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Cat Proof Gecko Cage (Can It Be Done? Best Method?)

If you have a cat and a pet Gecko you are probably looking for ways to prevent your cat from attacking your Gecko (Click here for my best solution, on Amazon).

Can you cat-proof a gecko cage?

There are a variety of methods that you can utilize to cat-proof your precious Gecko’s cage and make sure that both your pets stay far away from a hostile engagement. Strategies include using motion-detected cat deterrent devices, or as simple as using Gecko terrarium screen clips.

What you will need to protect your Gecko cage

Description Image My Rating
01. Motion Activated Cat deterrent (My Best)
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5 stars
02. Zilla Metal Screen Clips
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03. Aluminum Foil
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4 stars

So, now you know that you can cat-proof your Gecko cage. Keep reading to learn how to cat-proof it, what may happen if you don’t, why cats attack Geckos, and so much more…


What is a Gecko?

Cat proof gecko cage.

Cat proof gecko cage.

Geckos are lizards belonging to the Gekko genus. They’re relatively small in their size and are usually found in areas with warmer climates. Their size can range anywhere from half an inch up to 2 feet.

With their unique eyelid-less appearance and versatile eyesight, geckos are one of the most common reptiles to be kept as pets throughout the world.

What can a cat do to a Gecko cage?

Due to the Gecko’s vulnerability, cats consider them easy targets. Even the slightest scratch or bite could put your Gecko’s life at risk. Cats will want to hunt on them so the mere sight of a gecko will entice them and they will undoubtedly move to snatch the bait.

Cats of all types are natural hunters and cats indeed inherent their predatory instinct for other small animals. With the geckos being small and attractive to the cat, they become easy to attack.

Even with a cage screen, a cat’s presence will certainly be a risky chance to take when considering the Gecko’s helplessness. So there should be measures taken that effectively keeps your cat far away from the cage, to begin with.

How can you cat-proof a Gecko cage?

There are multiple methods through which you can cat-proof your Gecko’s cage. Here is a list of my top ways including both handy products and nifty do it yourself hacks so that you can keep your two pets far away from one another:

01. Motion Activated Cat deterrent

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The best option to keep your cat away from any object, including your Gecko’s cage, is a Motion Activated Cat Deterrent (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad). This product uses the spray system to make sure your cat doesn’t wreak havoc over your prized possessions.

This motion-activated gizmo is easy to use. Just place it near the area you want your cat to stay away from and the spray system will handle the job from there.

With the Motion Activated Cat Deterrent, you don’t have to worry about your precious inquisitive pets getting hurt in the process. This gadget is entirely safe to use and trusted globally by all cat owners. This battery-operated device will undoubtedly be the investment you need to protect your beloved Gecko.

02. Terrarium Metal Screen Clips

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Another product you can invest in is heavy-duty clips (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad) to make sure your Gecko’s cage is safe and sound from any violent attacks.

These simple clips ensure that your Gecko’s cage is tightly secured to make sure no other intruder can get inside their safe space. These metal strips are very easy to install, and with one fix of the screw, you have the solution to your problem!

03. Laying wood planks on top

If your cat jumps on the screen, there’s a high chance of the screen not being able to take her weight.
One way to keep your cat off the cage is by placing wood planks of nearly 4 inches, 6 to 7 inches apart from one another. This forms an obstacle for the cat making it difficult for it to move around or navigate through that area.

04. Do not allow your cat into the room of the Gecko cage

This goes without saying but at all costs, make sure that your cat does not even go near the room where the gecko cage is placed. You can simply train your cat to understand that this particular room is off-limits for it and reward it according to (Click here to see the price, on Amazon #Ad) its compliance in behavior.

05. Egg cates on the lid

One creative way to keep your cats away from the cage is merely putting an egg crate over it. The box effectively hides the Gecko while making it seem like a complicated obstacle for the cat, keeping it uninterested with even interacting with that area.

06. Cover the lid with foil

The last creative way includes the use of the simple aluminum foil (Click here to see the price, on Amazon #Ad) you probably have lying around. Just place the aluminum foil around the cage and over it and see your curious cat be scared to even step near it. The sound of foil often scares away most cats so this inexpensive way might be a quick and easy solution for you.

Why do cats attack Geckos?

Cats generally have a predatory instinct (Click here if you have Coyotes in your area), and when it comes to small, vulnerable animals like lizards and geckos, cats will undoubtedly unleash their hunter skills. Geckos are an easy meal for cats because of how small they are, and their movements often end up enticing them.

Does the location of your Geckos Terrarium help?

Yes, adjusting the location of your terrarium accordingly can help in preventing any disasters from happening. Try to place it in a closed area near the cage where the cat cannot access it. However, make sure not to put it on top of the cell as that will only entice the cat more.

Why are Geckos more vulnerable to cat attacks?

Geckos are especially vulnerable to cat attacks due to their petite and easy to capture nature. Geckos are tiny in size and have such an enticing movement that the cats will just hurry to devour them any chance they get.

Why are Geckos so unique in the lizard world?

What makes geckos so unique from their lizard siblings is their vocalization capabilities. While most geckos are renowned for their chirping and clicking social cues, other tokay geckos are known for their high-pitched mating calls.

Some other gecko species are also capable of producing a hissing sound in front of their prey when they feel even the slightest bit alarmed or threatened.

What should you do if your cat gets to your Gecko?

Even a minor scratch or bite from a pesky little cat can prove to be lethal for your gecko. If this happens look for any injuries or cuts and try to get it treated immediately. Geckos have a slow healing process when faced with any injuries, so it’s essential to scrutinize your lizard and give it the deserved treatment to ensure that the injuries don’t take away its life.

Do Geckos have eyelids?

All species of Geckos, except the Eublepharidae, do not have eyelids which makes them all the more interesting. These reptiles have a transparent membrane on the outside of their eyes. If any dust or dirt accumulates on their eyes, they can quickly just lick it off and keep their eyes clean and their vision ever so clear.

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