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Cat Proof Lamp? (6 Simple Methods)

If you have a cat and a lamp, and the lamp is continuously getting knocked over it damaged you may be looking for a solution (click here for my best solution, on Amazon, #Ad)

Can You Cat-Proof Your Lamp?

You can definitely cat-proof a lamp, however, bear in mind that it can only be to a certain extent. Cats are highly curious, and creative creatures thus there is no sure way of guaranteeing that your precious feline would stay away from your lamp.

Use these to protect your lamp

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02. Lamp with a heavy base
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03. Bitter Lemon Cat Spray
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So, now you know. but, can you train a cat to keep away from it? Why do cats like these lamps? What should you do to protect your lamp? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

What Is A Lamp?

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A lamp is a source of light that illuminates its surroundings using an electric current, thus another word for a lamp is called a ‘light bulb’. Technically speaking, however, a lamp also refers to the removable base that houses a light bulb.

These lamps typically have a base that connects the light bulb to electricity. Some lamps also have large shades that help alter the light emanating from the bulb, softening the light or even giving it a subtle hue. As you can tell, there are many different kinds of lamps that people use.

Some lamps are made to be placed on bedside tables, while others are much longer and made to be placed directly on the floor. There are also kinds of lamps that are fixed on the wall.

Can You Train A Cat To Stay Away From Your Lamp?

Training a cat may seem like an obvious option, but in reality, doing so is impractical. Training cats is a difficult and extremely time-consuming task which may mean that you may face a lot of lamp tipping during the whole process.

Moreover, even if you choose to invest the time and the effort, chances are that your cat might not associate lamp tipping with the thing you use to deter it.

It has been observed that people who use aggression in an attempt to scare cats away from lamps end up making the cats distrustful and even afraid of them. Cats who dislike their owners are not affectionate and display behavior such as biting at their feet.

However, do not be disheartened, for multiple things are ranging from fixing the lamp on the wall or bolting it on the floor which can help deter your cat’s lamp tipping behavior.

How To Cat Proof Your Lamp:

Here are some methods to cat-proof your lamp…

01. Use Wall Mounted Lamps

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Wall-mounted lamps are fixtures of light that are attached directly to the wall. You can turn the lights on by a switch or a pull-chain. By placing your lamps out of your curious cat’s reach, you can prevent lamp tipping effectively.

02. Purchase a lamp with a heavy base

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Cats like to play with things that move. If your lamp has a heavy base, it will be unlikely that your cat be able to tip it over, which means that your cat will probably become disinterested quickly and leave your lamp alone.

03. Use coins to weigh down the lamp

If your lamp doesn’t have a heavy base, do not despair! You can make use of coins to give it an added weight. Cats generally leave things that they can’t move around, so a base that has been made heavy using coins might help prevent lamp tipping.

04. Use a lemon bitter spray to repel them

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Cats are not fond of citrus smells, thus spraying lampshades with bitter lemon, lime, or orange spray is a way to cat-proof the lamp. Most cat repellents have strong citrus odors as they are extremely distasteful for the felines, thus efficiently keeping them away.

05. Bolt the lamp down

One of the most effective ways to save your lamps from being tipped over is to bolt or nail your lamps down. There are many ways to nail or bolt a lamp down, for example, if you have a table lamp it is a good idea to use strong glue or an adhesive to stick the lamp on the table.

Some frustrated cat owners take the measure of actually using nails or hardware to secure their lamps in place. Usually, if cats are unable to move or play with particular objects, they leave them alone.

06.  Ban your cat from the area where the lamps are located.

Many cats do not like to be banished from certain parts of the house. If your cat won’t stop messing with your lamps, you can either remove the lamp from the vicinity and stay in the literal dark, or remove the cat from the area near the lamp.

For example, if you have several lamps in your bedroom, it is a good idea to take preventive measures by not allowing your cat in the room. Make sure your cat has everything it needs such as food and water, and a place to sleep outside your bedroom, so when it’s time for you to retire you can close your bedroom door to prevent your cat from entering.

Why Do Cats Like Your Lamp?

Cat proof lamp?

A lamp on a table.

Cats are naturally extremely curious and playful creatures, which means that they like your lamp as they see it as a toy that they can play with. Tipping over lamps is an exciting sport for cats as the lamps may bounce, fall, or rollover making them great fun for your playful feline.

Lamps that are made with multiple parts may even come ‘apart’, thus adding to your cat’s entertainment. Some cats also like to poke around with lamps due to the warmth that the lamps provide.

What Can A Cat Do To Your Lamp?

Here are some things that a cat can do to your lamp…

01. Tip it Over

Whether your lamp is one on your table or something you’ve placed on the floor, your cat will most probably treat it as something to knock or tip over. Cats are also fascinated with dropping things, so sending your table lamp crashing on the floor is a thing it would like to do.

02. Roll it around

Some lamps have rounded edges, which makes them a treat for your cat to move around or roll as they wish.

03. Sit on it

Cats like finding odd, warm places to sit on. Some lamps may be shaped in a way that is comfortable for them, and the added warmth of a light bulb may be just the thing they want for a quick nap.

Could A Cat Hurt Itself With The Lamp?

A cat might hurt itself by playing rough with a lamp, especially if the lamp has sharp edges. Moreover, tipping a lamp on the floor might cause the light bulb inside to shatter, which means that there might be glass fragments that can injure your precious feline.

Some lamps produce a lot of heat, which means that cats might be at the risk of burning themselves.

Should You Discipline Your Cat For Touching Your Lamp?

Disciplining your cat for touching a lamp will probably not be a good idea as it may teach your cat to fear you rather than to avoid touching the lamp.

As mentioned previously, acting aggressively towards your feline friend may antagonize it and make it nervous around you.

Can You Distract Your Cat Away From Your Lamp?

Cats are highly playful and inquisitive creatures, which means that you can probably distract your cat away from your lamp, but only for a little while.

Let’s face it, your lamp is here to stay, so even if you manage to distract your cat for a little while, it is not a long-term solution.

Lindsey Browlingdon