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Cat Proof Jewelry Storage? (3 Crafty Methods)

If your cat keeps attacking your jewelry you may be concerned and wondering what you can do to protect it…

Can you cat-proof your jewelry storage?

You can cat-proof your jewelry storage. Luckily, there are several ways to do this. For example, keeping your jewelry collection in a strong box or practical proactive methods like not leaving it out in the open.

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So, now you know. But, can you train your cat to stay away from it? Why do cats love jewelry? How can you distract your cat from your storage? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

What is jewelry storage?

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Jewelry storage is used to keep your pieces of jewelry safe when you’re not wearing them. There are several different options when it comes to storage, including boxes, stands, and domes, just to name a few. Each form of storage has the same idea in mind. They are used to keep each item of jewelry separate so they don’t get tangled.

They are also used to keep the jewelry dry to prevent it from tarnishing. Taking good care of your jewelry includes finding the right storage items to keep your items safe, clean, and most importantly, cat-proof.

Can you train a cat to stay away from your jewelry storage?

You can train a cat to stay away from your jewelry storage, but it is very difficult and not always effective. In most cases, you’re better off finding a cat-proof storage option and finding ways to deter your cat away from your jewelry.

If you have certain items that you like to have out on display, they may attract your cat’s attention. It’s a good idea to keep other things in the area that your cat is allowed to play with that you can distract them with. Think of fun toys that they like, or maybe even a scratching post.

Positive re-enforcement

To make sure this works you’re going to have to focus on positive reinforcement. When you notice their attention going towards your jewelry, try to distract them with a more appropriate item.

Every time it works, reward them for good behavior. This is one of the more effective ways to train a cat to stay away from your jewelry storage.

How to cat-proof your jewelry storage:

In this section, I will share with you some ways to practically secure your jewelry…

  1. Storage box: There are many forms of jewelry storage, but the most effective one for keeping your jewelry safe from cats is a storage box (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad). Your favorite pieces will stay protected in this box and your cats won’t be tempted by them.
  2. Hide it: Keep your jewelry storage hidden from your cats. If you have any shelves in a spacious closet, those would be ideal. Even your dresser drawers are usually a safe spot to store your jewelry.
  3. Closed-off room: Are there any rooms in your home that are closed off to your pets? If so, consider keeping your jewelry in there. It will probably be one of the safest spots to keep your expensive pieces.

Why do cats like your jewelry storage?

It’s not so much the jewelry storage that the cat likes, but the jewelry itself. Cats are attracted to shiny objects, and in their minds, jewelry items make a great play toy. There may even be particular pieces that stand out to the cat more than others. This could have to do with the jewelry’s textures and colors.

Cats are also very particular about scents, so another reason they want to play with your jewelry is that it has your scent on it. This scent is familiar to them so they are more intrigued to play with it.

What can a cat do to your jewelry storage?

If your jewelry storage is out in the open then your cat could knock it over. This is because cats are very curious and they like to check out what we have placed on our dressers and countertops. Even the best-trained cat will sneak up from time to time when its owner isn’t looking.

Any jewelry that’s left out in the open is at risk of getting knocked over by the cat, or it could become their new play toy. This is why it’s always better to have your jewelry kept safe in a spot where the cat can’t reach it.

Could your cat swallow or injure itself with your jewelry?

Although your cat probably won’t try to eat your jewelry intentionally, they do pose a risk of swallowing certain pieces when they play with it. They do have fun when they’re playing with the chain of your favorite necklaces, but sometimes accidents happen. At any point, a gem or stone could fall off and they could swallow it.

Some of your jewelry pieces have sharp points and edges on them, and since your cat doesn’t know to play safely they could get injured. Luckily most jewelry boxes have extra storage places for smaller pieces.

Should you discipline your cat for touching your jewelry?

If your cat is touching your jewelry disciplining them likely won’t solve the problem. Instead of disciplining them, you should find a way to focus their attention on a more appropriate item to play with.

However, this will only be somewhat effective. If your cat is persistent about playing with your jewelry then you will need cat-proof jewelry storage.

When it comes to keeping your cat away from something, most cat owners have better luck with positive reinforcement than they do with punishing unwanted behavior. This means you’ll have better luck rewarding them for choosing an appropriate toy if you really want them to stay away from your jewelry.

Could a cat knock over a jewelry cabinet organizer?

Cats love to knock things over, and they can be very persistent about it. If a jewelry cabinet organizer isn’t held in place then a cat could knock it over. The thing about cats is that they can get themselves in the most unlikely of places, so you never know what they will know over next.

If you have a cat in your home it’s safe to say that anything that isn’t secured in place could get knocked over. This includes your jewelry organizers as well. The safest types of jewelry cabinet organizers are the type that can be secured to a wall or the ones that hang in the closet.

Could a cat swallow an expensive earring?

A cat could swallow an expensive earring, especially if it was just a stud. Any small piece of jewelry poses a threat to cats because they like to put their toys in their mouth. This is why it’s very important to keep all of your jewelry pieces in cat-proof storage boxes or organizers. It will keep both your cat and your earrings safe.

If your cat does swallow an earring or any other piece of jewelry, it could become very ill if it does not pass through its system. Always contact a vet if they swallow an earring because they may be able to retrieve it before any damage happens.

However, if you don’t make it to the vet in time it could take your cat 10 to 24 hours to pass the earring.

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