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Cat Proof Fish Tank? (How? Possible? – Tips & Guide)

If you have a cat that will not stop bugging your fish you may be looking for a simple way to stop it from doing this (Click here to see my best solution, on Amazon #Ad).

Can you cat-proof a fish tank?

You can cat-proof a fish tank. In fact, there are many things you can do to cat-proof your fish tank. Some are quite straight-forward, others require some investment. This includes physical barriers as well as distracting your cat from the tank itself.

What You Will Need To Cat-proof Your Tank

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02. Cat Toy Ball (for Distraction)
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So, now you know that you can cat-proof a fish tank. But, why is fish tank water bad for cats? Are fish afraid of cats? DO cats enjoy watching fish? Keep reading for these answers, and so much more.

Why are cats attracted to fish?

Fish tanks are bright sources of color and movement. They can be very mesmerizing for cats. It’s very similar to watching TV for humans. Fish tanks are bound to catch the attention of your cat.

Cats are also natural predators. Fish are a good source of protein for cats. So, your cat may see your new fish as its next tasty meal. You might catch your cat trying to dip its paw into your fish tank to get the fish.

You might have wondered why cats are attracted to fish in the first place. When you get a new fish, you might notice your cat sitting by the tank and practically stalking your fish. This is a natural behavior for a cat. Cats are very curious animals by nature. They are attracted to movement.

Cats are naturally inquisitive animals. A new fish might keep your cat occupied for hours, but you also might have to worry about your cat trying to reach in and get the fish.

How can you cat-proof a fish tank?

There are many things that you can do to cat-proof your fish tank. In this section I will be sharing a few suggestions with you:

01. Biorb Aquarium

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A biorb aquarium is one solution for you. A biorb aquarium is usually a spherical design with an advanced filtration system. It is made from a strong acrylic mixture instead of glass. The lid prevents your curious cat from taking a swipe at your fish.

This will keep your fish safe. It is also a visually appealing tank. So, it will look nice and keep your fish safe at the same time.

02. Put your tank out of reach

Aside from having a sturdy lid, the location of your fish tank also matters. Place your tank in a spot that is difficult for your cat to access or jump on top of. Also, find a spot that is not in your cat’s direct line of sight. If your cat can’t see the fish or if it’s hard to get to, it will lose interest.

03. Seepreate your items from the tank

Also, try to keep your cat’s stuff away from the fish tank. Don’t encourage play or eating near the fish tank. Keeping these things separate will help to keep your fish safe from your cat and it won’t associate your fish with its toys or food.

03. Distraction with toys

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Make sure your cat has plenty of toys and other distractions so it’s less tempted to try to play with your fish. Cat stands or scratching posts are excellent ways to keep your cat busy and also keep the attention away from the fish.

04. Covering the holes up

You might also consider covering any holes in the hood of the tank with masking tape or aluminum foil. This will make the tank less attractive to your cat. You can also place a sheet over the tank at night so that your cat doesn’t notice the fish when you aren’t able to keep an eye on him.

05. Wire mesh guard

You can also create a sort of guard around your tank with some wire mesh. Your cat won’t like the feel of it on its paws and won’t be tempted to go near the tank. Sticky tape around the fish tank might also do the trick.

Do cats enjoy watching fish?

Fish aquariums are kind of like TV to cats. Cats are usually attracted to fish aquariums and will stare at them for hours. Cats even enjoy watching “fake” fish on a computer screen. They are fascinated by the movement of the fish, whether in a real fish tank or on a screen.

Are fish afraid of cats?

Fish can get stressed out from cats peering in at them. If a cat has swiped at the fish before, the fish might become afraid of the cat. This unwanted stress can cause problems for your fish. It’s a good idea to have a little sanctuary or hiding place inside of the tank for your fish to retreat to in case your cat comes near the tank.

Why does my cat drink from the fishbowl?

Cats enjoy fresh, running water. The bubbles floating up (Do cats like bubbles? Click here) from the filter in your aquarium might make your cat think the water is healthy. It’s relying on instincts. Your cat sees running water as more fresh, which also explains why you might catch your cat drinking from the toilet bowl.

The scent of the fish might also attract your cat and make them want to drink from the dirty fishbowl. They might even prefer this over the clean water in their bowl. Although it is relatively safe for your cat to do this once or twice, it is not behavior that you should encourage.

Why is fish water bad for them?

Bacteria can transfer from the fish to the cat and vice versa. If your fish tank is not properly cleaned, it can be a health hazard for your cat if it drinks from the tank. Your cat could develop a rash around its mouth. The water in the fish tank could also become contaminated by your cat’s paws.

Urinary tract infections may also develop in your cat, especially if your cat drinks from your saltwater tank, which has a lot of minerals in it. This can cause your cat’s blood and urine to become imbalanced.

A medicated cat should never go near the fish tank, as drinking from the fish water could cause severe health issues.

What is a safe distance for cats from a fishbowl?

A cat can safely be about two feet away from the fishbowl. Keeping tables and chairs at least two feet away from the fishbowl will prevent your cat from using them as a launchpad to gain access to the fishbowl or your fish.

A cat stand placed more than two feet away would also allow your cat to enjoy watching the fish, while still keeping your fish safe from your cat.

Why do cats need protein like fish, instead of plants?

Cats are born carnivores and they cannot fully digest plant material. Meat is their main source of food and they don’t need a lot of carbohydrates in their diet. They have short intestines, which make it hard to digest plants.

Fish and other meats have high concentrations of taurine, which regulates your cat’s heart rhythm, vision, digestion, and reproduction. This makes a fish ideal food for your cat.

How would a water fountain help keep your cat out?

Oftentimes, your cat is more interested in the water in the fish tank (what about Axolotl’s? click here) than it is your fish. Therefore, it might be a good idea to invest in a decorative water fountain for your cat.

A water fountain might keep the cat busy enough that it forgets about your fish. There are many desktop water fountains available (Click here to see my best one) that would provide plenty of entertainment for your cat.

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