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Cat Proof Gerbil Cage (Can It Be Done? What’s Best?)

If you have a Pet Gerbil as well as a cat you may be wondering how you can protect your Gerbil cage (Click here for my best solution, on Amazon) from your cat.

Can you cat-proof a Gerbil cage?

Fortunately, there is an assortment of approaches that you can employ to cat-proof your Gerbil’s cage and make sure that there’s no violence and hostility amongst either of your pets.

What you will need to secure your Gerbil Cage

Description Image My Rating
01. Motion Activated Cat Spray (My Best)
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5 stars
02. Chicken Wire
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03. Metal Screen Clips
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4 stars

So, now you know you can protect your Gerbil cage. Keep reading to learn how to cat-proof it, if it’s even a good idea to have Gerbils and cats living together if your cat is really scared of your Gerbil, and so much more.

What is a Gerbil?

Cat proof gerbil cage.

Cat proof gerbil cage.

Formerly known as ‘desert rats’ and belonging to the order of Rodentia, gerbils are very tiny mammals from the subfamily of Gerbillinae. With their species branching out into 110 types, this friendly mammal can adapt to any and every environment.

Gerbils are related to mice and rats and are omnivorous. They’re rising in their popularity as house pets as more and more people opt for this cute little rodent as their beloved house pet.

With any animal lover, the fear of your pets not getting along is common, especially if your pets happen to have a prey and predator relationship (Click here if you have Coyote near by). Hence, it’s essential to evaluate the dangers of your pets around other pets and how you can save them.

Why do cats attack Gerbils?

Cats tend to attack Gerbil for two reasons; either they want to play with their furry friend or have their eyes set on them as a cheat meal. So, it’s better to make sure that their engagement is kept to the minimum.

Gerbils are one adorable looking tiny mammal that will undoubtedly capture anyone’s attention. This applies to your curious little Cat as well. Cats are notorious for being inquisitive, so them being enticed at the sight of a furry friend isn’t particularly out of the blue.

Gerbils can come off as a quick and easy prey for cats because of their petite bodies, and their quirky whereabouts that often end up tempting this feline fellow. Due to their helplessness, Cat and gerbil owners often find themselves in a fix where they end up questioning if a gerbil cage can be cat-proof.

How can you cat-proof your Gerbil cage?

There are numerous techniques that you can employ through which you can successfully Cat proof your Gerbil’s cage. Here we’ve carefully curated a list of our top methods including both fancy gizmos and nifty do it yourself hacks so that you can keep your two pets far away from one another.

01. Motion Activated Cat Spray

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The best viable option we have on our list to keep your Cat away from any belonging, including your Gerbil’s cage is the Motion Activated Cat spray. This device uses spray technology to ensure that your Cat doesn’t annihilate your prized possessions, or in your Gerbil’s case, eat it alive.

This easy to use gadget comes with a built-in motion detector to sense the Cat in its surroundings. Just place it around the area that you want your Cat to stay away from, and the motion-activated spray system will handle the job from there.

You don’t have to worry about your Gerbil getting hurt in the process. This device is safe to use and trusted worldwide by many cat owners. This battery-operated device will indisputably be the investment you need to protect your beloved Gerbil.

02. Protect your Gerbil with Tinfoil

Putting tin foil on top (Click here to see the price, on Amazon #Ad) of your Gerbils cage an age-old technique for keeping your cat away from other pets that seem a little too tempting.

Simply place the tin foil over the cage, this way when the cat jumps on the cage, there will be a sharp crumply sound that will alert you and most probably scare off your cat away as well. This will make your cat stay pretty far from the general tin foil area.

03. Put chicken wire over the top

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Another nifty method you can try is creating a secondary wall against the cage itself. This can be made of chicken wire (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad) so that there is this preventative cage around your Gerbil’s cage while it gets all the sunlight and air it needs.

Cats detest having to combat a physical barrier so building one around the cage will defiantly put the Cat off and make it lose interest in trying to capture your beloved Gerbil.

04. Get some metal clips to secure it

Investing in heavy-duty clips (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad) is a good idea when it comes to making your Gerbil’s cage entirely cat-proof. Good heavy duty metal clips help to seal the cage completely while reinforcing the cage’s integrity. This will make the cell resilient against the Cat’s break-in attempts.

Can gerbils and cats live together?

Ultimately, if you’re a cat owner, then getting a pet gerbil is not the best course of action. Both animals fall under the prey and predator relationship set by nature, so it is best not to trigger a hostile environment between your pets.

While gerbils and cats can live together, there is no guarantee of safety for the Gerbil, making it a difficult decision to take.

Do Gerbils like cats?

Gerbils are perpetually petrified of cats, so that pretty much sums up their likelihood for one another. The Cat is a very potent threat for the Gerbil; hence it tenses up in any feline presence. To sum it up, gerbils do not like cats.

Are Gerbils sociable animals?

Gerbils are a member of the rodent order which makes them friendly to a certain extent but not entirely. Of course, their friendliness depends on the situation as well as the species of Gerbil. Still, generally, gerbils are relatively friendly due to their quick to adapt nature.

Are cats scared of Gerbils?

While generally cats are the predator and would love to devour a gerbil any moment they catch a glimpse of it, there’s a chance that the situation might be the other way around.
Cats can sometimes be scared of the Gerbil itself. While the fundamental cause behind this remains undisclosed, it’s essential to factor that in when testing the waters for new pets.

What are the best cages to keep your Gerbil secure?

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Well, if you’ve decided on getting a gerbil, you must get a suitable cage that will serve to be your Gerbil’s home. The ideal gerbil case should be around 20 gallons in its size and capacity.

A good gerbil case should be durable enough to keep the gerbils safe and relaxed and give you the luxury of seeing your adorable little pet, play, eat, and sleep in its small coop. Ideally, glass or metal cages are the best choice and are both easy to clean.

Do Gerbils need a lot of space to dig?

Gerbils are curious as well, so digging in the ground is most definitely their favorite activity. While they don’t require much space, we suggest that you invest in cages that have both upstairs and downstairs levels so the Gerbil can roam freely.

Add a few inches on bedding across the floor of the cage to give the Gerbil several inches to burrow and dig through and enjoy its time to the fullest.

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