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Cat Proof Quilt? (3 Proven Tricks)

If your cat is destroying your bed quilt you may be looking for some simple tips to protect it (Click here to see my best solution, on Amazon #Ad)

Can You Cat-Proof Your Quilt?

You can cat-proof your quilt. But, there is no way you can do it 100%. However, there are ways to improve things and make your cat stay away from the beddings for as long as possible. 

Use these to protect your quilt:

Description Image My Rating
01. 300 Thread Count Cotton Quilt (My Best)
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5 stars
02. Waterproof Pet Blanket
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03. Softan Pet Blanket
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4 stars

So, now you know. But, could you just train your cat to leave it alone? What could a cat realistically do to these quilts? Could a cat hurt itself with a quilt? Keep reading for these answers, and so much more…

What is a Quilt?

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A quilt is basically two pieces of fabric on either side of a piece of batting. These two pieces of fabric are held together by quiltings stitches Quilting is the process of sewing all of the layers together into one piece.

Traditionally, quilts have been considered valuable items. People used to recognize the amount of care and work that goes into them, especially in the old times before rotary cutters and sewing machines.

Today, they are mainly used as beddings. However, some people also use them as tablecloths, table runners, and even wall hangings. They can add an artistic look to wherever they are placed.

Can You Train a Cat to Stay Away From Your Quilt?

You can train your cat to stay away from the quilt. However, it is very hard and unlikely to happen.

Cats are very stubborn and difficult to train. So, it is not worth the amount of work, effort, and energy that you will spend to train your cat. Instead, you should cat-proof the quilt, which will not take much time.

How to Cat-Proof Your Quilt?

Here are the best 3 ways to cat-proof your quilt:

01. Use 300 Thread Count Percale Cotton Quilts

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Cat owners have noticed that this type of quilts does not shred as easily as higher thread count quilts. So, it is a great solution to buy 300 thread count percale cotton quilts if you have a pet cat at home.

The thread count points to the number of threads that form one square inch of fabric. The higher the thread count, the more prone to shredding your quilt gets. This count adds a lot of breathability and durability to the quilt. It also makes it a lot more resistant to cat scratches.

So, if you want claw protection, always go for a 300-thread-count quilt.

02. Put a Pet Blanket Over the Quilt

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Covering the quilt with a pet blanket is another easy and affordable solution to cat-proof (Click here if your cat is also destroying your desk chairs) your quilt.

Pet blankets do not only protect your quilt from scratches but are also urine-proof. So you don’t have to worry about your cat sitting on the bed if they are not potty trained yet. The blanket is waterproof to prevent any leaks from reaching your quilt.

The great thing about pet blankets is that they have a great comfortable texture to make your cat feel as comfortable as possible. They will snuggle up to your cat in coziness and softness and make them feel warm.

Moreover, they cannot only be used to protect quilts but also your sofa, chair, table, floor, or anywhere. They are very flexible and can be moved wherever you want!

03. Ban Your Cat From the Room Your Quilt Is Stored

Another option to protect your quilt is to ban the cat from entering the whole room in the first place. However, this can be a challenge considering how stubborn and determined cats are.

The simplest way to do this is to lock the door and make sure there is no passage for your cat to enter the room when you are away.

You can also use deterrents around the room to make your cat stay away and not come near the whole area.

Why Do Cats Like Your Quilt?

Cat proof quilt?

A cat on a quilt.

Experts suggest that cats like your quilt for several reasons:

01. They are Soft

Quilts are normally soft. Cats love any soft material that can make them feel comfortable and cozy.

02. They Have Your Smell

Cats love anything that has your smell. They feel safe and comfortable around the things that have the smell of their owner, such as, the bedsheets, quilts, your clothes, etc.

03. They Remind Them of Their Mom

Yes, this is true! Soft quilts and blankets remind cats of their moms when they were little kittens.

Your quilts provide a sense of security and comfort for your cat thinking about their mom, even if they haven’t seen her in years.

What Can a Cat Do to Your Quilt?

Most cats will simply enjoy the softness and coziness that the quilt provides. However, some cats might scratch and shred the quilt and pull the threads out.

Occasionally, they might get a hold of the edge of the quilt and beat it up with their back feet.

So, instead of thinking about fixing the quilt, you need to know how to cat-proof it (Click here to learn how to do this for your surge protector) so it will not happen again, especially if you have an aggressive cat.

Could a Cat Hurt Itself With the Quilt?

It is very unlikely for a cat to hurt itself with a quilt. If you are worried about your cat suffocating itself by getting underneath the quilt, then you should not worry at all. Cats have very good self-preservation instincts that can help them survive in a lot of situations.

When they get underneath the quilt, they have enough air to breathe. But even if they ever felt like the air was running out, they would leave immediately before they suffocate.

However, the one thing you should not do is cover your cat with the quilt on your own. Let them decide whether they want to get in or not. They know what will make them feel most comfortable.

Should You Discipline Your Cat for Touching Your Quilt?

This depends on how aggressive your cat is. If your cat tends to shred the quilt and pull the threads always, then you might need to discipline them.

One way to discipline your cat is by shaking a noisy can whenever they come near the quilt. They will connect the annoying sounds with the quilts and they will eventually stop going near them.

Another option, that other cat owners have tried is to put their cat in a room alone without any people for 20 minutes. Mostly, they will come out of the room with a different attitude. However, some people disagree with this and say it’s cruel.

Unless your cat is damaging the quilt, you should not try to discipline. Remember that they love the quilt as it provides them with comfort, warmth,  and a sense of security.

Can You Distract Your Cat Away From Your Quilt?

You can distract your cat away from your quilt. For instance, you can give them their favorite toy to play with or take their treat to another room.

You can also shake a noisy can to distract them away. Additionally, you can say something loud that will grab their attention and make them leave the quilt alone.

Why Do Cats Wake You Up When You’re in Your Quilt?

One of the main reasons your cat could be waking you up in the middle of the night is that you did not give them enough exercise and stimulation during the day. That’s why they become active all night and try to wake you up to play.

Another reason could be that they simply want to get under the quilt with you to sleep and feel warm. So, embrace your cat if they want to sleep next to you!

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