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Cat Proof Velux Window (Can You? +Guide & Tips)

If your cat is damaging your Velux windows you may be getting frustrated and keen to understand why, and ways to cat-proof them (Click here for my best solution, on Amazon #Ad).

Can You Cat-Proof Velux Windows?

Cat proofing a Velux window is totally doable. In, fact, there are multiple ways to cat-proof any window in your house. Also, there are plenty of products that are designed especially to not allow any cat to leave or get into your house through the windows.

What you will need to Cat-Proof your Velux Windows?

Description Image My Rating
01. Cat Protection Net (My Best)
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5 stars
02. Mitef Window Screen Netting
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03. NeatiEase Magnetic Window Screen
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4 stars

So, now you know you can cat-proof your Velux windows. Keep reading to learn how to cat-proof them, why roof windows are so popular, why cats jump on them, and so much more…

What Are Velux Windows?

Velux is a company that is specialized in making roof windows and skylights. Their products are known to be of high-quality. Their first roof window was installed 75 years ago in a Danish school and it has been getting more popular ever since that time.

A Velux window is basically a roof window that allows you to get the fresh air and light into your house through the ceiling conveniently

How to Cat-Proof Velux Window?

Cats are really sneaky. They can find their ways out of the house through the smallest openings. However, some tips can help you cat-proof your Velux window.

1. Using a Cat Protection Net

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You can use any type of commercial cat protection net. Make sure it can be mounted stably. Telescopic poles can help you protect the net if cats tried to climb it or tear it down.

2. Using Protective Grill for Windows

A protective grill is another great option that can help you keep your cat inside all the time. You can screw it or glue it to the window and not worry about the cat trying to flee anymore!

These Protective Grills offer a high-quality product that can get the job done. You get a strong grill that is metal powder-coated.

3. Using Velcro Fly Screens

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You can get velcro fly screens to protect your windows from cats. They are very convenient and easy to use.

This Window Screen (Click here to see the price, on Amazon #Ad) is a premium quality fly screen. It is very durable and resistant to forces and wrinkles. You are guaranteed a very long lifespan.

The poles are sewn on the screen mesh of the window for maximum convenience. You can open and close the window at any time very easily and at any angle.

Why Are Roof Windows Popular?

Roof Windows are getting more popular day by day for several reasons. Here are some of them:

01. They Are Robust

Roof windows are very robust. They are strong and can withstand all the weather conditions without breaking or falling from the roof.

02. Worth the Money

They provide you a great value for the money you pay. Besides giving you an awesome look for the house, they allow you to look at the beauty of the sky from your room.

03. An Outlet

Installing a roof window can allow you to have an outlet for the old air to get out of the house and let the new fresh air flow in. It also gives you natural sunlight throughout the morning.

04. Flexibility

They come in different sizes, shapes, and colors to choose from. You can choose the style that will suit your house and fit properly without a problem.

What Is the Difference Between a Roof Window and a Skylight?

Most of us have heard the terms “skylight” and “roof window”. Both of them might sound like they refer to the same thing, yet, they are totally different.

Here is the difference between the two of them:


It is only an opening made through the roof. The whole purpose of it is to allow the natural sunlight to come from outside in the morning hours.

This opening is usually covered with a transparent material to not let animals or insects come in from the roof while allowing natural lights to flow in.

Roof Window

The name says it all. It is a window made in the roof. The whole purpose of it is to allow fresh air and natural light to come in through the roof. The beauty of it lies in letting you stargaze and watch the magic of clouds from your room.

They are flexible, as you can open them or close them at any time.

Are Skylights More Expensive Than Roof Windows?

In general, Skylights are more expensive than roof windows since they are customizable for each house on its own.

They are only built when a customer orders them with specific specs and sizes, which makes them more expensive than readymade roof windows.

Can I Put a Velux Window in My Roof Without Planning?

Cat proof Velux window.

Cat proof Velux window.

In general, you do not have to apply for planning permission if these conditions are met:

  • The window must not exceed 150 mm above the roof plane.
  • Side-facing windows must not be openable unless they are above the floor by 1.7 meters.
  • No alternation must not be higher than the roof plane.

Why Would a Cat Jump Through a Velux Window?

Cats have a natural wild instinct of hunting. They always want to go out and explore and find their prey.

Here are a few reasons why your cat might be jumping out of the Velux window:

Due to a Flying Bird

The sight of a flying bird through the window (Is your cat also messing with your blinds? Click here) can awaken your cat’s instincts. Once the cat sees the bird, they will want to go out and hunt the bird no matter how high your roof window is.

Due to An Insect

If a bee or any other insect is flying around your roof window, it could entice your cat and make them want to get out to catch the insect even if they will not eat it. It is basically a natural instinct.

Due to Fear

Your cat could also be experiencing some sort of fear or anxiety that makes them want to escape the house. Loud noises could be the reason for the fear. A new unfamiliar smell of a new person or a pet can also make them very anxious.

Due to Boredom

If you left your cat inside for too long, they might get bored and want to flee the house. They could use the roof window as their way to escape.

Do Cats Always Land On Their Feet?

No, cats do not always land on their feet. In fact, it all depends on the height of the fall. If the cat falls from a low spot, they will not have time to correct their body position and they might not land on their feet.

On the contrary, if they fall from a high spot, they will have enough time to correct their body position and land correctly on their feet.

However, a very high fall could lead to broken bones and serious injuries like bleeding lungs and more.

Why Are Tilted Windows so Dangerous for Cats?

Tilted windows can get very dangerous for cats if they get stuck through it. When cats try to get out and reach the outside, their bodies get stuck in the window gap.

The back of the cat’s body is the part that gets mostly stuck in the gap. When the cat tries to free themselves, it will only make them slip deeper into the gap and make the situation much worse.

Since they get stuck for long, the blood flow in the back of their bodies gets clamped and their vital organs get severely damaged.

Hence, tilted windows can really get life-threatening for cats.

Lindsey Browlingdon