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Cat Proof Headphones (Stop Your Cat Chewing it!)

If your cat is chewing on your headphones you may be getting sick of it and either looking for a cat-proof alternative (Click here to see my best ones, on Amazon #Ad) or a solution to protect your existing pair (Click here to see the price, on Amazon #Ad).

Why Do Cats Chew on Headphones?

There are 4 main reasons why cats choose to chew on your headphones: Boredom, OCD, anxiety, or some type of health issue. Each one has various symptoms that may or may not be easy to detect.

What you will need to stop your cat from chewing it

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So, now you know why cats chew on headphones. Keep reading to learn how to stop your cat from chewing on them, why your cat chews on the wires, good alternatives to keep your cat away from them, and so much more…

The 4 Main Reasons Cats Chew on Headphones?

There are several reasons why cats may chew on headphones. Some of these reasons can be quite serious and will likely need a consultation with a vet. You must look at other elements of your cat’s behavior to find out exactly why they have a chewing compulsion.

Although, the truth is we do not actually know why it is headphones that cats decide to chew on. Many people believe it is because the headphones look like the tail of an animal, but we will never know for sure.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why cats chew on headphones…

01. Boredom

Perhaps the main reason why cats chew on headphones is due to boredom. Cats need to be mentally stimulated, and if they are not getting mental stimulation, they will try and seek it out in different ways.

If your cat has limited toys or no toys at all, and you do not regularly play with your cat, then this is a good indicator that they are bored. Thankfully, this is one of the easiest problems to deal with when it comes to cats chewing on headphones.

02. OCD

Certain cats are prone to OCD. In this case, they seem to love chewing on wires. They may also self-mutilate, suck on wool items, or overgroom themselves.

Sadly, this is a particularly tough condition to treat. Luckily, it is rare. If you believe that your cat has OCD, then it may be worth talking to a vet. They will be able to provide advice on how to start treating the OCD.

03. Anxiety Issues

If there has been a major change in your household e.g. a new person, a new animal, or your cat is being left alone for long periods of time, then your cat may be suffering from anxiety. This will happen until they are used to the situation. Although, you may still need to do something to help alleviate the anxiety in the cat.

04. Health Issues

Finally; some rare health conditions can cause your cats to chew on headphone cables. This is more likely to happen in older cats. Issues include problems with the thyroid or a condition known as pica. The only way to deal with these problems is to take your cat to the vet.

How Do You Stop Your Cat Chewing Your Headphones?

There are several ways that you can prevent your cat from chewing on your headphones, here are a few:

01. Use Wireless Headphones

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The most obvious solution is to get wireless headphones. If there are no wires to chew on, then the cat can’t really do much, can they? There are plenty of Bluetooth headphones on the market that you can use.

02. Get a Headphone Hard Case

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When you are not using your headphones, you can store them in a hard case. Not only will this help to protect your headphones from the cat, but it will also help to protect them from other issues that often befall headphones. This means that they are going to last a whole lot longer.

03. Place Them Out of Reach of Your Cat

Cats won’t chew what they can’t see. When you are not using your headphones, store them in a drawer or a cupboard. Although, do bear in mind that if your cat is chewing for some reason, they will find other things to chew on. All you are really doing here is protecting your headphones, but nothing else in your home.

Are Earbuds the Same as Headphones?

Headphones and earbuds are the same insofar as the fact that they will both play music. However, the design is different. Headphones will sit on the head and outside of the ears. Earbuds will be placed inside of the ear.

Why Do Cats Eat Earbuds?

While there are several reasons why cats may eat earbuds, there is some speculation that they do it because they love the taste of the earwax. Even if you have incredibly clean ears, there will still be some earwax on the earbuds and the cats will enjoy putting that in their mouth.

The reason why this is a theory is that cats are known for licking the earwax out of other cat’s ears, therefore they probably do enjoy the taste.

How Can You Cat-Proof Earbuds?

There are several ways you can cat-proof earbuds, such as:

01. Use Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

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If you have wireless earbuds, there will be no cables for your cat to chew on. However, there is a good chance they may still lick or nibble on the earbuds. This is because they love the taste of earwax.

02. Secure the Outer Charging Case with a Rubber Band

If you have a charging case for your earbuds, the cat may be able to open it up. In most cases, wrapping a rubber band tightly around the case will be enough to keep them at bay.

03. Place them out of Reach of Your Cat

The most obvious solution will be to keep your earbuds away from the cat. Cats are unlikely to be able to open drawers or doors, so store them there.

What is Bluetooth?

Without getting too scientific, Bluetooth is wireless technology. It allows your headphones to communicate with your phone (click here if your cat is blocking it) without any cables being involved. Bluetooth will only work over short distances, often no more than a couple of meters.

How to Protect Your Headphone Wire From Cats

Is your cat chewing on your headphone wires? Well, you need to stop that from happening before they destroy your headphones. These tips should help…

01. Use a Cable Protector

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A cable protector can be wrapped around the cable. This bit of plastic will prevent your cats from being able to chew through to the wires. It can also help to deal with twisted wires, which can also be a death knell for headphones.

02. Place the Headphones in a Hard Case at Night

As mentioned earlier, cats will be unlikely to get into hard cases (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad). If you really want to protect your headphone cable, then wrap a rubber band around the hard case for a bit of extra protection.

03. Keep Your Headphones Locked Away

If your headphones are locked away, then your cat won’t be able to chew on them. Just putting the headphones into a cupboard or a drawer should be able to keep your cat at bay.

Why Do Cats Chew on Wires?

Cat proof headphones.

Cat proof headphones.

Perhaps one of the main reasons cats chew on wires is due to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, or OCD for short. This is a problem that is more common in some breeds than others. If your cat has OCD, then they will either chew (Click here if it’s chewing air) or suck on any electrical wires. There may be other telltale symptoms of the condition too e.g. self-mutilation or overgrooming themselves.

Could Dental Issues Make Your Cat Chew on Headphones?

Yes. Chewing on the headphones may provide your cat with temporary relief from their pain. Dental pain is a lot more common in cats than you may think too. It is estimated that 70% of cats will have dental trouble by the time they hit 3-years-old. If your cat seems to be chewing a lot of different things, including your headphones, then there is a strong chance they have dental issues.

What is a Good Alternative for Your Cat?

If your cat has a hankering for chewing, then give them a chew toy (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad). They will probably enjoy munching on that a lot more than they would enjoy your headphones anyway. A good selection of chew toys should nip the problem in the bud.

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