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Cat Proof Kitchen Faucet? (3 Reliable Methods)

If your cat is continuously messing with your faucet you may be wondering if there is a simple way to stop this (click here to see my best solution, on Amazon #Ad)

Can You Cat-Proof Your Kitchen Faucet?

You totally can cat-proof your kitchen faucet. It is quite simple and easy to do if you know the right way to do it. The best methods include a hands-free tap, shutting off the water to train it, or simply banning it from the kitchen.

Use these to protect your kitchen faucet:

Description Image My Rating
01. Hands-free tap (My Best)
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5 stars
02. Aluminum Foil
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03. Double Sided Tape
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4 stars

So, now you know. But, can’t you just train your cat to stop using it? Why do cats like these faucets anyway? Could the cat hurt itself? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

What is a Kitchen Faucet?

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Kitchen faucets are water outlets located in most kitchens. They are one of the most used devices in first-world domesticated homes nowadays. We use them daily to wash the dishes, prepare food, wash our hands, etc.

Every new generation gets a new faucet that provides more features and functionality. For instance, your kitchen faucet is much different than the one in your grandmother’s house.

They keep improving up until today to provide you with maximum ease of use and become trouble-free.

Cats can cause a lot of trouble if they try to play with your kitchen faucet. For instance, they can lift the handle and leave the water pouring and before you know it, your kitchen will turn into a rainforest!

So, if you have a cat living in your house, you need to know how to properly cat-proof the kitchen faucet.

Can You Train a Cat to Stay Away From Your Kitchen Faucet?

Theoretically, you can train your cat to stay away from the kitchen faucet. However, it is very hard to do and unlikely to happen.

Cats are not as easy to train as dogs. They require a lot of effort, time, and energy. So, training your cat to stay away from the faucet might not be the best option. Instead, you should look for other options to cat-proof the kitchen faucet itself.

How to Cat-Proof Your Kitchen Faucet?

Here are three easy methods that will help you cat-proof your kitchen faucet easily:

01. Use a Hands-Free Tap

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Using a hands-free tap is one of the most practical and affordable solutions to cat-proof your kitchen faucet.

The way it works is that you attach it to the cabinet door below your kitchen sink. Now, whenever you want to open the faucet, you need to press on the cabinet door with your leg or knee very lightly. That’s all you have to do to activate the faucet!

In fact, the best hands-free tap has a very precise activator valve that needs to move 20 thousandths of an inch to open the tap. This means with the lightest press on the door, you can activate the faucet easily.

After you are done using the faucet, release your leg or knee and the faucet will close automatically.

This solution is ideal for situations when you want to use the kitchen faucet for brief periods only and not allow your pet cat to open.

02. Temporarily Shut Off the Tap With the Valve

This is also another easy solution to do. Most sinks have a valve underneath them to shut off the water flow.

All you need to do is close that valve and there will be no water coming out of the faucet even if you open it. So, if your cat tries to open the faucet, it won’t find water.

Eventually, the cat will get bored and leave the faucet when they don’t find any water coming out.

03. Ban Your Cat From the Room Your Kitchen Faucet Is Stored

Another way to cat-proof the kitchen faucet is to ban them from the room in the first place.

This is a hard solution considering how stubborn cats could get. However, there are certain carpets that you can purchase to make your cat stay away from the room.

The way those carpets work is that they have a certain texture that cats do not like. Once your cat steps on them, they will run away, and eventually, they will connect the unpleasant feeling of the carpet with the room and they won’t go in again.

There are also cans that spray air once the cat gets closer to the room. Your cat will not like the feeling of the air and they will stop going to the room.

You can also simply lock the door firmly when you are not in the room to prevent your cat from going in and messing with the faucet.

Why Do Cats Like Your Kitchen Faucet?

Cat-proof kitchen faucet?

A kitchen faucet.

Cats like kitchen faucets no for the faucets themselves, but with the water that comes out of them. They love them as a drinking source and that’s why they are always trying to open them.

Experts suggest that cats have trouble seeing still water. You may have noticed your cat patting its paw in a bowl of water. This is because they are checking if there is any water inside the bowel since they cannot see flat surfaces.

They like the simplicity of the faucet…

The water coming from the faucet is much easier for them to see and even hear as well. Additionally, some suggest that cats think that faucet water is less likely to be contaminated than still water. Out in the wild nature, they would always rather choose running water than still water.

One more reason they love the faucet is actually the sink itself. They love sitting in the sink as it lets them cool off if it is a hot day or if you have your heater on. Moreover, sinks give them a fantastic view! They can sit in the sink and peek over and observe their surroundings and relive their wild instincts.

What Can a Cat Do to Your Kitchen Faucet?

A cat is very weak to actually damage your kitchen faucet. However, it can lift the handle to drink water and leave it open. This can flood your kitchen and cause unwanted damages.

That’s why you should always cat-proof your kitchen faucet.

Could a Cat Hurt Itself With the Kitchen Faucet?

Your cat could hurt itself with the kitchen faucet. The water coming from the kitchen faucet could make the sink and the whole area slippery for the cat.

This can cause them to fall and get hurt, especially if there are dangerous or sharp tools around the kitchen.

Moreover, if the cat swipes the handle of the faucet, the water can get very hot. It can burn your cat and cause serious injuries.

Should You Discipline Your Cat for Touching Your Kitchen Faucet?

Even though cat-proofing your kitchen faucet is your best option, disciplining your cat is good to make your cat stay off the sink or the entire kitchen.

Discipling your cat does not mean to yell or shout at it. Instead, you can simply shake a noisy can whenever they come near the faucet. They hate such noises!

You can also use deterrents to keep your cat away from the kitchen faucet or the kitchen entirely.

Can You Distract Your Cat Away From Your Kitchen Faucet?

Yes, you can distract your cat away from the kitchen faucet. You can the following methods:

  • Use deterrents
  • Use aluminum foil or double-sided tape to cover the sink.
  • Shake a noisy can
  • Say something loud, especially for aggressive cats.

Are Cats Afraid of Water?

Cats are afraid of water. The fear of water is one of the most common characteristics of household cats.

This might be for several reasons. For instance, if your cat has long hair, the water can make them feel really heavy. This makes them feel insecure and struggling to walk.

Moreover, water can make the cat’s body temperature drop drastically, especially if it is a cat with short fur. The water can reach their skin directly and make them feel cold and desperate to leave the water.

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