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Cat Proof Inflatable Hot Tub? (5 Effortless Tricks)

If your cat is messing with your inflatable hot tub you may be wondering what you can do to protect it…

Can you cat-proof an inflatable hot tub?

You can cat-proof an inflatable hot tub. Even though most won’t come cat proof, there are simple you can do things to achieve this. While the majority of inflatable hot tubs are thick and durable enough to survive a cat’s paws, they are still at risk of getting damaged. 

Use these to protect or repair your tub

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So, now you know. But, what other proactive measures can you take to protect it? What can a cat really do to these tubs? Can you repair it if it gets damaged? Keep reading for these answers, and so much more…

What is an inflatable hot tub?

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An inflatable hot tub is essentially a portable hot tub. It serves the same purpose as a hot tub, even coming equipped with jets for a full spa experience.

They are easy to use, and surprisingly very sturdy and durable even though they are inflatable. The only downfall, when compared to a regular hot tub, is that they aren’t as deep or large.

Their material…

These portable hot tubs are very easy to set up and operate. While regular hot tubs are made from materials like hard plastic and wood, inflatable hot tubs are made from a thick and durable vinyl material.

Since they are made from less expensive materials, people on tight budgets can still find a way to afford a spa-like experience.

How to cat-proof an inflatable hot tub:

As discussed, there are simple ways to protect it. So, follow these simple tips to cat-proof your inflatable hot tub:

  1. Hide the tub: If you set your inflatable hot tub up indoors, keep it in a closed-off room that your cat can’t get into. Not allowing your cat access to the hot tub is the easiest way to prevent an accident.
  2. Repellent spray: Try to keep the cat away by spraying around the hot tub with a cat repellent spray (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad). If you can’t find a repellent spray, use a scented fragrance that cats don’t like. They can’t stand the smell of citrus fruits or eucalyptus.
  3. Vinegar: Cats also dislike the smell of vinegar. When your hot tub isn’t in use, keep a small dish of vinegar on the lid so they aren’t tempted to jump up there.
  4. Trim their claws: If you really don’t want to risk your cat piercing a hole in your inflatable hot tub then your best solution is to start at the source. Make sure you trim your cat’s claws to prevent them from causing damage.
  5. Patches or a repair kit: Vinyl is a pretty tough material, but it isn’t completely scratch-proof. Keep patches, or a repair kit (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad) on hand just in case your cat does poke a hole in the tub. If you know where the pierced hole is then it’s very easy to repair with a stick-on patch.

Can you train a cat not to touch your inflatable hot tub?

If your cat is curious about your inflatable hot tub you can train them not to touch it, but it’s a good idea you start from the moment you set it up. Keep a spray bottle nearby and give them a quick spray of water whenever they touch the hot tub. If you are consistent with this method they will no longer want to touch it.

Cats hate getting wet, so if they associate touching the hot tub with getting sprayed from the start they will lose interest in touching it. If your cat is very persistent with their curiosity about the hot tub, you may have to deter their attention. Keep a scratch post or fun toy nearby to move their attention towards.

What can a cat do to an inflatable hot tub?

Cats love to scratch, and their claws could be a nightmare for your inflatable hot tub. There is a good chance that a cat’s claw could poke a hole in the hot tub’s vinyl.

While these tubs are incredibly hard to pop because they usually have 3 layers of thick vinyl material, a cat can be persistent with its scratching leading to damage.

Could an inflatable hot tub hurt a cat?

An inflatable hot tub shouldn’t hurt a cat. They are made to be just as safe as a regular hot tub. Many people are concerned about their pet’s safety around inflatable tubs because they don’t seem as sturdy.

However, inflatable hot tubs are a lot stronger than most people imagine. Most of them can withstand a cat scratch if one occurs.

If a scratch does occur, your cat likely won’t get hurt in the process.

Should you discipline your cat for touching your inflatable hot tub?

You shouldn’t discipline your cat for touching the inflatable hot tub because that won’t change their desire to touch it. If your cat is curious about the hot tub and you punish them then they will likely just wait until you aren’t around to touch it again.

Some people have better luck with distracting their cat and rewarding its good behavior.

If you notice your cat’s curiosity driving them towards the inflatable hot tub, try to direct their attention towards a toy or scratch post. Every time you’re successful with this, reward the cat.

Can a cat pop an inflatable hot tub?

A cat’s claw can pop a hole in an inflatable hot tub. However, it is very hard for them to do because these hot tubs are made from very strong vinyl. Most inflatable hot tubs are made with several layers of vinyl as well. They are built to be very durable and can withstand a lot.

However, they are still susceptible to damage if anything sharp scratches their surface. This includes a cat’s claws, especially when they use the inflatable hot tub as a scratching post.

Can you repair an inflatable hot tub if your cat damages it?

Luckily inflatable hot tubs can be repaired if your cat damages them. Most times if you catch the scratch early enough, it can be repaired before any major damage occurs. Many inflatable hot tubs already have patches included, if not they can be purchased separately.

These patches are similar to strong bandages that can be stuck directly over the part of the hot tub that was damaged. They use glue that is water repellent and doesn’t wear off over time.

How can you repair an inflatable hot tub after a cat pops it?

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If your cat pops a hole in your inflatable hot tub, use stick-on patches, or get a dedicated repair kit (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad) to repair it. Make sure you wipe the area clean so there is no dirt or residue around it, and try to keep it as dry as possible.

That will ensure that the patch stays on properly. Select a patch of the right size and determine where you are going to place it.

Once you have the patch ready, peel off the backing to expose the sticky side. Carefully place the sticky side down over the puncture hole and smooth it out to make sure there are no air bubbles or spots where water can leak out.

If you can, allow the patch to rest in place for 24 hours before refilling the hot tub. This will give the glue enough time to dry and make sure the patch stays in place.

Why do cats play with inflatable hot tubs?

There are several reasons for cats to play with inflatable tubs such as their curiosity, especially if it’s new. Also, another common reason is because of the warmth it provides.

If it’s the latter, the warmth, you may see a cat perched on top or hugging up very near to it. And, if it is for that reason, it’s not really a concern because it is not damaging the tub.

Do inflatable hot tubs puncture easily?

No. Inflatable hot tubs do not puncture easily. They are designed to be durable. And, for that reason, they typically have 3-ply vinyl to withstand being torn or punctured.

Also, the good thing about them is that even if they do get punctured, or torn, it is quite easy to get them repaired. Obviously, the cost for this repair can vary depending on your make and model.

How long will an inflatable hot tub last?

On average you can expect 5-7 years of usage from an inflatable hot tub. And, the top brands usually offer up to 5 years warranty.

However, it’s worth mentioning that these warranties do not usually cover punctures or if it gets torn. This will have to be fixed by the consumer, or pay a professional to do it.

Do inflatable hot tubs use a lot of electricity?

An inflatable hot tub costs, on average $0.20 an hour to run. This is based on it consuming 1.5kWh. However, the energy prices are variable, so this will rise in line with that.

It’s also worth mentioning, that these hot tubs will not necessarily need to be running all the time, while you use them. This is because the heater uses the electricity, and unless it’s a cold day, this won’t need to be on for the entire time of your usage.

Should I use plastic cat claw covers to protect my hot tub?

If you have run out of options, and getting rid of the hot tub is not an option, then you could consider using plastic claw covers.

Some cat owners, who have problems with their cat scratching everything, use plastic cat claw covers. These are designed to fit over the claws to stop them from damaging your furniture, or hot tub.

Can cats fall into an inflatable hot tub?

Yes. Cats can fall into an inflatable hot tub. However, because these are quite shallow the chances are it will be fine.

But, it is worth mentioning, that there are some cases where a cat can become submerged in water, then get out. Then, even up to 24 hours later they may show effects. So, it’s better to get them checked out if there are any concerns.

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