ways:

  • Introduce another kitten.
  • Extra playtime.
  • Use treats, with a twist

Introduce another kitten

One technique that you can use is to introduce another kitten that will make her use her energy.  It will help by meeting another kitchen that matches her needs. Which will stop you from having to keep up with hyperactive behavior.

Extra playtime

If you play with her a lot, in particular games that resemble hunting, it will stimulate her playful manner. But, it is important to have a calm down session after returning to normal. So that it is not too over-the-top.

Use treats, with a twist

Instead of leaving her food scattered around the house so she can eat at her own pace put it into a treat ball. These treat balls make it a challenge to get the food. This will help her to burn some of that energy.

Do cats stop kneading when they get older?

Cats are unlikely to stop kneading as the get older. This is because the purpose evolves from a requirement to stimulate milk from its mother to an association of comfort and feeling positive. Therefore, its common to see adult cats still doing this motion even without the reward of some milk.

If you see your cat kneading you (click here if it uses its claws), take it as a complement. It means they feel comforatble around you when they do this.

How long does cat kneading last?

The motion of cat kneading is done in seconds. But, the habbit of kneading may last for a lifetime. This is because from the age of a kitten it is a neccessity, then becomes a habbit that adult or even senior cats are routinely seen doing.

Can the location affect when a cat kneads?

The theory is that the location of your cat can affect their habbit of kneading. For example, one cat owner explained that he only noticed his cat wasn’t kneading for years when he moved to a new home.

Once he moved it started doing it around the home again on a regular basis. So, while this is not concrete evidence, and it may vary wildly from cat to cat, it is clear that the location is a factor.

Could my cat stop kneading because of the scent?

It is possible that a cat could stop, or reduce the frequency of its kneading based on its scent. This is because some cats pass on their scent to you while they do this. And, there have been some reports, from cat owners, that notice this behavior stopping, or reducing, as they feel they have covered their location with their scent.

This could also be the case that you may notice more kneading if you move to a new home. Why? Well, your cat may feel compellied to re-scent its new enviornment.

Can nerves stop a cat from kneading?

It is possible that a cat may not start kneading you, or objectis around your home due to nerves. This is more evident in new cats that may not feel comfotable with you yet.

Lindsey Browlingdon